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We know, we know, you love a pumpkin spice latte. Heck, its October – bring on all the trite fall excitement, from NYFW to apple cider candles. We get it; we’re into it. But, honestly, squash lattes have nothing on the timeless classic – the true drink of the season – chai tea.

Chai is a traditional blend of black tea and powerful herbs and spices known to heal the body and soothe the mind. It’s been used for centuries to fight inflammation, improve digestion and boost immunity – all things our bodies need this time of year. That chai flavor is distinct, but also incredibly adaptable, so sipping on it isn’t the only way to benefit (lots more on that below!).

If you simply can’t resist those homemade pumpkin pie vibes, go for it with this pumpkin smoothie. For the chai converts ready to switch things up, we’ve got you fully covered with tea, toast and a model-status smoothie bowl…

DIY Spiced Chai Latte from Huckleberry | Baker extraordinaire, Zoe Nathan, certainly knows the value of a good cup of hot tea to match her drool-worthy cafe creations. Her from-scratch chai latte recipe, made with Pressed Juicery almond milk, is our go-to: We’ll whip up this warm Autumn treat for the coziest morning ever, and always keep a batch of the chai spice on hand to infuse like, everything, with fall flavor.


Chocolate Chai Tea | With this exotic blend of spices from around the world, a decadent chai hot chocolate recipe using high vibing cacao and seasonal chai spices. We could honestly just climb right into a cup of this.


Chai Spiced Coconut Smoothie Bowl | We’re taking our rainbow smoothie bowl obsession right on into the cooler seasons. This chai-spiced version is delicious, grounding and deeply nourishing – not to mention completely gorgeous! Hit up the local farmers market and pile those fall fruits up high for an epic-ly seasonal way to start the day.


Chai Spiced Toast with Apple Butter + Ricotta | This recipe merges two of our favorite obsessions: chai spice and our beloved layered toast (and we don’t even miss the avocado). With a combination of creamy ricotta and autumn-y apple butter, we’ll definitely be craving this simple recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert all season long…


Spiced Oatmeal Smoothie | This oatmeal-based breakfast smoothie is sure to tide you over until lunchtime, if not well after. On the spice front, cinnamon and nutmeg – two key flavors in chai – warm us up and even provide some anti-inflammatory benefits.


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