This cocktail defines New Year’s Eve: we’re thinking about juice, but still drinking champagne. Mixologist Vincent Anter of FIG Restaurant at the Fairmont Miramar here in Santa Monica helped us strike the perfect balance with this juice cocktail. On one hand, there’s Pressed Juicery’s fresh pomegranate persimmon juice, on the other, prosecco and aperol. It’s our New Year’s Eve state of mind in a glass.  Here’s Vincent with deets on concocting this delicious drink…

After experimenting with many spirits, I found this delicate-tasting juice was too easily masked by strong spirits. I opted for a sparkling wine cocktail. It’s kind of a combination of a mimosa and an aperol spritz. The aperol accentuates the bitterness and red fruit found in the juice, while the prosecco has a bit of residual sugar to balance, and of course, bubbles for texture. Mint adds to the freshness (and happens to work really well with both apple and pomegranate) and the bitters gives some color and gives an herbal bitterness as well.

Pressed Juicery’s Pomegranate Spritz Cocktail


2oz Pressed Juicery Pomegranate Persimmon Juice
cap-full aperol
4oz prosecco
2-3 dash peychaud’s bitters
2-4 mint leaves
orange peel


Put juice and aperol in wine glass. Slap mint (to release aromas) and drop in glass. Add ice. Float prosecco. Top with bitters and orange peel.

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