You can make to-do lists and stack up your schedule, but if you really want to make a change in your life the power of intention plays a critical role. Setting an intention can be as simple as keeping a journal or surrounding yourself with elements that will subtly and beautifully remind you to focus throughout the year.

If you need to develop better personal boundaries in your relationships, make protection your intention and remind yourself to aim for that as a goal. If you fixate on or are fearful about money, make abundance your intention. After that, it’s about letting your choices and actions reflect your intention. Here are a few ways to make it happen:

How To Bring Your Intentions To Life

design It | Create a wall-hanging, inspiration board or abstract art for your blank hallway — whatever creative endeavor it is, pull from your passions and enjoy the process. Use the visual you make to remind yourself of your set intentions. And to up the fun factor, grab a girlfriend and create something beautiful together!

Tell A Confidant | Tell a close friend, work buddy or business mentor about your focus for the year. Accountability can make all the difference between setting an intention and actually bringing it to life. Give her permission to keep you accountable for your behavior. Make a coffee date, explain your goals and big picture ideas about your intentions. Then share actionable ideas that will get you there — and what may stand in your way. Also, ask for advice and listen well.

Wear It | Gift yourself a wearable reminder you’ll see every day to focus yourself on your intention. As you glance down at your wrist or see the reflection in the mirror of the piece on your neck, you’ll have an undeniable reminder of what you’ve promised to yourself — and only you will know about it.

Gorjana’s new Power Gemstone collection is the ideal way to wear your intentions on your sleeve, so to speak. It’s the delicate look of the jewelry and powerful meaning behind each piece that makes us want to stack them up. The line is inspired by the founder’s crystal obsession, which we learned all about when we interviewed her a few months back!

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 7 Power Gemstones For Setting Intentions

Here are the seven power gemstones and their meanings. Choose the stone and intention you’re instinctively drawn to. Discover even more meaning behind your Power Gemstone jewelry here and enter to win below by telling us which intention speaks to you for 2019.

Black Onyx for PROTECTION | Black onyx is considered a store of self-mastery. It has a powerful energy that stimulates all of the senses so you stay alert, grounded and focused, thus enabling a strong field of protection. Learn More

Pyrite for STRENGTH | Pyrite is considered the stone of fire, as it can be used to ignite a spark. It draws energy from the earth and acts as a shield, filling you with a renewed sense of strength.  Learn More

Labradorite for BALANCE | Labradorite brings forth a higher awareness of yourself and those around you, adding a magical sense of balance to your life.  Learn More

Rose Quartz for LOVE | Rose quartz is known as a stone of the heart and unconditional love. It offers gentle, compassionate energy and brings with it nourishing comfort and peace.  Learn More

Lapis for WISDOM | Lapis is known as a stone of wisdom. It supports mental clarity and openness guiding you to a deep inner knowing.  Learn More

Howlite for CALMING | Howlite is a soothing stone. It has tranquil and inspirational energy that allows you to experience an increased sense of calm.  Learn More

Garnet for ENERGY | Garnet is considered a stone of passion and vitality. It offers regenerative and purifying qualities to your life, carrying it with a vigor that ignites your personal energy.  Learn Moregorjana power gemstones

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This post is brought to you by Gorjana.

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  1. Pyrite, labrodite, and rose quartz! What stunning jewelry. Thank you for sharing!

    Kylee Haagenson | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  2. Labrodite is just beautiful, and balance is always a good thing.

    Ashley | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  3. garnet labrodite and rose quartz. I have been spending the first half of the pushing back on stress and creating space in my life for MYSELF

    Jess | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  4. I choose howlite for calming. Lately, I’ve been stressing out about my grandpa’s health and not being able to be there for him and my family. It is my last year of college and I want to make it a good one, so with this gemstone I think I will be able to stay focused on the important stuff and trust the universe that everything is going to be okay.

    Mercedes | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  5. Lapis for wisdom! Intuition is key in my life.

    Kimberly Delgadillo | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  6. I need the calming qualities of Howlite to center me when I am overwhelmed. I am learning how to breathe in stressful times instead of binge on food or use alternative medications and I am so proud of the progress I’ve made. A pretty gemstone would be a great reminder. I would pair it with Labradorite to balance myself and remind me to think rationally. Finally Rose Quartz for Love. Self Love to be specific. With Self Love comes self respect and dignity, I want to one day be able to say to myself in moments of weakness “I love you too much” so I don’t do something I would later be ashamed of.

    Brittaini Roberson | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  7. I am most drawn to pyrite. Recently, life has thrown some less than easy things to deal with, death being one of them. The sense of strength that pyrite gives off is something that I could really use right now.

