Potted Plant Cocktail recipe

When food writer and cookbook author, Kat Odell, points us in the direction of an interesting new cocktail — even if that bev happens to look like it belongs in a backyard — we perk up. This strangely adorable potted plant cocktail complete with chocolate-covered almond “dirt” can be ordered inside Arlo Hotel’s Soho pop-up.

On Arlo Soho’s rooftop visitors can book one of their Tiny Jungles Greenhouses, complete with draped greenery, string lighting and a garden-inspired menu. This playful cocktail recipe has us excited to a summer full of al fresco dining. Make it for bridal showers, birthdays or on a whim to spice up a boring summer Sunday…

What I Drank:
Potted Plant cocktail

Why I Drank It: I love cocktails with playful vessels, and Soho-based hotel Arlo recently unveiled a new garden pop-up called Arlo Blooms that’s serving this perfectly positioned garden cocktail built from an uplifting blend of cold brew, cold brew liqueur, Cynar (an Italian bitter made from macerated artichokes and herbs), rosemary syrup and cucumber-imbued Hendricks gin.arlo hotel soho

Why You Need It: I love cocktails that are not too sweet and serve more of a purpose than simply getting you sloshed. In this case, the cold brew plus the Cynar serve as bitter agents that help tame any sweetness in the drink, while the caffeine in the coffee keep you alert. And then, obviously, this cocktail is totally adorable and perfect for spring — it’s even topped with edible dirt!

The Potted Plant Cocktail
Makes 1 drink 


1 oz Mr. Black Cold Brew Liqueur
.5 oz freshly brewed espresso
.5 oz Cynar
.25 oz Rosemary syrup
1 oz Hendricks Gin


Add ingredients to a tin and shake. Pour into a small plastic bag with ice and close the bag with a straw coming out of the top. Cover the bag with “dirt” (a nut and chocolate ground mixture*). Once mix covers the bag in the pot, add rosemary sprigs (to look like they are growing) and edible flowers on the dirt.

* Chocolate-covered almonds and regular salted almonds half-and-half and pulsed for 30 seconds.

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