We’re loving all the holiday workshops popping up around town this month helping to pump up all those Christmas feels!

Goldpress Paper recently threw a holiday lettering workshop inside the new Shout and About in the Echo Park neighborhood of L.A. Stationery fanatics learned hand-lettering skills A-to-Z, so to speak, while enjoying florals from Wild Roots and treats from Pressed Juicery, Farm Box LA and Milk Jar Cookies. We were so inspired by Goldpress’ holiday cards we asked paper goddess, Alisha Sanvicens to let us in on a few tips for Christmas card season.

Have about a hundred holiday cards staring at you, waiting to be sent? Grab a cozy drink, pump up the Christmas music and put some of these tips from Goldpress Paper to work to elevate your holiday cards and ephemera…

8 DIY Ideas for Gorgeous Holiday Cards


It’s all about using the right tools, and finding a pen you love will go a long way to creating an enjoyable (and beautiful) lettering experience. Try your hand at a Japanese brush pen – they’re much easier to wield than a pointed pen and allow you to take your ordinary handwriting to new heights. Some of my favorites are the Kuretake No. 55 and the Pentel Brush Pen. 

easy does it:

DIY-ing your cards doesn’t have to be a labor of love. If you start with high-quality paper (I’m loving a blush/evergreen/kraft color combo this holiday season), all you need to do is add a meaningful holiday word (think hope, joy, or peace) or simple illustration (star, holly, or even just the recipient’s name) with your brush pen and it feels instantly custom.

wrap it up:

The same goes for your wrapping. A roll of kraft paper and some colorful ribbons plus sprigs of greens foraged from your neighborhood offer a fresh palette ready for you to adorn with your brush pen.

post mate:

If you really want to go big, add some vintage Christmas stamps to your envelopes. Find them on eBay – or Underwood Letterpress offers a curated selection. Ask your post office to hand-cancel your envelopes (instead of sending them through a machine) to ensure they arrive in top condition.

the strokes:

There is no one “right” way to use a brush pen, but as you write, think “thin upstrokes, thick downstrokes.”  This achieves that calligraphic look that has instant impact. Play around with the amount of pressure you put on the pen and don’t be afraid to go heavy on the downstroke.

blurred lines:

There’s no shame in using a line-guide, or even a genius invention called a Lettermate to keep all your words in line. 


Don’t restrict yourself to typical envelope addressing constraints. Try taking up a good majority of the envelope with the name, or play around with a 45 degree slant, or let the edges of the names slide off the envelopes.

buy out:

If it all just becomes too much this season, find a card company that has the same personal feel. Our Goldpress Paper cards and a few of my fave stationers like Sycamore Street Press, Our Heiday, and Moglea all have gorgeous cards to choose from!

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