    Taylor | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  8. I end up being drawn to Rose Quartz for Love the most! I find it calming and that it provides the love back that I often forget to give myself. I have a beautiful piece of it which on some days i’ll just hold in my hand and love feeling it warm up while it it shares all it’s great powers with me!

    Dominique | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  9. I’m the most drawn to the lapis stone. Coming from an Asian-American family, it’s pretty normal for me to worry about academic success all the time. As I grew up, though, I found that I push myself so much harder than my parents ever did when I was a kid. Success and making new goals are huge priorities in my life, as I’ll be applying to college very soon. I’ve worn a lapis stone before to many debate tournaments (I do debate competitively for my school), and something about that consistency is very comforting. Being able to manifest the gaining of knowledge through the lapis stone is a huge part of my past and, hopefully, my future!

    Brianna | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  10. Lapis, Rose Quartz and Pyrite. I am in a self journey to discover my true self and need all three Love Wisdkm and Strengh.

    Kate | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  11. Howlite speaks to me this year. (Aphrodite is a close second!) I am stepping away from the fires of everything that no longer serves me. I tend to take on too much, and never want to say “no” to anyone. This year I resolve to *calm down* and listen to my hearts true desires. I want to rebuild a life abundant in the things I truly love. To slow down enough to notice the birds fly, the first peek of Spring’s crocus’ pop through and my daughter delight in every new wonder. This year I want to live colorfully and fully.

    Judie | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  12. Howlite speaks to me this year. (Labrodite is a close second!) I am stepping away from the fires of everything that no longer serves me. I tend to take on too much, and never want to say “no” to anyone. This year I resolve to *calm down* and listen to my hearts true desires. I want to rebuild a life abundant in the things I truly love. To slow down enough to notice the birds fly, the first peek of Spring’s crocus’ pop through and my daughter delight in every new wonder. This year I want to live colorfully and fully.

    Judie | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  13. Garnet for Energy is calling my name. In 4 weeks my new business, a juice bar is opening its doors and in 7 weeks baby number two is due – any extra reminder to make energy a priority will be crucial.

    Kelsey | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  14. I’m drawn to the black onyx for protection the most at the moment. I’ve had some pretty negative energy come my way and I feel it would help to ward them off.

    Diana | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  15. I love these!!!! I’ve been looking for this exact thing but a stylish / simple version which is hard to find, so congrats you nailed it!!! Definitely love the Garnet as I’m looking for immense change this year in starting to following my passion for work so this would be perfect!!

    Trish | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  16. I’m most interested in garnet and lapis. Garnet because entering this new semester I want to try to reignite my passion for learning and create a new energy around myself. Lapis because I hope to have the wisdom necessary in various situations I encounter this year and have the clarity needed.

    Mauri | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  17. I am drawn to the pyrite stone. I have experienced anxiety and stress in my life in all different kinds of scenarios. I have worried about people liking me and how to act in order for people to value me. However, over time, I have learned to disregard many of my worries, aiming to have confidence in myself and pursue my own goals. Pyrite will help provide me with the strength I need to continue having confidence in myself in stressful situations. In addition, I have struggled with ability to believe in myself when completing tough work assignments. Stength gives me the ability to believe in myself and to have confidence in myself. I believe that the pyrite stone would help spark my sense of strength and therefore enhance my life, lowering my anxiety and stress and enabling me to believe in myself when I am faced with difficult situations.

    alexis | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  18. Garnet is my birthstone, but of these I feel like Howlite is my favorite at this time. Stress and overwhelm seem to take up so much space which I feel usually stems from a place of less faith and more fear. So my intention with this new year was to make more room for more for and to experience the calm of surrender. Working on it!

  19. Garnet!!! It would be a perfect reminder that my mantra as a new mom is I feel energized instead of tired

    Massiel | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  20. Rose Quartz, we all could use a little more love in our lives

  21. I’m drawn to the lapis for wisdom

    Laurie | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  22. LAPIS FOR WISDOM, ROSE QUARTZ FOR LOVE, and BLACK ONYX FOR PROTECTION. I choose the those three because I feel like at this point in my life that I need some kind of assistance in all this of those aspects in my life. I need to be more welcoming to love from all peoples I’m very guarded and stand offish with everyone, I’m not really welcoming person. So with that being said comes wisdom also to assist not only with love but to not being so blunt. Finally protection to not again protect in the first two I choose.

    Monicam | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  23. Labradorite for balance! Balance is my word for 2019; it’s not a desire to do or to have it all but instead to notice where imbalances exist in my life and move towards them with self-acceptance, allowing me to get closer to balance.

    Isabelle | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  24. Howlite! I am always stressed and need a sense of calm in my life so badly!!

    Josie | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  25. Howlite speaks to me because I need calming in my life to combat anxiety and stress! I love Gorjana and wear their jewelry every day. This collection is beautiful.

