We know the variety of vegan milks out there is (deliciously) overwhelming, but have you tried hemp milk yet? This gorgeous, nutrient-dense strawberry milk is one you’ve go to try.

Next to almond milk, hemp milk is our favorite vegan milk for its rich nutty flavor and incredible health benefits that include omega-3 fatty acids, protein, essential amino acids, calcium, vitamin A and magnesium.

We asked plant-based private chef Mikaela Reuben to share this honey sweet, protein-rich recipe with us after tearing ourselves away from this stunning photograph. Here’s how to whip it up…

Strawberry Hemp Milk with Honey
Serves 1


1/4 cup hemp hearts
1 cup water
10 strawberries, rinsed and cut in half
1/2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp sea salt
1/2 Tbsp Udo’s Oil – optional
fresh turmeric and ginger – optional


Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend well!

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  1. This might be addressed already, but haven’t found it yet… Do you have a healthy eat-out guide for chain restaurants?

    Jane | 01.16.2018 | Reply
  2. Hemp hearts? I am unfamiliar.
    I looked them up and saw they are actually seeds.
    Did you use fresh fruit or seeds? Quite curious!

    Julie | 01.18.2018 | Reply
  3. YUM it’s good. I did it in my mini chopper water leaked hehe and maybe it would not have grit if i had a blender. However YUM it’s good and i put it in a pink glass, is not so appetizing in appearance otherwise!

    elisa | 01.20.2018 | Reply

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