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Oil-pulling is a subject that has come up around our offices now and then. Who’s tried it, who doesn’t get it. Here, Diana Ryu, editor at the addictive shopping site Beso.com, and a HuffPo Style and LuckyMag contributor, revives the topic for us. Oil-pulling is the ancient practice of detoxifying the body through the mouth. Oil, traditionally sesame oil, is swished in the mouth til toxins are absorbed from the saliva and spit out. Hours of Google research isn’t as effective as the word of just one girl who’s tried it, stuck with it, and loved it!

I gargle with coconut oil. Everyday. Each morning when my alarm clock rings, I hold my breath and beeline for the kitchen to shove a heaping spoonful of coconut oil into my mouth. I wait for the lard-like consistency to melt, pushing the stuff through my teeth, over my tongue and from cheek to cheek for twenty minutes before I spit and start my day.

I’ve always been the type to catch every contagious sickness lurking around the office — even a simple coffee date with a flu-ridden friend would lead to my quick demise and render me helpless in a matter of days. God forbid if I stayed out a little too late, or stressed about a deadline, because there would undoubtedly be an excruciatingly painful canker sore the next morning. When I saw my cousin a year ago, her skin was dewy and from-the-inside glowing. Her secret: swishing with coconut oil for twenty minutes every morning, which she claimed had jumpstarted her immune system. I balked. Oil? For how long? She assured me that it goes fast (just hop in the shower and when finished, it’s time to spit) and so, intrigued, I hopped online to do my own research and to my surprise, I found a devoted community that swore by the amazing aftereffects.

Oil pulling, or oil swishing is an ancient Ayurvedic technique, touted by yogis as a natural way to strengthen the immune system by killing toxic yeast that makes its way from your stomach to mouth while you sleep. The science seems to stand sound: our mouths can determine non-oral health issues and unsurprisingly, dentists can diagnose acid reflux, diabetes and heart disease just by symptoms seen during normal check-ups. I was convinced and headed straight for my local specialty grocery store to invest in a jar of virgin unrefined coconut oil. You don’t have to use coconut, but I prefer it in lieu of sunflower and sesame because of its natural antifungal properties (and honestly, it tastes like a candy bar). Be warned: coconut oil comes semi-hardened so you must melt it in your mouth.

I felt results in a matter of days. My sinuses drained as I swished, I felt energetic and alert, and my gums and teeth felt much cleaner than with my normal brushing routine. (I should also mention here that you must scrape your tongue after you spit out the oil, or else you’re just swallowing oil residue with toxins in it). I’ve been doing this for a year and I’m ecstatic to say that I haven’t had one canker sore, nor gotten the flu or cold, even with the scare this season. The skin around my temples cleared up which, according to face mapping is a sure sign that there is something amiss in your stomach. Plus, I swear by it as a hangover cure: It’s a much healthier option than my usual greasy breakfast burrito. By all means, do your own research before you start oil pulling, but I can fully attest to how amazing the benefits have been for my annoyingly delicate constitution. Anyone out there willing to give this a try?


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  1. Thanks so much for this article! I’m getting more interested in using Coconut Oil and this is just another awesome way to use it. However I do have a question. You mention that you must scrape your tongue because of oil residue which has toxins in it. I thought a person can eat a tablespoon of coconut oil straight out of the jar, so does that mean that if a person eats it they need to immediately scrap their tongues because of toxins?

    funnygirlsrule | 04.18.2013 | Reply
    • It is important to tongue scrape after swishing & spitting out the oil because the oil has absorbed the toxins that have accumulated overnight in your mouth and you want to get rid of all / as much of the ‘toxified’ oil as possible. The oil itself does not contain toxins.
      This has reminded me that I should get back to oil pulling in the morning. I usually start off doing it for 5 min. and gradually work up around 20 min…I was surprised at how much effort it takes to swish for 20 min!

      danielle | 04.18.2013 | Reply
      • I’ve been pulling using coconut as well now for 3 months. Incredible how it makes your teeth & mouth feel. Added benefit for me was that soreness around a crown went away[ so far] after intermittent pain for years. In fact the dentist suggested pulling the tooth several times. nah-ah, I’d rather pull oil than teeth.
        As for the scraping, I’ve just been rinsing with my pink Himalayan salt sole (another fantastic tonic) to sinse out my mouth after the ‘pull’. It seems to do the trick, as I’ve never been big on scraping…
        Question for you and others is: I developed hives (never in my life had I before), first over the solar plexus/heart area, then along my spine. I’d been learning & performing essential oil Raindrop Therapy on myself a week before the spinal rash showed. I realize that toxins are being released through my skin but I’m interested in experience of others for future. Muscle testing revealed that the pulling precipitated the rash and that I could stop the ‘pull’ for the time to clear the skin, and start again later. It is good to let even the best practices ‘ rest’ along the journey. Thanks for your post. mm

        martha | 09.01.2013 | Reply
        • I am certain any rashes are due to the body’s healing reaction.
          As a homeopath this is a certain sign of healing from the organs.
          It means continue what you are doing and don’t worry about what comes out of your body!

          Kim Purdy | 10.04.2013
        • I’ve been OP for about ten days now, and I also broke out in hives. Since I workout in the morning, the hives appeared after my body heated up. This happened yesterday, and again today. Since my meal plan hasn’t changed for over a year, I assume the hives are due to toxins leaving my body. Hopefully, the hives will appear less and less as my body detoxifies.

          Stringvee | 01.14.2014
        • You should look into having the crowned tooth removed by a biological dentist..oil pulling cannot cure the deadly bacteria trapped in the root canalled tooth.. I am currently working on getting mine removed but can’t be by a regular dentist…

          Sarah | 04.20.2014
        • I recently started oil pulling (about a week ago) and broke out hives last night! I went through my routine and figured it must be from the pulling…. makes sense! Is it best to keep the pulling up and let your body release the toxins or take a break while I have the hives?

          Sara | 06.18.2014
    • so, in your professional opinion .. after getting rid of the buccal microflora, it is okay to bring it down to the digestive system and into the blood stream ..? By disturbing the biofilm in a simple and inexpensive way, why should one worry about waste ..? and how is that an oil loaded with eliminated toxins can still be beneficial for overall health ..? Kind of confused … sorry..Thanks..
      And last .. what did happen to the recent comments, the latest have no date and before that there were lake 4 years ago..?

      RISHI | 06.05.2018 | Reply
  2. If swishing the coconut oil in the mouth helps get rid of yeast that travels from the stomach to the mouth, can swallowing a tablespoon get rid of the yeast in the stomach?

    Nicky | 04.18.2013 | Reply
    • I’ve thought about this, and have had some friends who put a spoonful into their tea every morning that swear they get equally amazing results (in terms of energy). Personally, the idea that millions of bacteria are festering in my mouth while I sleep just gives me the heebie jeebies, so spitting it all out jives with me! You might just give both a try, and see which one you like better!

      Diana Ryu | 04.18.2013 | Reply
      • From what I have read, the worlds strongest anti-fungal “medication” if you will is baking soda ! If you are drinking it, however, it is suggest you use Red Mill Brand which is certified aluminum free ! It is also used commonly in alternative circles as a cure for cancer. Let me know if you can not find information and I would be happy to locate some reference info if you wish. For cancer, which I would think should be most effective for all forms of yeast and candida, simply mix with pure organic maple syrup from the tree not ones made with HFCS and such. The yeast loves sugar and when it gets the syrup it also packs a fetal dose of baking soda. Yeast can not mutate and survive a baking soda antifungal as commonly occurs with many of other prescription anti-fungal medications. For anyone interested in cancer applications, you may want to look up Dr Tullio Simonchinia MD pediatric oncologist from Italy…

        David Sanders | 10.06.2013 | Reply
    • Also, Nicky, yes – coconut oil has antifungal, antibacterial, anti-etc etc etc properties, so it can be helpful for some with internal conditions related to those things as well!

