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Hard to believe, but in just one week, we’ll be gathering around the Christmas tree to give and receive the gifts of the season! As we ramp up for December 25, we’re asking a few of our favorite wellness warriors to share what they’ve giving (and hoping to get!) this year. We’ve got the perfect wishlists from a style pro who knows how to ‘make it work,’ a pioneer in the world of all things natural, and a slew of other healthy living heroes we love and admire – including the go-to man for fitness and plant-based nutrition, Brendan Brazier!

Brendan is a former professional Ironman triathlete and a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion. Not only that, he’s the creator of one of our favorite nutritional product lines, Vega, and is a best-selling author to boot! His book, Thrive, sparked a food revolution so strong it propelled Brendan to start Thrive Foods Direct, a plant-based, whole foods deliver service based on the nutritional philosophies outlines in his book. Throughout each of his products and projects, Brendan aims to help the world become a more ethical, environmentally-friendly, and health promoting place through the power of plant-based foods.  And we thought we were busy…

We’ve looked to our fave fit men for quick toning tips, devilish runs, and fitness at any age. Now we’ve gotta ask: what does one of the healthiest men in the country want to see under the tree this year? Turns out, he’s all about the simple, healthful pleasures of the season: warm socks, superfood snacks, and gifts that give back…

Go-to gift for the home:

Unusual wellness gift you love:

A box of snacks from The Feed.

For the fitness-lover:

In my stocking I hope to find...

A prefab house from LivingHomes.

Books that make great gifts:

The gift I'm giving everyone:

Perfect gift for techies:

On my list every year:

Socks. Vega Unisex Ankle Socks.

Best gift for pals who travel:

Meals from Thrive Foods Direct (can be delivered to a hotel room).

Gift you’re tempted to buy for yourself:

Perfect gift under $50:

Fitnesswear you’re loving right now:

The Cochise Jog Shoe by MOVMT in navy hemp.

It's not the holidays without:

A Kanan Road road bike by Franco Bicycles.

Charitable gift you love:

From our friends

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