Trending: Foria’s Quickie Kit Is Making Bedrooms Buzz Everywhere

If you’re lucky, you’ve heard the buzz about Foria, the plant-based, hemp-infused brand closing the pleasure gap for women.

Women in the know have been passing on the good word about Foria for a few years now and we are starting to see the game-changing L.A.-based brand everywhere now. After their first purchase, most women we know are instant devotees to these experiential products –new modern staples for bedrooms everywhere.

Foria has become a leader in the personal wellness space, bringing real-talk into a space that often provides too little practical education about what men and women are really experiencing in the bedroom.

Their latest offering caught our eye: a kit of modern essentials named for the good ‘ol fashioned quickie.


Foria utilizes clean formulations designed to unlock tension, remove the mental and physical barriers that can hold us back, and free us into our more relaxed and connected self.

TCM Obsessions: The Quickie Kit

Here’s what’s in their cleverly named The Quickie Kit

Awaken Arousal Oil (15ml) | Also known as their pleasure pre-game.

Awaken is a cult favorite in the Foria-verse and the product that’s gotten Foria so much buzz over the years. With broad-spectrum hemp and organic warming botanicals like kava root, cinnamon, ginger, cacao, and peppermint, this sensation-bringing topical oil helps to enhance pleasure and increase sensitivity before the fun has even begun. This is a must-try product for everyone: if you’re a ‘slow starter’ in the bedroom this may just change the game for you. And if you have no problem being ready to go? Try this to take things to the next level!

Sex Oil (15ml) | Say “hello” to the cleanest lube on the market.

Your skincare is clean but what about all the stuff in your nightstand? Unlike so many lubes on the market, Foria is made with safer, cleaner ingredients. Foria’s Sex Oil has literally only two ingredients — organic MCT coconut oil and twice the amount of hemp as their OG Lube. Use this oil to soothe your most precious parts and prepare them for some serious lovin’.

Intimacy Suppositories (x2) | You’re just going to have a little faith on this one…

So, the word “suppository” doesn’t ignite your libido? We get it. However, Foria has taken the lead in harnessing this effective form of application for optimal personal health. (They make one to alleviate period pain too!)

Crafted with fair-trade cocoa butter and broad-spectrum hemp, these simple inserts provide thorough lubrication and support overall relaxation.

Word to the wise: Don’t insert these until you’re about to engage in some good times. They aren’t designed for long-term wear unless you’re prepared for some serious leakage.

the quickie kit foria

Now go on! Cut your meetings short! Cancel your plans! It’s time for a quickie.

Get 20% off your first order with code THEQUICKIE20. Consider starting with Awaken and Sex Oil as your basics — Awaken should be applied 15-20 minutes before while Sex Oil can be applied as needed — and the Intimacy Suppositories can make their debut when you’re ready for an intensified experience.

Need more guidance, Foria shares these tips n’ tricks.

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