      The Chalkboard Team | 04.19.2013 | Reply
    • caprylic acid is one of the most effective things to take for candida, which is yeast. and caprylic acid is from coconuts. you should look into that.

      michelle | 05.26.2013 | Reply
  3. This is a great article and I am all for oil-pulling, especially with coconut. The title is misleading though — I don’t think you’re supposed to actually gargle with the oil because it exposes your throat to all the toxins being pulled from your mouth.

    Ashley | 04.18.2013 | Reply
    • You’re right! I never gargle it in the back of my throat, just swish it around my teeth and over my tongue. Thank you for clarifying that!

      Diana Ryu | 04.18.2013 | Reply
      • Great article, Diana. I just linked back to your post on oil-pulling as I’ve just started it days ago. I feel more energized and have a cleaner feel in the mouth. Some family and friends swear by it. I just wanted to add we should avoid spitting into the sink to avoid it clogging up.

  4. May be a stupid question – but I am assuming that you also brush your teeth with regular toothpaste after the swishing?

    sherry | 04.18.2013 | Reply
    • You definitely can use regular toothpaste, but I’m a fan of the Tom’s of Maine sodium lauryl sulfate-free peppermint flavored kind. Just makes my mouth feel spic-and-span after. Don’t forget to scrape your tongue. You’ll see what I mean if you try this. There’s a ton of gunk that comes off it!

      Diana Ryu | 04.18.2013 | Reply
      • I brush my teeth ONLY with baking soda. Have forgotten about the pulling coconut oil. Will have to begin that again before I brush. The baking soda has taken care of my sensitive teeth. One tooth has been sensitive to everything: temperature, pressure, everything. The dentist said the only thing left to do was to pull it. NOPE! I began baking soda brushing and it is gone, as well as minor sensitivity in the other teeth. Will begin pulling CO again today!!

        Linda Smith | 10.29.2013 | Reply
    • I would personally never recommend using “regular” tooth paste, or even any organic store-bought tooth paste. There are many alternatives, such as brushing with a drop of pure organic essential oil, such as mint. You can make your own tooth paste from calcium powder, coconut oil, mint oil and a pinch of baking soda. It’s easy, inexpensive, and much healthier for your teeth.

  5. Great article. I have a question about brushing your teeth. Do you wait a certain amount of time after ‘swishing’ before you brush your teeth? I look forward to trying!

    Becky | 04.18.2013 | Reply
    • I’ll usually spit (into the trashcan – the oil can clog pipes!!!!!), and go straight for the tongue scraper. After a couple of swipes with it I’ll brush as normal. Let me know how it goes!

      Diana Ryu | 04.18.2013 | Reply
  6. I am an oil puller too. I use coconut oil and add a couple of drops of oregano oil as well. It’s getting colder in Melbourne now so this time of year before I put the oil in mouth I melt it first by putting a spoonful in a small glass within a cup of hot water. It only takes a few minutes to soften and it’s easier to start with if you’re likely to gag on hardened coconut oil. Also it’s really important to spit out the oil in the bin, not in the sink. As well as scraping my tongue afterwards, I have a toothbrush that I use to brush my teeth with water to get everything off. (I mistakenly swallowed once while oil pulling and had the worst headache that day, so I really want to get any toxins out of my mouth!) I brush my teeth with toothpaste after breakfast later on. My resiliance has been so much better since I started oil pulling. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and my family loves 20 minutes of quietness from me in the morning!

    Kristin | 04.18.2013 | Reply
    • Hi Kristin! I’m convinced that 15-20 minutes of quiet time has been pretty helpful to my overall mental health, too. I think about the start of my day, meditate, or just zone out!

      Diana Ryu | 04.18.2013 | Reply
  7. What do you use to scrape your tongue?

  8. I’m going to give this a try. Very excited to see the results.

    Libby Stephens | 04.18.2013 | Reply
  9. thanks for the reminder!

    i love the practice of coconut oil pulling. i have used sesame oil as well and prefer coconut – of all the brands – dr. bronner’s is my favorite for food and skin. ayurvedic oil facial massage is another wellness ritual that i just started again. so good.

    Maura | 04.21.2013 | Reply
  10. This is very interesting… BUT could you tell me if you use unrefined, or refined oil – I also saw that dr. bronner’s had a liquid – which do you think would be the best? Thanks

    Helen | 04.23.2013 | Reply
    • Helen, unrefined (cold-pressed) is best in almost every scenario in which oil is used in or on your body! Dr. Bronner’s is a great choice.

      Suzanne Hall | 04.23.2013 | Reply
      • ok..i just read all this..why can I not use refined?..i only ask because thats what i have in my cabinet…i use it cooking..im gradually sneeking healthy alternatives in meals with family…shhhh.

        monica | 03.12.2014 | Reply
      • can i use expeller pressed organic refined Coconut oil?…

        monica | 03.12.2014 | Reply
  11. It couldn’t hurt to try it right? I’m curious to see if it works 🙂

    Dena Maddie | 05.07.2013 | Reply
  12. After reading this article I started oil pulling! Unfortunatley it didn’t ward off the cold I caught a week into it, but I think it helped speed up the healing process. 20 minutes was hard at first, but now it goes by soo quickly, and it has actually helped keep me on track timing wise in the morning. I haven’t seen any major improvements, but I’m going to keep it up!

    • I was reading the articles and comments on OP and right away I tried it for about 10 minutes. A few minutes I started to feel a pain in my stomach and up my neck, lingering around my ears. The pain lasted for about five minutes. Whether or not it was as a result of the OP, I don not know. I will try it again and look for more symptoms.

      Annette | 06.08.2014 | Reply
  13. I’ll have to try this tomorrow morning. I’m hoping my trader joes has some virgin coconut oil. I’ve also heard about sesesame oil but it sounds unappetizing.

    grace kim | 05.12.2013 | Reply
    • Grace, sesame is the oil classically used, but we agree – coconut all the way!

      The Chalkboard | 05.13.2013 | Reply
  14. I started doing oil pulling (w/coconut oil) and got a canker soar. I am wondering if it is normal or maybe oil pulling is not for everyone. I know some things can be acidifying for certain people and not for others.

    Steph | 05.21.2013 | Reply
    • I have had the same thing – started oil pulling and got a canker sore. Haven’t had one in years. That’s actually how I ended up here… was wondering if this is a common reaction. I am assuming it is a detox symptom and will continue to oil pull and see what happens.

      Caryn | 12.21.2013 | Reply
    • Hi Steph. I also started oil pulling, I want to say, 4-5 days ago. I’ve done it everyday since then for 20 minutes and today I woke up with some annoying pain by my jaw and realized throughout the day it was a canker sore. I’m reading around and I’m seeing that some oils cause dormant viruses to become active (ie herpes). However, canker sores are not herpes, they are not caused by a virus, rather, they could be caused by a compromised immune system, vitamin deficiency, or even stress (which accounts for a compromised immune system). Also, for added assurance, I’ve never had a cold sore in my life nor any herpes related blisters in or around my mouth or anywhere on my body (AKA I never share my drinks cuz I’m a germaphobe). So it’s definitely not that. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the coconut oil could be drawing out the toxins in our bodies and since we are swishing it around in our mouths, that’s where it’s “pulling” the toxins out of. I’d also like to point out that I’ve had severe jaw pain from TMJ for the past 2-3 weeks and my canker sore is on the affected side, very close to it. I’m going to keep doing the pulling as well as gargle with salt water. Hope this helps a bit & good luck!

      Tina | 03.13.2014 | Reply
      • I’m an OP girl and a dental hygienist. Don’t let a canker sore stop you from pulling. We actually don’t know what causes aphthous ulcers (canker sores) but stress, highly acidic foods or a stimulated immune system usually causes them. They go away quick with no big issue! Make sure you aren’t confusing a cold sore (herpes oral lesion) with a canker… A lot of people make that mixup. I have yet to meet patients whose cold sores or canker sores increase on a regular basis… It’s likely just a coincidence. Anyway, oil pulling is amazing!!

