Our Top 5 Picks From Oprah’s Favorite Things This Year

Did you know that Oprah’s Favorite Things, the giant gift guide that was once the ultimate television gold, is still a thing? We were happy to stumble upon the queen of gifting’s ultimate holiday wish list on Amazon this week and are highlighting are top TCM-approved picks below!

Turns out Oprah’s Favorite Things is celebrating it’s twenty year anniversary and, while the digital version doesn’t come with any of Oprah’s live verbal antics, it is a very shoppable, useful, “aha”-fueled way to shop.

From this crazy-cozy slipper to a ginormous box of fresh Maine blueberries (yes, really), enjoy our favorite finds below…

Five Lbs of Wild Organic Blueberries | This is the kind of purchase Oprah’s list is so good for. Would we buy pounds of wild berries for ourselves? Never. Would we love for someone else to buy this giant stash for us? Absolutely. Throw it on your wishlist and start bookmarking those berry recipes immediately. CHECK OUT
Emu Slippers in Mustard | This season, these wild looking slippers could definitely pass as streetwear. We couldn’t resist this marigold color or all that fluff. Impossible not to have a happy holidays with these cozy slippers.  CHECK OUT
The Sleep Shirt in Oxford Blue | Chic to bed, chic to rise. How can something so essential feel so…extra? We love this very Oprah sleepwear pick. CHECK OUT
Patchwork Memory Bear | Gather precious pieces from a loved one far away or no longer with us and build a gift that’ll last a lifetime. We love this cuddle-worthy gift idea to commemorate and keep close those we love when they’re no longer near. CHECK OUT

Joya’s Restaurant-Scented Candle Set |

Each of these candles from Joya is scented to smell like one of four epic restaurants; The French Laundry, Ad Hoc, Per Se and Bouchon. Four friends? This natural four candle set will help you shop in bulk. CHECK OUT

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