Wellness doesn’t work if we’re freaking out throughout the journey, and for introverts, the trending, social side of it can be highly draining and generally distressing. If you relate, you’re not alone (though maybe you wish you were?). We had a revelation after a recent team trip to Pause. float studio in L.A. where we each spent a session floating in our own private saltwater pod: solitude can be bliss, and modalities that embrace it can be deeply transformative.

There’s plenty of introverted goodness in the wellness world for you lone wolves to fall in love with: We’re sharing ten introspective activities and environments to help you turn in, recharge and thrive, without missing out or having to suffer through any dreaded small talk…

Float in a pod designed for one | You know that feeling right before falling asleep where everything is calm, relaxed and perfectly detached from reality? Floating helps you settle into that same meditative state with water that’s so salty (1,500 pounds of salt to be exact) you couldn’t not float even if you wanted to. The solo set-up is designed to relax our muscles and minds entirely while blocking out any distracting sensations our brains might latch onto: sight, sound and even feeling (the water is the same temp as our bodies!). Studios like Pause. –  our new fave – provide a state of the art floating experience with private rooms for the ultimate wellness immersion experience for introverts: LEARN MORE HERE

Read your heart out | This one is a no brainer. Reading allows you to learn from the pros (without having to interact with them), process the info at your own pace and return to it whenever you like. No one even has to know what you know, but you’ll have plenty to talk about when and if you feel like it. Cozy up in your favorite solo spot and get to feeding your brain with our top recommendations: LEARN MORE HERE + HERE.

Create a manifestation journal – alone, at home | Make things happen with your mind and sort out your emotional stuff at the same time! Knowing what we want is a key step to making it appear in our lives, with the challenge being finding clarity on what it is – something best done alone. We know youre not shy, but spending time with yourself to make what you want manifest means you don’t have to ask someone else for help. LEARN MORE HERE.

Spend a full day on a productive emo purge | Feeling the feels? Don’t worry, we don’t have to talk about it. Get it out, reflect and move on by doing something creative, productive and physical with all that pent up angst. We love the idea of channeling it all into a cathartic kitchen endeavor we can eat the fruits of (or cakes, or cookies or whatever). Trust us, beating some eggs or kneading some dough with mindful aggression is as good as any other therapy. LEARN MORE HERE.

Throw on a sheet mask and skip the spa! | No crowds, no human contact, just pure uninterrupted self-care bliss. Even if someone pops into your home spa-sesh, you can’t exactly converse with a sheet mask on your face. Use it as an excuse to indulge in some seriously soothing solo time and look gorgeous after. LEARN MORE HERE.

Try that cupping thing from the Olympics | Yes, someone has to touch you, yes you’ll need to talk with them a bit, but afterward you’ll have alarming red sucker marks up and down your back that may just keep people from talking to you in line for coffee the next day. LEARN MORE HERE.

Get into an infrared cocoon to detox | Get cozy in a pod that’s built for you to physically and mentally disappear into and come out of feeling transformed. Infrared spas are the perfect place to detox, tone and recharge from all that daily human interaction. LEARN MORE HERE + HERE.

Be alone in nature (and in luxury) | Getting outdoors is good for your mind body and soul – and you don’t have to go to a human-polluted hike or park or rough it in the wilderness to enjoy it. Glamping allows you to explore a beautifully remote environment, while you bliss out with your tea, trees and luxury linens. Some spots even allow you to bring a pet if you want the company without the conversation. LEARN MORE HERE.

Get sweaty in the comfort and solitude of home | Gyms have so many people, so much sweat and so much energy that doesn’t belong to you; it’s amazing anyone actually goes, and no wonder introverts might want to steer clear! Working out in the privacy and comfort of your own home allows you to get fit on your own schedule and in your own space. We love resistance band workouts for a full body burn that doesn’t even require equipment. LEARN MORE HERE

Hit up a meditation class | Yes, you’ll be in a group setting – but with absolutely no obligation to talk to anyone! In fact, the teacher may frown upon it. Feel like an extro, act like an intro. We love MNDFL in NYC and Unplugged here in LA.

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  1. Some great ideas for treating yourself, in a way that is in your control. Some people find a home gym set up also works well for people wanting to keep in shape with privacy.

    Graham Forbes | 09.30.2016 | Reply

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