        Kristi | 03.18.2014 | Reply
        • I started pulling with coconut oil two days ago and ever since my gum lines hurt and they bleed when I brush them. Any idea why?

          Sarah | 03.18.2014
  15. so do you need to be actively swishing the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes (i.e. moving it around kind of like gargling but not through the back of your throat) or is it fine for it to just rest there for 20 minutes?

    Romy | 05.23.2013 | Reply
    • Hi Romy, we recommend actively swishing around, as you would after you brush your teeth – it’s most effective!

      The Chalkboard | 05.24.2013 | Reply
  16. I just started this a week ago, and so far it’s worked great. The only thing I’m doing differently is that I go for 30min, probably because I was watching TV and the Big Bang theory is 30min long. Also thanks for the tip about scrapping the tongue after.

    James H | 05.23.2013 | Reply
    • I did it for the first time! Does it upset the stomach? The drainage from my sinus is making me kind of sick… I scraped tongue but not sure I did it correctly? Do you wipe the tongue to make sure you do not swollow it?

      • I was wondering this too. I just started 2 days ago and my stomach has been upset. Didn’t know if it was just a coincidence or not. Hadn’t heard of the scraping the tongue thing until just this morning. I had just been rinsing with water. My teeth do feel cleaner though and maybe a bit whiter.

        BBBJ | 03.11.2014 | Reply
  17. I only just started a few days ago with this. And already I am having deeper sleep and I’m more er “regular”. I haven’t even done it on an empty stomach yet which I read is imperative.

    Bonnie | 05.27.2013 | Reply
    • That is wonderful to hear, Bonnie! Glad you are seeing benefits already.

      The Chalkboard | 05.28.2013 | Reply
  18. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

    demarcus | 06.02.2013 | Reply
  19. I’m so in love with coconut oil lately… Tonight I’m making homemade deodorant and toothpaste with coconut oil. It seems only natural to try oil pulling as well. Doing this tomorrow morning. Thank you for this wonderful page.

    sylver | 06.12.2013 | Reply
    • please post the recipe for the deodorant and toothpast you made…I love oil pulling

      Deni | 09.18.2013 | Reply
      • Deoderant: 1/4 c melted CO, 1/4 c baking soda, 1/4 c cornstarch, 10 drops of favorite essential oil (I use rosemary or lavender). Mix and pour into small plastic or glass container with a lid. Scrape out a little and rub it on arm pits. I also put it in the crease below my breasts. Really NICE!!!

        Linda Smith | 10.29.2013 | Reply
  20. Syler, can you post the recipe for the deodorant and toothpaste, thanx!! Oil pulling kicks ass!

    Naveen | 06.13.2013 | Reply
  21. I love coconut oil and its many uses and benefits! Im going to start oil pulling tomorrow! The tongue scraping, can u scrape with ur toothbrush? Or should u use a disposable scraper/toothbrush each day or rinsing the scraper/brush is enough to get the toxins off each time? Also, is this done once a day, or more? Thanks!

    Yes, Syler, can u please share those recipes?? Thanks! 🙂

    Christina | 06.17.2013 | Reply
    • once a day is fine. and yes to the toothbrush! tongue scrapers are just money makers 😉

      izzy | 07.19.2013 | Reply
      • also, don’t use disposables, that’s a waste of money and not very green. to disinfect, you can either rinse off the brush/scraper with boiled water, rinse with hydrogen peroxide, or use salt water to gargle instead of a scraper.

        izzy | 07.19.2013 | Reply
        • I find a spoon works awesome as a tongue-scraper 🙂

          Heather | 08.06.2013
    • This is the recipe I use for toothpaste
      1/4 cup of coconut oil
      1/2 cup of baking soda
      5 to 6 table spoon of xylotol sugar
      1 teaspoon of peppermint oil
      mix till it become a cream and you will have the best toothpaste ever

      maria | 10.05.2013 | Reply
  22. Well I’m sooo in love with coconut oil and I’ve tried oil pulling its fab it gave my bowel a complete clean out my teeth look Whittier my skin clearer I love it … I use the oil for my dog to kee her healthy to xx

    Baker | 06.18.2013 | Reply
  23. I have been oil pulling for the last year of my life and my mouth has never felt healthier. My mouth feels so much stronger and healthier after I do it; the oil gets in the crevices between my teeth and gums and makes them feel 100x better. I effing love it and I am going to do coconut oil pulling everyday until the day I die. Great article and Im glad to see more people are catching on.

    eric | 06.26.2013 | Reply
    • Wonderful, Eric! We love reading about our readers’ personal experiences with the practices we feature.

      The Chalkboard | 06.26.2013 | Reply
  24. I have been oil pulling for several weeks and and the best dental exam in years. Gums improved, improvement from the receeding gums to normal. I have dr tu gs tongue cleaner and willl begin using that again regularly. Also, I use Eco Dent dental powder which I prefer to all of the natural toothpastes, it tastes good, cleans well, is natural and easy to travel with as it is very lightweight.
    I am very happy with oil pulling and have been suggesting it to family and friends, wish my dog could do it, but she does love to eat coconut oil daily.

    To HEALTH !

    catherine | 06.30.2013 | Reply
  25. Dr TUNGS tongue cleaner, metal.

    catherine | 06.30.2013 | Reply
  26. ,I am going to try this, I am sure it will be great and what I have done for a long time is use an inverted spoon to scrape my tongue, quite effective……….

    Joan | 07.02.2013 | Reply
  27. My girlfriend just told me about this the other night. I’ve been using coconut oil for over a year now and love it’s benefits! But this one came as a surprise. I started doing it yesterday and appreciate all the tips, especially the tongue scraping one. My only concern is that if it whitens your teeth will it whiten the one half dead front tooth I have? I am already self conscious about it even tho people don’t really notice it until I point it out. But if all my other teeth get whiter and the bad tooth doesn’t it will stand out even more. I knowww vanity over health?! I do eat it every day…
    I tried to look up the dark tooth query and found nothing.
    Thx everyone.

    Crista | 07.03.2013 | Reply
    • Hi Crista I was just wondering if you continued to op and did it help I’m dead tooth I’m in the exact same boat and worried that it will make my dead tooth more noticeable to people

      Rachael | 03.03.2015 | Reply
  28. Hi! This sounds very interesting. I am wondering, though, why you hold your breath while making a beeline to the kitchen. Is that a necessary step or just a quirk you have? ; ) Thanks for the post!

  29. I’ve heard a lot about oil swishing and yours is just another success story. My biggest reason I haven’t tried it yet is I hate the taste of coconut, can’t stand it. Does the taste really matter to you?

    Marissa | 07.11.2013 | Reply
    • Marissa, try sesame oil instead.

      The Chalkboard | 07.13.2013 | Reply
      • or olive oil. the type of oil doesnt actually matter as much as the point of “swishing.” The oil is grabbing the germs. Just remember to use organic or extra virgin, and never to use anything “refined”

        izzy | 07.19.2013 | Reply
        • Don’t use olive oil. I OPed extra virgin olive oil for several days for 20-35 minutes and my teeth becoming transparent. I have stopped OPing and now they are recovering to white. I miss OPing and will restart soon with sesame or CO.

          Naveed Polani | 02.16.2014
    • I was trying oil pulling with coconut oil and my teeth became translucent after a week! Did your teeth recover and get back the normal white colour? It’s making me desparate right now. :((

      • We have not heard of that particular case happening, so we would suggest contacting your dentist about that issue.

        The Chalkboard | 05.15.2014 | Reply
  30. i also “scrap” my tongue, but with a brush 🙂 just remember to be gentle. But sometimes I just rinse and gargle my mouth with salt water. It kills the leftover germs and gets the oiliness out.

    izzy | 07.19.2013 | Reply
  31. My friend told me about oil pulling last week & said to use any oil – the best quality & a taste that wouldn’t make me gag. She uses coconut. But I’ve been using macadamia oil for the last week. Now I’ve been reading all this & it seems I’m using the wrong oil. Is this correct?
    Macadamia oil is so good for you & has the highest levels of so many goodies & has a pleasant mild taste. Can anyone tell me if it’s ok to use, please.

