A Stunning Collection of Yasmine Mei Florals To Drool Over (You’re Welcome)

This Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a florgasmic selection of drool-worthy blooms from our fave floral artist, Yasmine Mei. We’ve crushed on her work forever— it’s sculptural and artistic, breathtaking and ecstatic. If you’ve never seen her work in real life at our floral workshops with Yasmine over the years, you’ll love perusing the unusual bouquets from her below – many of them with locally foraged details.

Enjoy her work below and get inspired to gift florals for the girls in your life who’d be blown away by florals on this level…

floral design

This joyous arrangement is a delightful expression of gratitude. Gift it to the new girl in the office who’s killing it with overtime and she’ll know deeply she’s appreciated.

floral design

This luscious beauty is chic, bougie and fun. Your sophisticated fashion boss babe will relish this elegant nod to Euro decadence. It’s the perfect nod to her cool factor.

floral design

No one knows your BFF as well as you do. She’s as femme as she is sporty and irreverent. Playing it totally safe bores her while the unexpected delights. This is basically her, in flowers.

floral design

You can never tell your mom you love her enough. But try to tell her so with a shamelessly big, bold, gorgeous floral expression of adoration.

Yasmine is popping up at Individual Medley Store, February 12 – 14th,
if you’re looking for her blooms in real life.

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