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Non-alcoholic rosé? But, why, we wondered. Then we sipped on a dry glass of rose-colored, alcohol-free bubbles from Surely — and found out it contained only 30 calories.

Before trying Surely, we hadn’t given non-alcoholic wines much thought. But having a non-alcoholic sparkling white or rosé on hand is starting to make more sense than ever.

Surely is actually ‘dealcoholized’ wine sourced from the finest winemakers in Northern California. It tastes like great wine, is low in sugar — and, again, contains only 30 calories a glass!

6 Occasions In Which You May Wish You Had
Surely Sparkling Rosé On Hand…

01 | You already drank a bottle of rosé. The most obvious reason to enjoy a bottle of Surely is that you’ve already had a bottle of the ‘real stuff’. We’re impressed with Surely’s low-calorie, wine snob-approved sparkling white and rose to reduce our clan’s overall bottle count during celebratory gatherings. If you and a girlfriend or spouse enjoy a frequent bottle of wine together, Surely is a great way to pull back on the alcohol while still enjoying the fun of a beautiful glass of bubbles.

02. |  Your guest isn’t drinking Hosting a last minute get together? Imagine realizing that some of your guests aren’t drinking and having nothing to offer them. Yes, of course, a glass of water will do, but keeping a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling stocked with the rest of your minibar stash could be a (very stylish) life-saver.

03 | Healthier Pool Days Say you are enjoying a pool day, but have big dinner plans later and don’t want to fade before the sun goes down. A non-alcoholic sparkling wine like Surely will keep you and your crew in a festive mood without over-indulging and needing to cut your evening short.

04. | You’re pregnant…but haven’t let everyone know yet. Go incognito — and avoid any annoying questions — by bringing a bottle of Surely to your next dinner or BBQ. Not only will you avoid the speculation, you’ll enjoy a delicious, low-calorie bottle of bubbles too!

05. | You’re still sweaty from a good workout. More than a few times, we’ve gone off to dinner with friends or cozied up to dinner at home with loved ones having just worked out. While a glass of wine is tempting, the truth is, we’re usually not ready for all that alcohol and sugar to hit our freshly-worked bodies! Use a sparkling bottle of Surely as a fun way to keep those cozy vibes alive, while still protecting that hard-earned glow.

Try Surely on us for 20% off! We’re excited to hear what our TCM audience thinks of Surely! Shop the non-alcoholic Sparkling White or Sparkling Rosé through our exclusive offer and get free shipping too!

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