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You can throw
on an extension here and a sheet mask there, but the prettiest people we know approach beauty from the inside out. Good nutrition pays off in the prettiest ways.

No matter how balanced your diet is, the right high-quality supplements can be a critical aid in helping you feel – and look – your very best. While there is no one miracle pill that solves every beauty woe, there are absolutely supplements that can help you seriously glow up.

But we get it, the hunt for the right vitamins can be overwhelming – trying to find which ones you uniquely need to achieve real results can be confusing, expensive and time-consuming with a lot of trial and error. Read on for our list of smart beauty supplements which are all sustainably sourced, with ingredients that are clinically-proven, non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, artificial colors, and preservatives. Or, to determine exactly what you need based on your diet,lifestyle, and what you’re already taking take this quick quiz from HUM.

HUM Nutrition’s all-natural line of supplements, powders and gummies take the  guesswork out of finding the perfect match. Complete an online evaluation and you’ll get personalized recommendations along with a holistic wellness plan courtesy of their team of registered dietitians. Basically, a foolproof plan of exactly what you need to achieve results and protect against future concerns.

HUM Nutrition is offering readers an exclusive offer so you can give a few formulas a try for yourself! If you’re new to the supplements game, we suggest starting with Daily Cleanse, Gut Instinct, and Raw Beauty…

The Smart Girl’s Guide To Beauty Supplements

Daily Cleanse | This unique formula helps clear toxins from our skin and body. A blend that includes spirulina, ALA, chlorella, red clover, beetroot and grape root works to improve skin clarity and minimizes breakouts. Taking two capsules of this powerful blend a great place to start for those new to beauty supplements! Check Out

Uber Energy | This is our adrenal’s dream come true, formulated to support natural energy and reduce fatigue, increase productivity, and help maintain a state of calm in stressful situations. The blend includes adaptogens, L-Tyrosine, and vitmains B5 + B6. If you suspect stress to be at the root of looking and feeling blah, start with this daily pill. Check Out

hum nutrition

Collagen Love | These pills support the skin’s elasticity and firmness. The power ingredients are collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol – three of the hottest ingredients in skincare right now. Check Out

Gut Instinct Probiotic | This high potency 10 strain probiotic contains 25 billion organisms to help boost gut health, immunity and fortifies skin against aging and breakouts. A daily probiotic is one of the most key health habits you can make daily. A great building block of any supplement routine. Check Out

Red Carpet | This best-selling beauty supplement helps hydrate from the inside out to combat dry, dull skin, cuticles and hair. The vegan formula offers omegas from black currant and sunflower seed oils. Looking to counter bad habits that dehydrate like coffee and wine? This supplement is a perfect addition to your beauty routine. Check Out

Glow Sweet Glow | These vegan gummies are made for getting you that gorgeous glowy skin you crave thanks to low molecular hyaluronic acid, amla fruit, and plenty of antioxidants. If it’s tough for you to stick to a supplement routine, stash these in your desk or day bag and just try to resist taking them daily! Check Out

hum nutrition gummies

Flatter Me | This anti-bloating digestive enzyme and herb blend naturally relieves indigestion and uncomfortable bloating for a flatter stomach and better feels all over. No one looks or feels great when struggling with daily digestion issues. Check Out

Hair Sweet Hair Growth Gummies | These vegan gummies featuring Fo-Ti, PABA, and biotin help boost hair’s health, fullness and shine. Focused on getting luscious locks? This gummy is for you. Check Out

Raw Beauty Superfood Powders | Scoop this tasty powder into your morning smoothie to help boost energy and metabolism, and bring a bit of extra radiance to your skin. It contains a potent blend of, count ’em, 39 superfoods, adaptogens, enzymes, pre and probiotics, fiber and antioxidants. A daily beauty smoothie just become your best new resolution for 2019! Check Out

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try HUM Nutrition gummies but didn’t know where to start. Now I think I’ll try Daily Cleanse and Uber Energy. (Breakouts and stress are my 2 biggies at the moment.) Thanks for the post!

    Blythe | 01.08.2019 | Reply
    • Hi Blythe, we LOVE Daily Cleanse. So smart!

      The Chalkboard | 01.09.2019 | Reply
  2. How do I know if I am taking too many supplements?

    Meg Hock | 01.15.2019 | Reply
    • Hi Meg, “too many” isn’t usually an issue. Are you concerned about too much of a particular supplement itself?

      The Chalkboard | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  3. This is an important reminder that adaptogens and nervines need to be rotated as a matter of course. Skin and hair issues are often more than cosmetic, reflect a need to be more in sync with our personal routine as well as the current seasonal conditions.

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