Are delivery-only restaurants about to become more of a thing? You can bet on it. With the explosion of food delivery apps over the last few years, things were already trending this way, however, with the disruption caused by Covid-19, creative delivery-only models are likely to become more and more popular.

Enter Skinny Fish LA.who just opened last week and hooked us on our very first order…

Headed by Chef Ei Hiroyoshi, former head sushi chef at Sasabune (one of LA’s original omakase-style restaurants), Skinny Fish is sure to become an instant hit with Angelenos and here’s why: Chef Hiroyoshi has mastered sushi-style cauliflower ‘rice’.

What We Ate: We ordered the Salmon Sashimi Bowl filled with sashimi, traditional sushi veggies like cucumber, edamame and seaweed over cauliflower sushi rice and greens. We also ordered sushi rolls which were small, but incredibly impressive. Chef Hiroyoshi hand makes his sushi ‘rice’ and it makes all the difference. According to Skinny Fish LA, they have spent a long time perfecting the cauli rice — from how it is cut, how much it’s boiled, and when and how much vinegar is added.

Why We Ate It: This is the kind of delivery dish we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that wellness lovers across the city will be ordering daily. The bowls are clean, keto-friendly and perfect for in-office delivery (should we ever returns to our desks!).

Why you need: We’re all for more restaurants innovating low-touch ways of doing business right now. While we’re interested in the delivery-only restaurant trend, the true story here is the rice-free, keto-friendly cauliflower sushi rice. Skinny Fish LA’s bowl are what all our healthy delivery dreams are made of.

If you’re in New York, Bondi Sushi also make cauliflower rice offerings. According to their site, Bondi is still delivering during this time. 

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