    Lynne | 07.22.2013 | Reply
    • Hi Lynne, for maximum benefits, we recommend coconut oil. Good luck!

      The Chalkboard | 07.22.2013 | Reply
      • Would you explain why exactly coconut is best. Others say sesame. What exactly makes one oil better than another?

        Lynne | 07.23.2013 | Reply
        • Coconut oil is antifungal.

          Linda Smith | 10.29.2013
  32. Just thought I’d mention not to swallow the coconut oil, unless you want to detoxify your body. You will experience die off, some of the symptoms are:

    Headache, fatigue, dizziness
    Swollen glands
    Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea
    Increased joint or muscle pain
    Elevated heart rate
    Chills, cold feeling in your extremities
    Body itchiness, hives or rashes
    Skin breakouts
    Recurring vaginal, prostate and sinus infections

    Lipgloss | 07.23.2013 | Reply
    • What happens if you accidentally swallow a small amount while swishing around in your mouth??

  33. Yes ..It works..I am using sesame oil since four years. If u have spent the time simply reading it, it is mere waste. Just try doing this highly valuable practice….Certainly u will be benefited ..No doubt…Those who are in the music field as a vocalist should try & see the result…Thank you..

    Raviraj | 07.23.2013 | Reply
  34. I love oil pulling…I had read before I started that it would straighten your teeth, I thought, yeah right. That isn’t why I started, it was for all of the other healthy benefits. I do it in the morning and at night, since I started the night time pulling my teeth have gotten whiter, where my gum was receding on my bottom teeth has stopped and reversed and believe it or not…my bottom teeth are straightening back up. My sinuses are not bothering anymore, my skin is softer and looking so much healthier, my eyes aren’t as dry and tired feeling all of the time.

    I not only pull with coconut oil, but I make my own toothpaste as well, all you have to do is just take some coconut oil and add some baking soda to your desired consistency. I do want to add benonite clay to it as well. I take a spoonful a day either straight off the spoon or mix it in my tea or coffee. I also give some, just a little bit daily to my dog, her breath doesn’t smell as bad anymore and her coat is softer and shinier.

    Rebecca | 08.04.2013 | Reply
  35. I’ve only done this a couple times, so not enough to see any advantages. I heard that you can’t spit the “swished oil” down the drain because it can clog the pipes. Do you know it that’s true?

    Sarah | 08.04.2013 | Reply
    • I spit it down the drain and never had a problem. But I run hot water when I spit.

      Linda Smith | 10.29.2013 | Reply
  36. I have been oil pulling for about four days now; I do it when I return home after work because early in the morning is too much of a rush to get to work. Wonderful! I sleep better. My mouth feels fresher. I sense new and strange sensations in my legs and my feet (but not the hands).
    I am continuing to oil pull with coconut oil for the rest of my life.

  37. I’m a new convert to oil pulling. I’ve had friends in the past who shared “this secret” with me, but at the time, I guess I just wasn’t ready to dive into it. I’m enjoying the process and haven’t seen any major results, besides my teeth feeling cleaner…I’m looking forward to the shades getting whiter and whiter…still looking and believing that health improvements will come. I did want to share that after tongue scraping, it’s best to brush your teeth with a homemade remedy toothpaste or one that DOES NOT have flouride in it. Most commercial ones sold in stores do. After detoxifying your mouth and then exposing it to flouride seems counterproductive and not a good thing. Just my two cents/sense! Aloha….

    • I’ve been doing oil pulling for about two weeks now and I love it too. I have tried coconut oil, sesame oil and sunflower oil. I like all three equally. I think coconut oil does have healing properties in it just like everyone mentions. Many people get a mind set and won’t even try. I use to do it and got out of the habit. I mainly came back to it because I have Sjogren’s Syndrome so I figured it will help with the dry mouth thing. This disease ruins your saliva glans so I thought it would hopefully stimulate those by doing the oil pulling..doesn’t hurt to try! I also have Fibromyalgia, another reason to hope for joint pain relief. I do the tongue scraper and brush my teeth with coconut oil and baking soda mixture

      Karen | 01.01.2014 | Reply
      • Karen, I’m experiencing the same thing…dry mouth symptoms with Sjogrens? How did this help?

        Paula | 03.08.2014 | Reply
    • Our public water has fluoride in it, so really, without the toothpaste, we are still getting it.

      Barb | 05.20.2015 | Reply
  38. hi, i really want to start doing oil pulling[ went and bought organic coconut oil today!] since the dentist told me i got to up my game of flossing and getting rid of tartar build up on my molders [its so hard to floss there :(] anyways so. now can i use this and still my mouthwash at the same time or should i stop the mouthwash and soly rely on coconut oil???

    rahma | 08.19.2013 | Reply
  39. I started oil pulling with coconut oil a couple of weeks ago and I’m a bona fide groupie. I started because I cracked a tooth and started having symptoms of infection. Normally, I’d go right to the dentist, but the timing was bad. Unless I had a true emergency, I just didn’t have time to go to the dentist (in addition to general work/family stuff, we were in the middle of moving, I was nursing a family member who had surgery, and we were going on vacation as soon as the move was done). I wanted to see if there was something I could do to alleviate the infection (at least temporarily) and came across information on oil pulling. I wasn’t in pain, there was just some slight discomfort (but, I know, with tooth issues pain can come quickly). I use coconut oil because I prefer the taste of coconut oil to others. First, the infection got better almost immediately (the oil pulling bought me the time I needed…since the move and vacation are over, I can finally get to the dentist to take completely check it out/take care of it). Second, some plaque and tartar in my teeth loosened and were brushed away – my teeth look great. Third, my skin looks fantastic (my skin is pretty good in general, but it really looks wonderful now). As another commenter noted, I will oil pull until the day I die.

    Mary | 08.26.2013 | Reply
  40. I’ve definitely noticed fresher breath since I started oil pulling, and slightly stronger gums too. No differences in teeth color yet.

    Michael | 09.01.2013 | Reply
  41. thank you so much for your testimony! I’m doing it for the VERY FIRST TIME as I type this and I am 15 minutes in! I look forward to reap the benefits and I am so glad I found out about this. thank you thank you!

    cheers to COCONUT OIL!

    Awesome | 09.08.2013 | Reply
  42. I have been reading allot about coconut oil pulling, I have noticed receding gum line in front of my bottom teeth. Currently I am using peroxide with baking soda, my question is can I do both on the same day? Also is there a trick in not to swallowing it, I do understand what to do. But I read the ugly side effects just in case its swallowed, I know I won’t swallow it. Its just I am afraid of the side effects, I guess once I try it for the first time I will learn how to do it the proper way to avoid any mishaps. For years I have had stomach issues with heartburn and diarrhea, which I am currently taking meds for it. I just hope this will help with the stomach issues as well. Has anyone had stomach issues and noticed they have gone away due to coconut oil pulling? Any additional advise would be helpful. Thank you really enjoy reading about your experiences! 🙂

  43. I was like the rest of you- silently reading up on this technique for quite some time, afraid to take the plunge. Boy, am I glad I did!! That was 6 months ago! I swish daily in the morning before I brush, while in the shower. My teeth have gotten much whiter, they are tighter in their sockets, and my receding gums in two spots are actually growing back- I admit I thought that was a bunch of B.S.- but it really works!! Got a stellar review from my dentist, my dental health has shown amazing improvement. And I can expectorate mucous easily after spitting it out, so I know it helps to ward off allergies and sinus infections for me. I like the taste of it too. I tell anyone who’ll listen about my addiction to it. JUST DO IT!! 🙂

    Tracey Kuhn | 09.11.2013 | Reply
    • Wow – what a testimonial! Thank you for sharing, Tracey. Hopefully your success story will get others hooked, too!

