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Women’s health expert Nicole Granato, has dealt with her fair share of health hurdles, including a common one amongst women — a PCOS diagnosis. Instead of submitting to a life of pills and invasive procedures, Nicole found her way back to wellness naturally, embracing holistic lifestyle shifts that ultimately freed her of PCOS.

Whether you’re dealing with a PCOS diagnosis yourself or simply looking for ways to feel, look and live better, Nicole is sharing a few essential daily habits that she picked up after her PCOS diagnosis which continue to keep her cyst free, symptom free and feeling incredible…

Receiving my PCOS diagnosis when I was 22 was probably one of the hardest, yet most eye-opening, experiences for me. I realized how little care I gave to certain areas of my body until something was wrong. I didn’t want to have someone tell me that I could not get rid of this disorder that had developed in my body naturally – but they did anyway. I was told I needed medication, surgery and that I could do IVF when I wanted to have kids.

Well… I cleared my PCOS naturally and have never been so hormonally balanced – as well as cyst free – in my life! While going through years of this, I noticed there were a few things that are so necessary in your everyday life when dealing with PCOS or hormonal imbalances. Here are some things I continue to do in my life to keep my body strong, hormones balanced and skin glowing.

Eat A Balanced Diet

There are so many diets out on the market and, to be honest, I have tried a fair amount of them. I hated all of them! What works for me and my clients is balance with food and cravings. This means if you desire to eat meat, do so but choose wisely, eat lots of plants, whole grains and healthy fats. Use breakfast as your meal to pack in the nutrients but keep it light on your digestive system. Use lunch as your staple meal of the day with fats and protein. Use dinner for a more nourishing easy-to-digest meal. When you have balance in your food, you have balance in your body – and when you eat real foods and healthy fats it will all come together!

Drinks Loads of Infused Water

I love drinking water infused with some superfood or nutrient. I fluctuate between ACV, chlorophyll, noni juice, aloe vera and sometimes pure cranberry. There are so many amazing nutrients that come from these superfoods that are easy for our bodies to intake when in liquid form! I usually do a tablespoon in a glass of room temperature water!

Walk (A Lot)

Walking has been known to be one of the best exercises you can do! For me it’s not only an exercise but a meditation as well. One of my main PCOS exercise suggestions for clients is low intensity. That means more walking, yoga, pilates and hiking, as opposed to weight training, heavy running and resistance training. Our goal is to heal our bodies, and exercises that are high intensity will actually stress our bodies out!

Nourish Yourself When You Menstruate

A lot of us can get moody and frustrated when we get our periods. Remember getting your period is a great thing! It means your body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. The day you get your period, be extra kind to yourself. Take a bath, eat foods high in iron and magnesium and drink ginger tea with lemon and honey to get rid of major PMS. This is your time to pamper yourself and thank your body for doing exactly what it is meant to do!

Sleep Well

Sleep is so important when your body is healing. It’s also key for keeping your body strong and in warrior mode. Sleeping through the night can be hard for a lot of people. I suggest turning off any electronics or computers 30 minutes before bed and not drinking any water one hour before bed to avoid waking up in the night. I love putting lavender in my diffuser and opening a window to get fresh air and the calming scent of lavender flowing through my room.

Have you been diagnosed with PCOS? What has your healing experience been like? We’d love to know!
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