Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Here’s the thing about great gifts — they don’t always seem as genius as they are at first glance. Sure, flowers, diamonds and chocolates have instant impact (candles too), but some of the best gifts we’ve ever been given have taken time to sink in and give us a delayed thrill.

Case in point? Dyson’s hairdryer, W&P’s ceramic travel bowl and Countertop’s golden breakfast spices. None of these gift ideas (perfect for Mother’s Day on May 12) packs a punch as they’re unwrapped over brunch, but — trust us — they are the kinds of gift you get calls about months later.

Great gifts are the ones you didn’t know you couldn’t live without til you receive them and most of the items in this month’s The Shop qualify.

You might balk at the idea of gifting a hair dryer, but, like all things from the tech nerds at Dyson, this one is life-changing. Countertop’s Ayurvedic-inspired ghee and spice blends will change your mom’s mornings for the better every single day. Trust us when we say she’ll reorder the stuff when she runs out. The spices also make a great gift set for a new mom who could use a few quick and easy wellness tools in the kitchen.

Other great gifts for new moms include Nurture by birthing phenom, Erica Chidi Cohen, the stunning scents from Ellis Brooklyn that’ll let mama detox her beauty routine for safety and still smell amazing. We also included one perfect pair of actual mom jeans here, because, well, if the shoe fits…

For moms that have seen it all, why not gift a somewhat trendy straw bag or hat. Timeless, yet modern. Jill Dempsey’s vibrating gold facial tool is also likely to be a hit. The absolutely beautiful kitchen goods and classic cookbooks are no-fail gifts. The cozy ceramic coffee travel mug and jade roller for the body will delight any mother in step with all things 2019.

Enjoy our very giftable curation of Mother’s Day gift ideas and let us know what you end up loving most!

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