      The Chalkboard | 09.11.2013 | Reply
  44. I wonder why the phone always rings once you start pulling….have only just started and was wondering how long before results of any kind?

    Adele S | 09.24.2013 | Reply
  45. I just recently started pulling with unrefined, cold-pressed, coconut oil. I am amazed to report that I am already seeing crazy results… and I was quite “weirded out” and skeptical when I first read up on it. First – my skin feels amazing. I didn’t know that this would be a positive side effect, but it feels baby soft and is glowing. I am loving this! Second, my teeth, after even the first time, looked whiter. Now after several 20 min “sessions” they are looking even better! I am a coffee drinker, so I’m guessing the immediate noticeable difference is because of that. Another interesting (and slightly embarrassing) note… I had a really traumatic experience at the dentist in my younger years and have shamefully avoided going for the past several years. I’ve always been prone to cavities and have just had terrible dental experiences…. so as terrible and shameful as it sounds, I’ve avoided going. I decided to take charge of my health after reading about how the mouth can cause other things in the body to be off. I started pulling with oil, flossing daily, and rinsing/swishing with sea salt water.
    I began flossing first… as you can imagine, after years of not flossing, it was a terribly painful and bloody mess. Swollen, sore, painful gums afterwards… etc.
    Then I began oil pulling in the morning and flossing at night.
    After just 3 pulling sessions, my gums already seemed amazingly “stronger” and NO BLEEDING when I flossed. Normally, as I understand, it can take weeks after beginning flossing again to see no blood.
    I made an appointment to go see a dentist and am very anxious, but hopeful that I can take charge of my dental health and not let a traumatic experience of the past get in the way of the future.
    Overall I am a believer and as so many others have said…. will seriously do this until the day i die.

    Believer. | 09.27.2013 | Reply
    • Love what a wonderful personal experience you’ve had, Believer!

      The Chalkboard | 09.27.2013 | Reply
  46. I came upon this ‘chalkboard’ site as i was searching ‘pulling with oil verses consuming Coconut oil and although i am very impressed with the results here of oil pulling i am still vexed as to whether pulling is better than consumption.
    I started taking 1 teaspoons of coconut oil 3 times a day, 3 days ago as my knees are worn out ‘arthritis’ and i am not going down the route of having my knees replaced so this is one of the options that i have chosen. Prolozone therapy is another but i keep using my knees thus undoing the good work.
    So if anyone has advice as to the advantage of one over the other, pulling or consumption, or perhaps if i should do both i would be delighted to hear from you .

    Norman | 09.29.2013 | Reply
  47. I would love to hear updates regarding oil pulling.
    I pull, but I also consume some oil during the day-doctor’s order.

    I started in June, but am waiting until my next dental appointment to review this practice. I have noticed that I no longer get sores on the corners of my mouth???????…

    Rita | 10.09.2013 | Reply
  48. I’ve decided to try this out. After browsing the various coconut oils at my local natural foods store, I picked one that seemed to meet the requirements. One question I have: is expeller pressed the same as cold pressed? The one I bought is expeller pressed.

    Also, Dr. Bronner’s had two kinds: white or standard. What’s the benefit of the white one?

    • Expeller and cold pressed are both wonderful!

      The Chalkboard | 10.16.2013 | Reply
  49. As I understand the different articles on pulling and consumption, they are two separate practices. Oil pulling is to help detox your body. Hence the spitting out after pulling. Consumption of clean oil (not from pulling) helps internally and gives people more energy and stamina.

    zoeknitsinco | 10.26.2013 | Reply
  50. Hello
    I have been oil pulling for almost a month, while I am loving the many benefits I have recently been experiencing some symptoms that are concerning me. I have had pins & needles and itchiness all over my body for more than a week. Not sure if this is part of a healing crisis or candida die off. I do also consume the oil but not everyday. Just wanted to hear others thoughts or see if anyone has had a similar experience.

    Meghann | 10.28.2013 | Reply
  51. Can you do this anytime of the day or only in the morning?

    Susan Libas | 11.01.2013 | Reply
  52. It’s been almost two weeks since I started brushing my teeth with coconut oil, with peppermint, rosemary, clove and tea tree essential oils in it. I love it, so far. I also got a canker sore within a week of starting, and I never get canker sores. I have a horrible head cold right now, but I think it has more to do with my drastically falling off my ‘life style’ change wagon, with Halloween and shorter days. Just makes me want to eat bad things! I also swish with coconut oil but I was unaware of the ‘don’t swallow’ because of toxins, and although I never swallow it wholly, I’m sure I don’t take as much care to not let it seep down my throat or to rinse as thoroughly as I should. Will think more about it after reading this 🙂 Thank you!

    Becky | 11.04.2013 | Reply
    • Glad you enjoyed the article, Becky. Feel better!

      The Chalkboard | 11.05.2013 | Reply
  53. Just did my first oil pull while reading this article and all of the comments 🙂 I will be doing this every day!! I am a firm believer in the power of coconut oil and have been using it for a number of different things lately! Happy to see all the good reviews, and looking forward to reaping the benefits!

    Trever | 11.18.2013 | Reply
  54. Is fresh-pressed organic unrefined coconut oil okay to use for oil pulling ?

    Randy | 11.29.2013 | Reply
    • Unrefined, organic coconut oil is perfect!

      The Chalkboard | 12.02.2013 | Reply
  55. I have been oil pulling since four days. and have a really bad side effect of acidity and gas formation. I m also feeling dizzy having constant pain in shoulders and head. I really wish to continue. I am using Coconut oil. Will these symptoms go away after few days, or should i change the oil. Is it possible that i have coconut allergy? Please reply

    Sanjna | 12.05.2013 | Reply
    • Hi Sanjna, definitely speak with your doctor or naturopath to determine if you have an allergy!

      The Chalkboard | 12.06.2013 | Reply
  56. I saw so much wonderful testomonies here.

    I would like to add up my story. Since last one year my suffering from different oral issues like color changes inside mouth, cranker soars and lumps, and then one grayish spot inside my left cheek. All this happened may be because I used to be a smoker, but I always kept good care of my oral health. One more reason I think for all these happenings is may be because of my sinus issues. Since the last time I visited my dentist, she told me that this grayish spot is the start of leukoplakia which made me worried like hell and I quit smoking as advised by her. Before some days, my younger brother told me that oil pulling and swishing is good for any oral issue so I started swishing with virgin olive oil, but as I didn’t knew not to swallow a single drop, after swishing I used to spit it out but then the rest remaining went inside my throat as I never used precautions like pasting my teeth after swishing or gargling with mild hot salt water or scraping my tongue. So after following this practice for more than two days, may be 4 times a day, I got pain started in my throat and I also got bleeding from my nose twice in two days, I became more worried for what is happening with me and what is the reason behind all this. And went to my ENT Doctor and following one coarse of antibiotic now since last 2 days. And gargling with mild hot salt water. Now the pain is going slightly.

    All whatever I’ve read here made me understand that it was the side effect of taking the oil inside my throat. Also these success stories gave me more courage to start it again and this time with coconut oil. Cheers to all and please pray for me to get all my oral infections gone soon. 🙂

    Hamza | 12.18.2013 | Reply
  57. I am swishing right now, my first morning! At first the texture is a little gooey but once it warms up it has a nice texture and taste. I am really excited about this as I have many problems with my teeth and they always make me feel bad at the dentist office.
    I do have one question. What do you do at night if you swish in the morning? Do you swish at night too? Do you floss at night? or no flossing….?
    Thanks for you article!

    Catherine | 12.31.2013 | Reply
  58. Just started coconut oil pulling on the advice from a goood friend. I completed my first ‘swish’ and did a tongue scrape. I’m optimistic and look forward to some positive results. I will sya already my mouth feels cleaner. I also was told not to ‘spit’ out oil into the sink but into the trash. Brian

    Brian | 01.01.2014 | Reply
  59. Just strarted doing it 3days in :))) can’t wait to clear up my ski and strengthen immune system .. I met people that swear by this technique, so now I’m proud to be involved with this coconut movement :))

    Dina | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  60. I’ve also just started pulling with coconut oil and I was just wondering if you clean your teeth both after the pulling first thing in the morning and then again after breakfast?

