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last spring, artist, magic fairy and Sun Potion’s Creative Director, Nitsa Citrine, partnered with friend and fellow artist, photographer Tasya van Ree, to create Women With Superpowers: a photo project that spotlights inspiring women in the arts, wellness and business, capturing each in her element.

We were thrilled to support and be included in the project when they shot our Editor in Chief earlier this year. We’ve continued to watch as this talented duo has spiraled through a growing list of fascinating women we’re proud to be a part of. 

While the project only lives on Instagram for now, Nitsa and Tasya plan on exhibiting the project eventually and finding creative ways to show up with their message of individuality and empowerment. We asked the team to share a small excerpt from their collection with us below…

Women with Superpowers is a photo series and movement that celebrates the feminine as artist, activist, and healer and has grown to include an international community of influential and inspiring women. Our vision is that through recognizing the multi-dimensional and extraordinary qualities within us, we can begin to embody our own influence and create shifts and work to benefit the whole planet.

Jane Goodall

Woman | Jane Goodall, PHD, Conservation/animal welfare/raising of awareness/developing the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots program for youth worldwide.
Superpower | Strong constitution and a gift for communication.

Tricia Clarke-Stone

Woman | Tricia Clarke-Stone, CEO Narrative
Superpower | My superpower is connecting the dots. I find value in driving the success of things and pushing things forward. When you connect the dots, you become more exponential.

Momo Suzuki

Woman | Momo Suzuki, Designer
Superpower | Transforming cloth into clothes, which can bring a small joy.

Kassia Meador

Woman | Kassia Meador, Surfer/Sound Spinner/Potion Mixer/Creator
Superpower | Extra-enthusiastic life liver.


Bonnie WrightWoman | Bonnie Wright, Director
Superpower | Storyteller.

Julie Piatt

Woman |  Julie Piatt aka Srimati, Chef/Author/Spiritual Guide/Songstress/Mother
Superpower |  My superpower is manifesting from love by embodying devotion and holding the highest vision despite all appearances to the contrary. Extreme faith. This is my recipe for living a miraculous life.

What’s your personal superpower?
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  1. Women With Superpowers is such a great idea. I think my superpower is seeing other people’s superpowers. I have a feeling we could all nominate hundreds more ladies for this show.

  2. Inspiring others to greatness….through nutrition, health, giving hope and positive vibes.

    Shannon | 07.28.2017 | Reply
  3. So inspired by this site!
    My super power is perseverance and resilience ❤️

    La Bohemia | 11.02.2017 | Reply

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