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scrolling Instagram  these days has turned into a far more meaningful endeavor. As we aim our course for 2020, we find ourselves unfollowing many of the “influencers” that once inspired us on some level and finding more and more accounts that provoke thought and inspiration on a whole other level.

This collection of poems comes from one of those new follows and an old friend of TCM, Marissa Banks. Marissa is a writer with the Instagram account poems_by_m_banks and shares the kind of wise, simple and wonderful reminders we’re looking to fuel ourselves with daily. Her poems are a breath of fresh air in our feeds, almost like meditations themselves.

Take a beat, grab a cup of tea, and mull over this curation of some of Marissa’s own favorite selections just in time for the eve of a new decade…

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  1. Thank you for an island of calm in a busy busy sea.
    Helps me to reset my attitude to the New Year a week away.
    Anybody need a hug?? Here ya go!

    Aunty Alisa | 12.23.2019 | Reply
  2. Thank you for such hopeful and calming words.

    Nancy L Keith | 12.24.2019 | Reply

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