    Briana | 01.09.2014 | Reply
  61. As a canker sore sufferer, I have just battled my worse outbreak ever. One after the other seemed to appear after having a cold for a few days. I have never been so miserable! Plus I get sinus congestion which triggers migraines every few weeks. I’m wondering if oil pulling would help canker sores heal quicker or even prevent them from happening. And do u know if oil pulling helps with migraines? I’m a bit nervous about the possible side effects of oil pulling. Are they common? Could I feel worse before I feel better? I’m very curious about the whole thing. I use coconut oil for many things but I must admit I had never heard of oil pulling so this is a first for me!

    Ellen | 01.11.2014 | Reply
    • I wish someone would answer this too-I just bought my coconut oil last night and haven’t started yet. I am reading more and more and am concerned (read scared) about possible side effects like migraines-the other stuff I can handle-but migraines scare me-now I’m not so certain I want to move forward.

      Linda | 03.08.2014 | Reply
    • as to your question about headaches….absolutely it helps with headaches….i actually do the oil pulls and i take 3 tbs of virgin coconut oil a day…i bath in it after a shower daily, the best way for you to know if this works is put it to wk and start your own research, that’s what I’m doing and I’m amazing…..not only are my sinuses in tip top shape but i don’t have any odor in my mouth….my skin is baby smooth and i have been headache and arthritis free! Coincidence? i think not! i have researched about coconut oil and migraines and or headaches as well as arthritis, i have yet to experience anything bad at all with coconut oil. Also if you plan to do the oil pulls, you may as well make your own toothpaste with baking soda and virgin coconut oil..50/50 ratio, it’s amazing!! Life Changing!

      patti cakes | 03.23.2014 | Reply
  62. Hi, I’m new to coconut oil pulling, and I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer. I recently bought some oil from my local grocery store, and it is liquid, for, as the bottle says, ‘easier cooking’- is that the same kind of oil you are supposed to use for pulling? it just feels so…strange. I wondered if anyone had certain brands they could share, so I have real names to look for in the stores and online, rather than taking a chance in messing up my mouth. I’ve had dental issues that I’m hoping pulling will at least lessen, if not eliminate completely over time, but I don’t want to get the wrong thing! Thank you so much!

    Susan f | 01.18.2014 | Reply
  63. Hi. I had actually heard about oil pulling before, although not with coconut oil, but hadn’t gotten to trying it.
    But I’m planning on starting tomorrow. I already have coconut oil in the house and hopefully it will help with the side effects I’ve been experiencing due to medication I was on, and have once again had to start, that causes me to break out a lot on my face and chest. Nothing helped to clear up the pimples while I was on the medication but hopefully this will 🙂
    Thanks a lot, bye.

    Natasha O. | 01.19.2014 | Reply
  64. Thank you for starting with the statement about the “lard like” oil. I have been going crazy wanting to try this, but couldn’t find the “liquid oil” anywhere. I just assumed there was a liquid version somewhere. I will now try this. Thank you.

    Audra | 02.01.2014 | Reply
  65. Can I do the oil pulling even if I have metal fillings in my mouth ?

    Sonia | 02.03.2014 | Reply
  66. I really need an answer please. I just have a root canal and not only that is very expensive but painful. Also the dentist told me that I might need another one. I was thinking that if I do the oil pulling maybe I don’t have to do another root canal. But I’m a little concern about my metal fillings. I don’t know if the oil pulling is going to remove some of the mercury that the amalgams carried. I really appreciate if someone help me whit this information.

    Sonia | 02.03.2014 | Reply
    • Hi Sonia, I would not recommend oil pulling at the state of where you are at now. Mercury can leach from amalgams – you are exposed from basic chewing, excessive tooth brushing and teeth grinding – and since mercury is fat soluble, there is a higher chance of oil pulling increasing the movement of mercury. As for an alternative to a root canal, I would suggest working with a biological dentist. They may have other options for you in regards to treatment.

      Lauren Felts | 02.04.2014 | Reply
  67. I am just learning about oil pulling. I tried it today for the first time with Sesame Seed Oil & my mouth feels cleaner after the first time. However, what I noticed was my taste buds becoming all inflamed & white stuff in between my taste buds s well. Is this normal? Several other questions are, one, if you use coconut oil do you need to use extra virgin? Two, can pulling be done more then 1x a day? and if so should it only be done in the AM? And three, is oil pulling just pulling the toxins out of your mouth or your whole body? Thank you so much for any information you can offer.

  68. Is expelled pressed organic coconut oil refined good to use for oil pulling?

    judie | 02.15.2014 | Reply
  69. Hey, I only have refined coconut oil .. Can that be used too ? Why/why not ?
    Thanks! (:

    Leah | 02.19.2014 | Reply
  70. I tried going last night for the first time with coconut oil. Apparently I fell asleep with the oil in my mouth and I woke up early in the morning with my right cheek swollen like a chipmunk. It scared me and then I realized that the oil I pulled in my mouth most likely got absorbed into my right cheek as I was sleeping on my right side so im a huge believer in the oil pulling the toxins out of my mouth. Now I just have to heal my mouthon the right side and get those toxin out of here!

    Juliana | 02.20.2014 | Reply
  71. Is Coconut cooking oil ok for oil pulling ?

  72. So is it not ok to oil pull if you have metal fillings? I have many from when I was a kid. Just read your post from someone else about that

    Keely | 03.04.2014 | Reply
  73. I have a lot of amalgam fillings, nothing new, can I still pull?

    Kathryn | 03.04.2014 | Reply
  74. Have just started pulling but have a couple of metal fillings so not sure if i should stop?


    marie | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  75. I did it for 20 minutes yesterday morning and I’m in agony. My stomach feels bloated with sharp pain, I’m so hot and I feel dizzy. Constantly feeling like I have very painful gas and have to urinate. Is this normal? Are these side effects normal? My bones and muscles ache and I’m a bit freaked out.

    Trich2014 | 03.07.2014 | Reply
    • That’s because you swallowed some. Toxins are being released in your body. I would go for a lymphatic massage or foot drain to get it taken care of ASAP 🙂

      Kaye | 03.08.2014 | Reply
  76. Just started with Coconut oil today. Thought it would be weird (gross) but it wasn’t at all! I could only do it for about 12 minutes but figure I will work up to 20. My mouth felt SO clean after the first time. Definitely going to continue this!! I bought stuff to make my own deodorant and toothpaste too!

    Elle | 03.07.2014 | Reply
  77. Excited to start trying this! Is it ok to do if I have old metal fillings? I bought raw extra virgin unrefined CO is that ok?
    Marie 🙂

    marie | 03.07.2014 | Reply
  78. I have 6 migraines a week. How long do you think it will take with the oil pulling to make these go away?
    Plz help.

    Thank u,

    Lisa | 03.07.2014 | Reply
  79. 20 minutes of swishing and gargling wow that’s a long time.

    Ashley welborn | 03.08.2014 | Reply
  80. Just a question. I’m considering beginning this procedure, but, I suffer from easily agitated skin (especially around the chin and mouth) where I break out. If I begin doing this, is there a chance it will add to the already sensitive skin reactions?

    Kaye | 03.08.2014 | Reply
  81. Today was day 1 of pulling. I used coconut oil and swished for about 20 minutes. I then spit it out and rinsed my mouth. I hadn’t read that I should scrape my tongue, so I have just continued with my day. I am hoping not to have any adverse side affects from not scraping. But my first thoughts are that my mouth feels cleaner and fresher. I have a horrible head cold also and I have to say after pulling my sinuses feel clearer. I am going to continue this practice!