    Ellyn | 01.16.2019 | Reply
  26. I definitely need Howlite for calming this year. I had my first baby nearly 4 weeks ago and it’s been an experience so far! Staying calm has been a struggle at times, but becoming a mother has been so rewarding.

  27. I feel pulled towards garnet. Everytime, everyday I feel I need energy to get things over with or just know my worth, some energy will help me with my transformation and complete myself and just love myself with all my flaws.

    Yash | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  28. While I am attracted to having lapis to support me through my graduate school studies, I can imagine myself wearing howlite daily. I know I would enjoy having the tactile sensation, the energy, and physical affirmation of peace with howlite Whichever the occasion or environment, I want to remind myself daily to root towards my center and inner peace in 2019. ✌

    Cassie Wont | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  29. I would love all of them! But the one I am drawn to is pyrite for strength. I suffered a grey divorce and at 60 I need to re invent myself in order to live a sustainable life. My children are grown but I want them to see a strong mother who can survive on her own. I was a stay at home mom who is working and also became a certified health coach andnyoga instructor. I need strength to believe in myself! Your jewelry is quite beautiful!

    Robyn | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  30. For two years I have been in a legal battle with my ex, stopping me from being able to think about my future, as everything financially is uncertain. Therefore, Lapis and black onyx would be my combination of wisdom and protection to open up choices for my future!

    Helga | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  31. I have to small rose quartz stones, one in my pocket when I’m going out and the other I received after I was buying handmade earrings in a market place from an old lady. She took my hand and said, in the future you will live far away from here, so this stone will give you all the love that need to your future journey. And I never thought that she will be right, from America to Europe I live know. So I’m will definitely would like to own a Rosen quartz for being important in my life with good and pretty energy. Now it will help me to find the love of my life. Believe and hope are sometimes the only thing we have, but to also have a piece of jewelry in your journey must also be great.

    Estela | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  32. Labradorite for balance…I feel like that covers all the bases…

    Bobbi | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  33. Labradorite for balance. Maintaining balance is all we can ask for. It calls in the necessity of having both masculine and feminine energies, time alone and time with others, balance between work and life, all of it. Especially now, finding balance is essential to be able to resist and be activists while also committing to self-care and self-love.

    Kate | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  34. It’s hard to only choose one because they are all beautiful and I can see myself wearing several of them at the same time. If I must choose one, the howlite would be great for this season in my life. I have been struggling with health challenges and spending a lot of time in doctors offices and getting treatments. Some days the stress and emotions of it all overwhelm me. Having a little howlite to rub couldn’t hurt.

    Emily | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  35. I’m drawn most to Garnet. In this stage of my life I am working hard toward my future and I like the idea that it helps to reignite your passions. A lot of times you forget what made you passionate about life and having something help center you and give you the energy to fell those passions again is something I could use!

    Franca Porras | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  36. Either Lapis or Labradorite. I think balance and wisdom would help me immensely right now.

    Jessica Crawford | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  37. SOOOO drawn to pyrite! Love the energy I feel from it, plus it seems like the ultimate crystal for merging badass mentality with femininity <3 Thanks for the amazing tips as always Chalkboard Mag!!!

    Kelsey Stanker | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  38. Labradorite – I need more balance and I’ve been trying to so hard to achieve it. I have a 7 week old who I love more than life and have to return to work as a nurse in a high stress critical care unit very soon. I’m also a barre instructor on the side which brings me so much joy encouraging people to find their stronger (mental and physical) self. Trying to balance my new role as a mama with my commitments to earn an income is already pulling me in so many directions.

    Kristina | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  39. I so need the howlite and labradorite for calm and wisdom this year….

    Rachel | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  40. Lapis for wisdom! I’m a graduate student in sociology working on my dissertation and I need all the wisdom and clarity at this tough time as I can get. That being said, I’m also drawn to labradorite’s balancing effects, because I need to balance my academic work with self-care.

    Sarah Johnson | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  41. I was never a girl who loved pink but I was always drawn to rose quartz. I think I could feel the loving gentle energy emanating from it. And I’m still drawn to rose quartz over all other crystals.

    Valerie | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  42. Decisions, decisions, decisions… Selecting crystals with my theme for 2019 in mind leads me to pyrite and labradorite. I’m focused on gathering strength and building power to explore big career questions this year and pyrite is an added boost in that arena. I’m also drawn to labradorite because I recognize that it’s easy for me to get off balance when energized by a new idea or interest, and yet I know that success for me can only come from leading a balanced life.

    Astrid Carrillo | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  43. It is hard to choose because I could use them all..but I am drawn to Howlite.. for calm. This year I am going to once and for all put away the booze and turn around face all those scary fears and lies about myself that I let rule me.. I AM going to calmly and gently say “Get the fuck out of my way please! I can see my true best self right behind you and she needs a big hug!”

