So You’ve committed to a cleaner diet this year — join the club — but where do you actually begin?

Sometimes all it takes is one big push to get you revved up and rolling on your own. This deprivation-free, one-day post-holiday detox from Cassandra Bodzak, author of Eat With Intention, will kick your mind and body into transformation-mode – and it’s easier than you think…

This is not your standard detox: It’s a one-day refresh button to help tune you back into your body and shift from some less-than-spectacular holiday season habits, back into a more nourishing routine. All of the recipes in my book, Eat with Intention, come with both a mantra and meditation, because I truly believe that it’s not just about what your eating, it’s how you are eating, how you are listening to your body and how you are taking care of yourself in other areas of your wellbeing.

Set Your Intention. So let’s start off by setting a loving intention for your one-day detox. Maybe it’s to give your body some genuine nourishment for all the stress, sugar and alcohol it has processed the last couple weeks, maybe the intention is to feel rebalanced or rejuvenated, or perhaps it’s as simple wiping the slate clean so you can powerfully step into your healthiest choices once again. It’s yours to personally create based on what resonates with you. My expert advice is just to make sure whatever you decide on feels like a big ol’ hug and a smile sweeps across your face when you say it out loud.

Write Out Your Goal. If you are doing your one-day detox on a weekend or a day when you don’t have to work, I highly suggest making it a full-out ‘me’ day. Journal in the morning about your intention, write about how amazing your body is going to feel as if it’s already happened and, hey, while your at it, maybe even write about how 2018 is going to go for you, like you are the author of your entire year! Schedule in time to meditate – you can use one of mine from the book or this inner rockstar visualization is a crowd pleaser for channeling your most epic you or just amp up your current practice for a day. Make this day all about loving on you.

Start With Lemon Water. I highly suggest starting your day with a nice cup of hot water with some sliced lemon to rev up your digestive fire and get your body detoxing first thing. Let this hot water with lemon be your ‘go-to’ through out the day, especially if you start wanting a snack.

Radiance Juice Recipe + A Heart Meditation Remember that a lot of your cravings right now are simply because of the sugar and processed foods you may have had a little too much fun with this holiday season — they’re literally like crack and your beautiful bod is just going through withdrawals, so be gentle with it! Have my homemade Radiance Juice recipe mid-morning when you feel ready, after your water with lemongrab the recipe

Grounding Salad Recipe + Down To Earth Meditation My ‘Grounding Salad’ is the perfect wintertime salad. Root vegetables ground us and connect us back with the earth; they help us literally feel ‘rooted,’ which is the opposite of anxious, stressed or flighty. Adding them to a salad tons of greens will help balance out your energy while giving your body some delicious sustenance to replenish with…grab the recipe

Cauliflower Apple Soup + A Negativity Meditation Lastly, the evening will end with one of my favorite soups, my cauliflower-apple soup, which is a hearty and crave-worthy classic. A soup is the perfect light dinner when it’s made with loads of veggies, because it’s easy for you to digest at the end of the night, but it’s heavy enough for you to feel grounded and satiated before you go to bed…grab the recipe

Tea Tonics +A Lavender BatH. To cap off the night, I recommend an herbal tea that you love after dinner. My obsession is Tulsi Holy Basil Sweet Rose tea – it literally says ‘stress relieving and magical’ on the front of the box, so I was easily sold and now drink it on the regular. Bonus points if you take some time to journal before bed or run yourself a nice lavender epsom-salt bath!

There you have it, a deprivation free, totally delicious one-day detox for rebalancing post-holidays. And yes, you can totally rinse and repeat this same menu for a few days if you want to take it a little longer. You are also welcome to grab my 7 Day Mind Body Soul Reboot for free if you want to take it to a whole new level. Listen to your body, start here, pick a super juicy intention and lovingly reboot your earth suit!

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