    Jeri | 03.08.2014 | Reply
  82. Hubby and I have started to go more natural on foods, skin and medicine…Today I started OP Therapy, or “Pulling with coconut oil.” Here’s my experience. You’re suppose to swish the oil between your teeth and over you gums for 20 minutes; That’s right I said, “Swish for TWENTY minutes. Did I make it? NO, it’s not as easy as one would think, or as I have read in other’s testimonies.

    I began with 1 tsp. of oil; at first, it gagged me…lol But after I fought through that reaction, I was able to “Pull” for 15 min. Then, my sinuses started to drain down the back of my throat and I accidentally swallowed a little, which you’re Never supposed to do…lol It stung a few seconds, I spit the rest into the trash, rinsed thoroughly with hot water, then drank a Large glass of very warm water to dissolve what I’d swallowed.

    Yes, I am going to try it again, because there are nothing but Glowing Reviews from people who do it daily. Here are a couple, you may have less dramatic effects when you Pull than I did…lol!

    Sandra Dyer | 03.09.2014 | Reply
  83. Can i do this twice a day for 20 mins? Once in the morning and again before bed?

    angie novak | 03.09.2014 | Reply
  84. I have just started OP’ing and on the second day I have rashes all over my body. I keep reading that I should keep going as this is part of the detoxification process. Is this true? I am ichy everywhere, my neck , my legs, my hands. It is scaring me a little as this is the only thing I have done differently in the last two days.

    Alison Lara | 03.12.2014 | Reply
    • Alison, do you still have your rash? Are you still “pulling”? I’m wanting to try this but am a little skeptical after reading some of these comments. I too would be a little freaked out if I broke out in a rash or had other side effects.

      michelle | 03.18.2014 | Reply
  85. Question: do you have to swish first thing in the morning to get maximum results? Or can you do it in the evening? My mornings don’t allow me time to swish!!!

    katie | 03.13.2014 | Reply
  86. have been doing this for 7 days and have had a bad headache the whole time. My teeth hurt also. Want to stick it out for 40 days for lent but cannot see me suffering that long. Is this normal?

    tracy | 03.13.2014 | Reply
  87. I was doubtful until I tried it. I’ve had a very bad year with my sinuses, having headaches and stuffiness everyday almost. I also have gum disease. Puffy bleeding gums. Within days of swishing the stuffiness in my nose is gone and my gums are barely bleeding when I brush. Can’t wait to see what other results may come out of this!
    I do have a hard time swishing for the full 20 minutes but I do at least 15 each day.

    Linda S | 03.13.2014 | Reply
  88. Ok, the only coconut oil that I could find today is Carrington Farms Coconut Cooking Oil. Is this going to work???

    Wendy | 03.15.2014 | Reply
  89. I really want to try oil pulling but am wondering how to not swallow during the 20 mins of swilling? I would be really grateful for a response. Many thanks in advance.

  90. I have been oil pulling with coconut oil for 1 week. I have developed a rash on my stomach/back. Almost looks like small bug bites, not itchy. From what I’m reading this is a normal reaction to the body expelling toxins. Anyone else with a similar symptom?

  91. I’ve been OP with coconut oil for about 4 days now and I have noticed positive results. However, my gum lines are now very sensitive and bleed when I brush them, even softly. Any suggestions as to why?

    Jordan | 03.21.2014 | Reply
  92. I’ve been OP with coconut oil for about 4 days now and I have noticed positive results. However, my gums are now very sensitive and bleed when I brush them, even softly. Any suggestions as to why?

    Jordan | 03.21.2014 | Reply
  93. I bought “100% pure coconut oil – refined from the meat of mature coconuts so there is no coconut flavor or aroma”. Is this effective for OPing? If not, why?

    Ginny | 04.18.2014 | Reply
  94. I have been doing OP for a few days and loving the results. however I don’t see much teeth whitening..i was wondering, how long do you guys wait to eat after the OP? I usually like to have my breakfast after my OP, which includes different types of teas ..I was wondering if the OP builds any sensibility on the teeth and if there is a waiting time before eating ..Thanks in advance! Great blog 😉

  95. I started oil pulling last night and again this morning. Wasnt an unpleasent experience. But after this morning’s oil pulling, my stomach (from my rib cage to my belly button) is cramping so badly. No, I did not swallow any of the oil. I am in pain! Is this from the oil pulling?

    Jessica | 05.14.2014 | Reply
    • Hi Jessica, we suspect that the oil pulling may have stimulated your digestion by triggering the pathway in the brain. In particular bile flow from the gallbladder (this is what digests fat) may have been stimulated. We have not heard of this case as of yet, but if you have any gallbladder related issues, you may want to consult your doctor. It wouldn’t be anything to be too concerned about, but it may indicate that there is a stagnation or congestion of your gallbladder. If it happens again, definitely check with your physician.

      TheChalkboard | 05.15.2014 | Reply
  96. I usually oil-pull at night – does it make a difference if you do it in the morning vs at night?

    Andrea | 05.19.2014 | Reply
  97. I started oil pulling with coconut oil the beginning of March. I have read your earlier comments on hive breakouts. I broke out in hives (REALLY BAD) starting 2 1/2 weeks ago. It doesn’t seem to be stopping & wants to hit every portion of my body. How long should the break outs last until I start to worry? Antihistamines & steroids have not helped at all. Any chance that I can be allergic to the coconut oil? I’ve eaten coconut all my life with no negative effects. Please advise!

    Winnie | 05.21.2014 | Reply
  98. Winnie, did your hives go away? I also developed hives recently. I’ve now had them for 9 weeks. I’ve been looking into all kinds of other things, but after seeing your post, I’m wondering if the oil pulling is causing them…

    Kaleen | 06.22.2014 | Reply
  99. I started pulling with coconut oil and I now have the worst mouth sores of my life, they started last Thursday and are still very bad. This is the 5th day. The left side of my face is swollen too. I have never had this type of mouth sores before, they are huge and my whole mouth is sore, bleeding gums, very painful. I do get fever blisters on my lips, don’t know if this is that on the inside of my mouth or canker sores or what. It’ awful! I am scared to keep the oil pulling up.

    Tammy | 06.24.2014 | Reply
    • The coconut oil MUST BE from fresh non gmo orangic coconut not dried coconuts, Dried coconuts have mycotoxins which is NOT what you want. Mycotoxins are toxic mold. We bought organic virgin coconut oil I called the number on the bottle and asked if the coconut oil is made from fresh coconut and they told it was ,It is good know before you get to the store .

      Kayla | 01.14.2016 | Reply
  100. I’ve been Oil Pulling first thing every morning for a few years now, it took me a while to get used to the texture of Oil Pulling without feeling sick, but it honestly didn’t take long. I’m so happy I found out about it as i’m so much more confident about my teeth now and my dentist is really happy with the results and has told me to continue what im doing!

    Jonothan | 08.08.2014 | Reply
  101. Hi Everyone! Oil pulling is definitely the bomb 🙂 I do it a few times a week, but what a huge difference. I have very sensitive teeth and only after a few days of oil pulling, they were much less sensitive. I must say that i also use coconut oil for cooking, because it’s just a lot more healthy than most oils. It Gets getting used to the solid state 🙂 For people who are in search for a good organic coconut oil, odorless.

    And for the people who do not use coconut oil yet, just try it out and you will be pleased! for real!

    GarryB | 08.16.2014 | Reply
  102. While I oil pull can the toxins in the oil be absorbed threw my saliva glands?

    Sonia | 10.30.2014 | Reply
    • Hi Sonia, oil pulling will pull out the toxins that would otherwise be absorbed by your body. Hope this helps!

      The Chalkboard Team | 10.30.2014 | Reply
      • Thanks for your answer. The reason I ask this question is because I remember that when I was little my mom use to tell me to keep the cough medicine under my tongue before swallowing so that my glands under my tongue would absorb it and go faster to my blood stream ,so I was worried that if I was holding the oil for 20 minutes and if that oil is pulling out the toxinns from my body ,it was possible that some of those toxins return to my body throug those glands.
        Also i asked a question on February about if it’s ok oil pulling when you have metal amalgams in your mouth. And somebody replied me telling me that is not good for me because the Mercury is fat soluble. But I would like to know your opinion. I been doing the oil pulling for almost a year and it’s the only way that it’s been helping me to avoid another root canal. Thanks a lot for your help.

