Our nail wardrobe is normally something of a bore: buffed out nails and one of three shades of ballet pink. Keep it classy, little paws. Our friends at Mixed Makeup, the brand new beauty channel we’re loving, convinced us to give a few of nail queen, Jenna Hipp’s new summer colors a try. Once we saw the new hues, we were easy to convince!

Jenna Hipp is the go-to green manicurist for celebrities like Lea Michele and Emma Stone and, as it turns out, a ton of fun. No surprise there – who else would you want by your side pre-red carpet other than a girl’s girl like Ms. Hipp? We featured Jenna’s pre-event prep advice recently and wish we had her at our side before every girl’s outing and dinner date!

This month, we gathered together with Mixed Makeup’s Susan Yara and Jenna herself for a little juice and polish match-up, the outcome being this fun Mixed Makeup video featuring three summer nail trends you’ve got to get your paws on…

Look One – MIlky pastels: Jenna’s The New Moderns collection is a mix of creamsicle-like colors that instantly had us craving a Pressed Juicery Almond Milk. These milky pastel polishes in shades like Ooh La Latte and Sherbetcha are the perfect look to wear with a chocolate almond or green brazil nut milk in hand. Yum.

Look two – juicy brights: This is not a neutral playing field: The New Brights collection, with shades like We Are Mint To Be, a perfectly cool green and I Surf With Boys, a light retro blue, these polishes are just the pop of color meant to be matched with a vacay-worthy bikini. We got a little gushy when shooting this video about how amazing these brights look painted on Citrus 2 or Citrus 4 bearing hands. Throw in some light bites and there is an instant mani-pedi party factor happening here!

Look three – Mix ’em up: The third look shown is a mix of both collections in layers for a style that’s ultra-summery. Jenna pulled out her bag of pro tricks including a few everyday office items we would have never expected to see. Our favorite trick? Using old-fashioned reinforcement labels to tape off nail beds and create the perfect half moon nail. Another great tip is to tape off half the nail using Post-it flags while painting a layer of contrasting polish to the bare side of the nail.

Whether you gather up the girls for a mani-pedi afternoon after brunch or tuck in for an evening of solitary, colorful pampering, we suggest making your next manicure a colorful one and amping up your style with a few of these office supply-enabled designs. Add some juice swag to the mix and you’ve got yourself the perfect early summer activity!


Apply a thin coat of basecoat
Paint 2 coats of color
Let dry for 3 minutes
Apply a quick dry top coat
Let polish set for 5 to 10 minutes

Jenna’s two new collections are available at Beauty’s Most Wanted starting today – only $25 for each collection! Get those paws prettied up! For more beauty tips and DIYS dig in to Mixed Makeup here.

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