On any given day, our desks are a sea of healthy drinks. From mineral water for hydration to green juice for life, we love to drink our supplements. Bevs like smoothies and juices are easy to digest and absorb and can keep bored-snacking at bay.

Swedish dietitian and best-selling author, Anna Ottosson, is widely regarded as Sweden’s Smoothie queen. Her new book Healthy Drinks is devoted to the topic of bevs and their benefits. From gut health to non-caffeinated ways to energize, here’s her short list of healing beverages for a variety of needs and conditions. Find one to try and work into your daily routine…

Broths + Stronger Skin. Broths left to simmer slowly until they are reduced into a high-octane healthy drink offer a concentration of nutrients, including collagen. According to ancient Asian wisdom, new-born mums receive home-cooked broth for recovering faster.

Beet Juice + Lower Blood pressure. New nutrition research shows that, for example, drinking two glasses of red beet juice can decrease your blood pressure by the same amount as blood-pressure medicine, without the side effects of drugs.

Turmeric Shots + Immunity. Turmeric health shots are anti-inflammatory. Press fresh organic turmeric in your slow juicer and throw it back for an immune boost!

Kombucha + Gut Health. Fermented tea like kombucha has lots of good bacteria for you and your gut! Eighty percent of your immune system is in your gut. Empower it!

Green smoothies + Energy. Pump up the volume of your radiant, vibrant energy with a green smoothie. The easiest way to enjoy your greens and to improve your health is with green smoothies. Run Forrest, run! Fresh baby spinach leaves are packed with nitrates and will optimally oxygenate the blood. It’s like taking a deep yoga breath. Eating spinach daily will help you run better, whether in the office or on the trail.

Which healthy drinks are your go-tos? Share in the comments below, and peek at a few of our faves here.

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Foodpower Smoothie


2 1/2 oz baby spinach (1 bag)
1 avocado
juice of one lime
3/4- to 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled
1 banana
1 handful of frozen mango
splash of orange juice
water, to desired consistency


Blend everything to a smooth consistency and a light-green color.

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