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To celebrate Pressed Juicery’s brand new oat milks, we’re joining a few wellness pros we love at home and asking them how they use the plant-based milk du jour. Pressed’s oat milks come in plain, vanilla, pumpkin and matcha for the ultimate planty bev packed with protein, fiber and no added gums or stabilizers.

Integrative nutritionist Jennie Miremadi keeps up with a morning routine we’re inspired by. From her rose and oat milk latte (grab the recipe!) to intention setting with her partner, Human Design expert Ahram Arya, peruse this pro’s AM musings and find some inspiration… 

My alarm is set for: 7am, but I usually wake up before my alarm goes off.

I can’t start my morning without: My old school hot rollers! I love them because it only takes me two minutes to put them in and another two minutes to take them out and then my hair is done!

jennie miremadi

Breakfast is usually: Right now, I’m alternating between (a) an eggs and greens bowl with brown rice and homemade vegan pesto, (b) steel cut oats and (c) a breakfast smoothie. Sometimes, on the weekends for a breakfast treat, I make my cassava flour crepes and we eat them with vanilla ghee, maple syrup and a little bit of fleur de sel sprinkled on top.

Favorite morning beverage is: My Honey Rose Chai Latte (recipe below) with Pressed Juicery’s new Oat Milk!

Daily uniform this fall: Knee-high boots with a cute dress or skirt.

My favorite moment in the morning is: Right after waking up, my fiancé, Ahram Arya, and I have a spiritual practice where we sit together, say our prayers and intentions for the day and connect with what we are grateful for and what we are trying to manifest. Starting the day from this place of love, gratitude and inspiration is pure magic.

pressed juicery oat milk latte

On the best mornings I: Go to hot yoga.

I start working by: Ideally, making a list of all the tasks I want to accomplish for the day. Sometimes, I have to stop myself from checking social media first, because, when I do, I find that an hour passes and I don’t know where the time went!

Morning are normally filled with: Laughter.

I get my creative juices flowing by: Being anywhere in nature, particularly when I’m totally unplugged and away from my phone and computer.

Healthiest daily habit: I love vegetables. I eat so many vegetables every day!

Currently I’m most obsessed with: Rent the Runway Unlimited, the helium voice on the Marco Polo video messaging app, and persimmons.

I’m usually listening to: My Spotify playlist with Yaima, Peia, Nessi Gomes and lots of other amazing artists whose songs light me up and instantly raise my vibe.

My favorite morning distraction: Reading The Chalkboard Mag!

Always thinking about lunch at: Malibu Farm. I love their brunch too.

My current mantra: Thank you for all I have received. I am so grateful and I’m ready for more!

The recipe I’m making: Honey Rose Chai Latte! See recipe below.

Honey Rose Chai Latte
Serves 1


Heat oat milk, essence of rose petals and honey over medium-low heat until mixture is hot and boiling. Turn off heat, immediately place chai tea bag in oat milk mixture, cover and let steep for about 6 minutes.

Lift tea bag out of oat milk mixture and squeeze all of the liquid that is in the tea bag into the oat milk mixture. Discard tea bag.
Pour latte into a cup, serve and enjoy!

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