    Becky | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  44. Definitely the pyrite and labradorite for me! After 13 years of being a stay-at-home mom and 8 of those homeschooling, I’m finding my way back to a deeper connection with myself as an individual. (not just wife and mom). Some strength and balance is much needed for the journey.

  45. I love the black onyx…I like that they define protection as self-mastery. I constantly worry and imagine extreme possibilities so that I will be emotionally prepared if anything terrible happens to me, however this is unhealthy because it stems from fear and creates anxiety. I want to master my sense of self enough to know that when something does go wrong, I’m strong and know myself enough to handle it just because I am me and I can.

    Becca Pierpoint | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  46. Black onyx because in everyday life struggles we need focus. In focusing ourself it gives us real meaning of what’s around us and we can be able to make smart choices. This crystals gives deeper gives of connections to our mindset

    Juanila | 01.17.2019 | Reply
  47. I choose Citrine, The Light Maker, as my ‘Power of Intention’ stone. As my intentions come to fruition, I choose to feel joy and happiness as reflected in the bright sunshine yellow of Citrine.

  48. I’ve been wearing a labradorite necklace for 3 years now and it’s one of my favourite crystal to wear. I also wear a rose quartz bracelet on my wrist and a garnet ring on my left hand – the best combination!

    Kaitlyn | 01.18.2019 | Reply
  49. So hard to choose only one! But if I have to narrow it down, I could use some more calming energy in my life, so I’d go for Howlite.

    Rachel | 01.18.2019 | Reply
  50. Rose quartz!

    Kata | 01.18.2019 | Reply
  51. I’ve always been most attracted to rose quartz. There is something so gentle about it, and I’ve set intentions for this year that at the core focus on love, primarily self love. It’s very easy to get bogged down by everything that is happening around us and it’s more difficult to return to our loving natures, so that’s something I am trying to focus on this year!

    Alli | 01.18.2019 | Reply
  52. This is so timely (and almost as if the universe is speaking to me!) because I recently have become so interested in crystals – learning about them, buying them – so this is the perfect time to start wearing them! I’d choose black onyx – with so many incertainies at work – this would be massively helpful!

    Lauren Patterson | 01.18.2019 | Reply
  53. I’m drawn to all of them. I think we all need positive reinforcement in our lives. Nothing will make a change in your life unless you want your life to change. Not a crystal, not a sign not a person. I had to learn that the hard way. Life has thrown me a few curveballs this past year, like I’m sure we all feel that way, but having reminders in our life helps us maintain a straight line. I feel that’s what certain objects do, help us stay focused. Whether it’s a crystal that we can focus our energy on. A journal to remind us to take accountability of our lives. Or a bible to give us faith in God and words to live by. Or The Chalkboard Mag blog to remind me to live healthier lol…. All of these symbols gives us positive reinforcement and I’m here for it all.

    Josephine | 01.19.2019 | Reply
  54. What a great way to start the new year! I am most drawn to garnet becasue I am struggling to get off the couch with the grey, cold days, and I feel like a need a crystal kick in the pants. They are all beautiful and love the idea of them acting as a talisman of intention.

    Kristine | 01.20.2019 | Reply
  55. I am drawn to Lapis the most right now. I have a very stressful job where I manage others on a daily basis who are struggling themselves. I want to find that inner peace and wisdom to feel confident that I can help my clients, while also feeling confident that I have the wisdom and energy to heal myself. 2019 is the year of inner clarity for me. I want to really find holistic ways to heal myself.

    jessica | 01.21.2019 | Reply
  56. rose quartz for love!

    angelica | 01.21.2019 | Reply
  57. garnet and lapis.

    need some energy to make changes and wisdom to determine next steps on this journey of mine!

    Leah | 01.21.2019 | Reply
  58. I am between Howlite for calming and Labradorite for Balance. 2018 was a rough year for my family. I have been practicing intention this January and hope to find ways to bring calm and balance and positivity to bring my family out of the negative past year. Onward and upward for 2019!

    Carrie | 01.22.2019 | Reply
  59. Black onyx, labradorite, and howlite. I’m striving for protection, balance, and calm this year. I am a jazz saxophonist and am almost always traveling or out late for gigs. This year, I hope to set boundaries for myself to live the healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle that I am aiming for. I often get so caught up in saying yes to others that I forget to take care of myself.

  60. There were a couple that called to me for my goals in the coming year but based on the beautiful color and the intention of Wisdom I would go with Lapis. At 45 my goal is to go back to school starting this year which feels a little scary and overwhelming so I could use Wisdom to get me there and to guide me on my mission. Couldn’t we all use a little more wisdom, more learning?

    Heather | 01.25.2019 | Reply

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