The Top 18 Wellness Trends We Love For 2016

Yes, bare shoulders and romantic floral prints are in for spring ’16. But in our world, so are float tanks and DNA tests!

We’re always in sync with our friends over at Food Matters and this list is 100% on point. Wellness warrior James Colquhoun and team are calling our eighteen trends to watch this year and we’re in agreement on each and every one. Drink your nutrition, shoot up those vitamins – and get in on about half of these trends in one fell swoop with Pressed Juicery’s brand new matcha hemp milk!

the top 18 Wellness Trends for 2016

Digital Detoxes

People deliberately opting in to step away from technology for weekends to be in the present moment and reconnect with themselves/family and friends on a more personal level. Whether they go on a retreat, getaway into the wilderness or just lock away all their tech in a cupboard.


Matcha is the new green. It’s already begun to take off around the world, but this year we will be seeing more people swap their coffee or a regular cup of green tea for this powdered version packed with antioxidants and health benefits! Smoothies and raw treats will get greener too as we start adding it to everything from breakfast, salad dressings, ice cream and more!

Float Tanks

Or sensory deprivation tanks are going to be massive! With so much chaos and sensory overstimulation today, it makes sense that more and more people are wanting to just escape it all. 

These tanks are popping up all over the place, suspending you in a few inches of body-temperature, Epsom salt water completely removed from light, sound, and touch. 

Build your own smoothie bars

Where you go to a pick and mix for your smoothie ingredients and pop it into a blender and away you go!

Organic fast food chains

More and more fast food chains will begin to go organic, and healthy food will enter the ‘fast food’ space much more, making good food easily accessible to cater for our busy schedules.

It’s already starting to occur, with vending machines full of healthy food options popping up around the globe, and healthy home meal deliveries offering mid-week hunger-busters for those struggling find time to cook during the week! 

Spray and IV vitamins

It’s not just about eating anymore. We want to get our nutrients, but we want them quick. The trend of vitamin IV parties has hit Hollywood, but we’re set to see them reach the wider health community this year as we continue our search for quick ways to boost our energy, improve our health and get that inner glow!

Magnesium sprays and other nutrient sprays will also gain popularity as people realise how the skin is an incredibly absorbent way to get more goodness into your body.

Online health and wellness programs

With more people creating a sanctuary at home, and finding refuge from the chaos of life, it makes sense that we’ll be looking for more at home wellness offerings, just like the yoga and meditation classes on FMTV. Online health and wellness programs, apps, and digitally accessible health plans will become increasingly popular, so people can do what they love, no matter where they are in the world.

Essential Oils

Essential oils will finally get the attention and notoriety they finally deserve and more and more people will begin integrating them into their lives. Think skin care, fragrance, home cleaners and incredible healing elixirs!

Holistic Healthcare

There will be a continual shift from weight loss focused health programs and marketing to a more holistic approach to wellbeing. Weight loss will become the side effect of healthy living, not the focus!

Scandi Influence

Fashion, homewares and art have all been influenced by Scandinavian style lately, so it makes sense that the Scandi influence will shift into foods too! They have one of the healthiest diets on the planet, so Western countries will start to embrace dense, darker bread, sustainable wild caught fish, homemade pickled fish and vegetables, and a greater demand for berries over other fruits.

Dairy-free mylks

I don’t see the dairy free, plant-based milk trend ending anytime soon! They’re likely to be in more cafes and restaurants, giving people many more options, with gourmet, exotic flavours coming out and being used in more commercial. ready-made products.

The other gluten-free grains

There’re a lot of gluten free ancient grains that deserve the spotlight as impressive nutrient-rich additions to your diet such as teff, amaranth and millet, which are often sidelined by the usual rice, quinoa and buckwheat. 2016 is the year of grain variety!

Tonics and Elixers

We’ll be drinking herbal tonics and elixirs more than ever! Ayurveda, herbalism, and naturopathy will increase their influence on mainstream products such as iced teas, juices and smoothies, and we’ll be turning more to shots of herbal tonics instead of taking pills for our health concerns.

All things fermented

2016 is all about the gut. Fermented foods and beverages and a focus on gut health will continue to trend upwards as more and more people continue to discover the importance of a healthy gut for their overall health and wellbeing. It’s such a hot topic in the health and wellness world, and researchers are continually coming out with new studies highlighting just how foundational our gut and microbiome are to our immediate health, and the prevention of chronic diseases and other conditions such as food intolerances and our mental health.

GMO labelling

With the rise of GMO use and the demand for clear labelling, GMO foods will have tighter labelling laws or even be banned across more countries.

Coffee with benefits

Coffee won’t be such a “treat” as healthier coffees are created. Cold pressed, mycotoxin free, bulletproof versions, the use of plant-based milk, and healthier processing methods will be used, turning the average cup of joe into an occasional health drink with benefits!

Drink our vitamins

We’re going to continue to drink our vitamins. Anything from smoothies, superfood powders, smoothie bowls, elixirs, ready to mix blends of vitamin-rich whole foods, as well as readily accessible cold pressed juices and smoothies will be hitting our shelves right alongside Coca-Cola and Sprite for sure!

DNA testing

DNA testing will become mainstream, and combined with gut microbiome and allergy tests, will give individuals the best possible predictive information and prescriptive wellness plans we’ve ever seen in the history of humanity.

Join the Conversation below and tell us what you predict will be hot in health this year!

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