full moon in virgo

March’s FULL MOON IN VIRGO lights the sky on March 9th. Psychological and intuitive astrologer Danielle Beinstein is back moonsplaining how we can best harness the Virgo energy and set the below learnings into action…

Spiritual Significance… Full Moons offer us a culmination, an ending, a release or an illumination. They’re moments of awareness when our emotions and experiences are heightened. 

Overall Themes to ExplorE… Our mind. Discernment. Dominion over thoughts. Critical thinking in service the greatest good of all concerned. Self-care. How are we caring for our mental, emotional and physical selves? Are we taking care of others at the expense of ourselves or as an expression of ourselves?

How you may feel… We may feel a deep desire for clarity and organization. We may feel a desire to purify and detox. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger, which will be stationing direct (ending its retrograde period) in Aquarius. Lightbulb moments are possible but it’s the follow-up action that matters most. Virgo likes to do, but it can also be plagued by anxiety, analysis-paralysis and perfection. 

Excellent time to… Organize our lives, our bodies, our pantries, drawers, fridges and digestive tracts. Virgo rules our gut, also known as our second brain. It’s an excellent time to explore what and how we’re feeding ourselves, metaphorically and literally. Are we able to process it all? Can we separate the wheat from the chaff? We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. But we do need to take inventory of what is and isn’t working in our lives and, if necessary, course correct. 

Journaling Prompt… What is the current state of my mind and body? Where am I seeking greater clarity and efficiency in my life? How can I support myself in organizing, purifying and detoxing the thoughts, objects, patterns and energy that no longer serve?

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