        Sonia | 10.30.2014 | Reply
  103. After oil pulling for two days (with coconut oil) I got a rash on my face and it is continuing to get worse. After doing my research I know this is just the toxins being released from my body. Do I continue to oil pull? Or do I take a break, let the rash go away, and then oil pull again?
    Also, if anyone else has experienced this, how long does it take for the rash to go away? It is very itchy, painful in spots and very unsightly.

  104. I have been oil pulling with coconut oil seriously for more than three weeks. About a week after starting I got a big cold sore on the side of my mouth. The scab is gone but the big red mark is still there. A couple of days ago I broke out with one in my nose and also on the outside of my nose. It’s ugly!!!!! Same side of the face. It’s possible I swallowed a little when swishing. Do you think this could be the cause for the cold sores, that I swallowed a concentration of toxins? Should I continue swishing daily, do more often than once a day or what? We were going to have our picture taken for our 45th wedding anniversary, now I look horrible. What’s your advice?

    Janice | 03.11.2015 | Reply
  105. Does oil pulling take away bad breath

    mary Scott | 04.04.2015 | Reply
  106. I’ve suffered from ulcers and perhaps oral thrush for years and i come across this oil pulling and had tried it out once and ended up with my worst nightmare, the next day after oil pulling, my whole cheek, tongue, throat swollen, inflamed and all covered with white and yellow patches. Rush to doctor and doctor prescribed oral steroids and antibiotic only the swollen subside slowly. I’m pretty sure it’s caused by the oil pulling as that was the only thing that i did differently at that period of time. I never wanna try it anymore.

    Angie | 04.20.2015 | Reply
    • Angie, I just posted below. I’m curious if anyone else has had similar experiences. I like the idea of OP and it makes me think that there’s really truth in the idea that it pulls toxins out, if we both had some similar results. If it really is pulling toxins out that I’ve been trying so hard to get rid of in other unsuccessful ways, I’m interested to try again… But certainly don’t want to have the same results with a swollen throat that mimics strep! Hoping some others can chime in. 🙂

      Kara | 05.13.2015 | Reply
      • I was very ill for three years with a mystery illness, where I was disabled. . I had seen 40 doctor tested for every possible thing full body MRI and two head MRI I even had exploratory surgery . It was finally discovered hidden black mold in our house we moved It took forever for me to feel better. . It took one year for me to get well enough to go on a two hour road trip. But for some unknown reason I could not get completely rid of dizziness, flu like feeling, dry eyes, stiff neck big swollen lymph nodes which to me means infection and jaw pain I had lump in my right jaw the six oral surgeon took a look at and all just blew it off I saw 6 ENT one of them sold me a sinus surgery Seriously .no doctors would listen to me I was left on my own to figure it out I had to become my own doctor. I knew about oil pulling so I started doing it two hours a day I would spit it out every 15 minutes and within nine days the biggest lump appeared in my mouth my dentist was stunned he told me that it needed to be drained ASAP it was big infection . So, I think I had a deep infection that came to the surface finally. THANK GOD I was finally cured of an illness that went on for years taken a toll our lives, we were so happy .
        I got a full size BIOMAT ,went on 21 days juice fast and we bought a puppy!
        Oil pulling with coconut oil helped me nail down what the issue was that stumped doctors

        Kayla | 01.14.2016 | Reply
  107. Just came down with what I thought was strep after only a couple of oil pulls. Is this normal?…

    I’ve been hit hard this past winter with upper respiratory viral infections (at least, that’s the best the doctor’s office could tell me at the time). Once in December and again in February. I’ve had trouble getting rid of the cough and the gunk in my system since then. I read about oil pulling and decided to give it a try. I pulled one evening, for 2 minutes just to get used to the taste. I pulled the next morning for 20 minutes. Woke up too late the next morning to pull, but pulled again on the 3rd morning for about 15 minutes. By the end of that 3rd day, my tonsils were so swollen that I was having some trouble swallowing, but no pain. The next morning, white spots appeared on my tonsils and I went straight to the doctor, assuming I must have strep. I just got the results of the throat culture back, and they said it isn’t strep, isn’t a bacterial infection, so therefore it’s just a result of a viral infection.

    Anyone else experience something similar? Would I have potentially “pulled” the virus out with the coconut oil but not washed/scraped/brushed thoroughly enough that the toxins of the virus came back with a vengeance in my tonsils? (I’m heading back to the doctor in a few days and will check with her, but curious for your insight!)

    Kara | 05.13.2015 | Reply
    • Hi Kara — I started Oil Pulling for about a week and had the EXACT same thing happen! I thought it was my toothpaste, and did extensive research on it. Quit using that brand and still had white sores on my tonsils, inflammed gums, the whole thing. I thought it was strep too!! It wasn’t until justttt now that I realized that I wasn’t brushing well enough after OP and I guess the toxins infected my mouth and throat! Also my tongue was the main thing – it was so swollen I talked with a lisp (lol). SOOO glad I found someone on here that had the same reaction – I thought I was crazy! Went away after a few days thankfully, just a frustrating process trying to figure out what was happening and then waiting it out. Hope your symptoms subside soon!

      Becca | 06.23.2015 | Reply
  108. La peau masculine contient davantage de capillaires que celles de la femme,
    en particulier au niveau des pommettes.

    France | 11.19.2015 | Reply
  109. Par contre, les nutriments (notamment le fer) et les fibres que
    les épinards contiennent t’aideront à diminuer tes portions lors de tes repas et ainsi favoriseront ta perte de poids à long terme.

    Madge | 12.01.2015 | Reply
  110. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I have really loved surfing around your blog posts.
    In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

    dziennik | 01.16.2016 | Reply
  111. Well after 3 days of oil pulling for continuous 20minutes every morning I feel like I have a terrible hangover with headache. What might be the cause because it’s terrible.

    Dar Adel | 01.30.2016 | Reply
  112. I have been trying this to cure a Candida problem with my sinuses which also gives pain in my neck and shoulders. Each time I do the Oil pulling my mouth is inflamed for a couple of days with ulcer on the gum line. I am assuming this is die-off. So I’m only doing it once a week at the moment. My sinuses are also pretty Constantine draining into my mouth – I assume this is also die-off – has anyone else had these kind of symptoms?

    Lynda | 02.20.2016 | Reply
  113. I have been oil pulling for the last month and I had no idea that doing so could clog my pipes up. I definitely do not want to end up with a plumbing problem on my hands and so I’m going to start being more careful. Maybe I will start spitting out the oil in a Dixie cup and throwing that out instead of just letting it go down the drain.

    Faylinn | 07.26.2016 | Reply
  114. Mother of three active boys here, and wife to a traveling husband. I was diagnosed with mono nearly five months ago and am desperate to get rid of it. In addition to elderberry, vitamins, turmeric, I started taking 2tb of pure/unrefined/cold-pressed/organic coconut oil a few weeks ago. Some days have been better, but mono still very much keeping me down. Just started pulling today, got nauseous, must have accidentally swollen some. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to rid my body of this nasty virus that is weighing on my family? Any suggestions are appreciated!!

    Kimberly Bowman | 08.04.2016 | Reply
  115. I have a problem with bad breath for years now. It gets worse as the years go by. The GP has ruled out any health/ blood/ body related issues. So it’s now leaned towards a dental issue. Will oil pulling help get rid of bad breath?

  116. I oil pull every day with coconut oil and I swallow it after swishing. Coconut oil is very very good for you so do not waste it; swallow it. The toxins and stuff in your mouth are going to be swallowed if you do not oil pull so swallowing the coconut oil will not be any different.

    Jerry | 01.08.2017 | Reply

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