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If you’ve ever left yoga happily glowing only to gaze with longing curiosity at that fight studio on the drive home, we’ve found a site that might just change the way you break a sweat. Commitment-phobic fitness geeks and easily-bored exercise-addicts everywhere are flipping over the new program called FITiST. Less a new type of workout, more a fitness studio concierge, FITiST is putting the best of fitness right at your fingertips. This is the kind of membership we’ve dreamed of having and didn’t think was possible: yoga in Hollywood’s best studio on Monday night? You’ve got it. A ballet barre class on Wednesday afternoon? Check. And boot camp on the beach is just a click away for Saturday morning.

Whether you truly love to workout and need a variety of training to keep up with your energetic pace or are less enthusiastic but don’t really know where to start, FITiST will get you into some of the most interesting and highly sought-after classes in the city. Not only does FITiST provide access to the best studios, but they also help you to manage your schedule and get into last minute classes with ease.

Founders Neda Talebian Funk, Caroline Levy Limpert and Jonathan Cranin (who among them have had success marketing brands such as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Victoria’s Secret and Mastercard) are on to something undeniable. With operations expected to open in eight other cities by the end of the year, we’re expecting FITiST to cause a full-on fitness frenzy!

To give you a head start – and an idea of just how fun a little variety can be – our TCM fitness pro Katie Horwitch is outlining some of the benefits of different styles of fitness classes below. Find out which styles best suit you…

  • Cycle

    Who it's for: High-energy personalities (and those who feed off group excitement) who are looking for good tunes, a clear journey from beginning to end and a desire for some serious sweat.
    What you'll get: A structured workout complete with sprints, hills and interval drills - all woven seamlessly together with a soundtrack individual to each instructor.
    Best for this body part: Prepare for a major cardio workout that builds leg strength and lung capacity all at once.
    FITist Studio Sneak Peek: You can't go wrong at CycleHouse - we're currently sweating alongside Aaron Hines, whose vibrant personality, solid ride and jammin' tunes keep us coming back week after week.

  • Yoga

    Who it's for: Everyday athletes, weekend warriors and workout newbies alike who are looking to add balance, flexibility and strength to their lives - on the inside and out.
    What you'll get: A centered mind, a balanced body and a sense of self-confidence you never knew you had.
    Best for this body part: While yoga works the entire body simultaneously, the biggest difference we've noticed since developing a regular practice is in our upper body. Long and lean is the name of this game; they don't call 'em "yoga arms" for nothing!
    FITist Studio Sneak Peek: Clio Manuelian at InYoga Center walks into the room with a shining smile and a "Namast-hey, yogis," then leads you through an inspired flow to satisfy both your spiritual and adventurous sides. There is no intimidation factor here.

  • Fight

    Who it's for: Thrill seekers who yearn to unleash their inner champion.
    What you'll get: Sharpened strength, focus, speed and agility.
    Best for this body part: While arm strength immediately come to mind when thinking of boxing, you might be surprised to hear that boxing sculpts a strong core - back and abs, particularly - and increases upper body mobility holding you upright and ready for attack.
    FITist Studio Sneak Peek: Alex Brenes at De La Barracuda Boxing Club is a former pro and trainer of such legends as Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. You're in good hands with this champ!

  • Performance

    Who it's for: Boot camp style classes are for multi-taskers who want to get their strength and cardio done in an hour or less. This category also focuses on activity-specific classes to up your game in "real world" activities such as rowing.
    What you'll get: Keep your body guessing!
    Best for this body part: Performance-based activity focuses on different muscle groups each class in order to confuse the body for real results.
    FITist Studio Sneak Peek: Astrid at the Barry's Bootcamp West Hollywood location delivers a solid workout and some serious inspiration. This workout is the ultimate in full body sculpting on a time constraint - and great for those who need constant change throughout their workout.

  • Pilates

    Who it's for: Those of us who want to stand taller and sculpt deep without the frenetic energy of a stereotypical group fitness class, but a bit more body-focused than a yoga class.
    What you'll get: Pilates provide constant resistance to elongate tired muscles. Prepare to move with grace and strength!
    Best for this body part: Your core will strengthen, your posture improve and endurance skyrocket.
    FITist Studio Sneak Peek:  Devotees of Ky Evans at The Studio MDR have deemed his classes the "Ky-lates" workout!

  • Dance

    Who it's for: Fun-seekers who want to be tricked into a killer workout, smiling all the while. The inspired inner child.
    What you'll get: Sweat, laughter and fun! Dance is some of the best stress relief you'll find - it's impossible to stay in a funk while moving to the beat. Add to that a toned core and increased energy, and you'll be stealing the stage in no time!
    Best for this body part: Dance classes sculpt and strengthen the entire core, while providing little to no impact on your joints.
    FITist Studio Sneak Peek: Hoopnotica's Hoopnotica FiT class with Pamela is the most fun boot camp you'll ever attend!


    A Gift For Every Reader From FITist!

    We're giving away one 4-Class FITist Plan to the luckiest of readers (*must live in New York or LA to take full advantage). Enter below by telling us about your favorite workout. For the rest of us, there is an exclusive FITist discount: FITist is offering a 15% discount for TCM readers: just use password CHALKBOARD at checkout. Go get 'em!  (giveaway ends 3/6/12)

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  1. Pilates by far has changed my outlook on fitness. It has allowed me to transform my body without adding bulk. Once and a while I will switch things up but I always end up going back! Along with Pilates I incorporate Yoga as well along with running!

    Danielle | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  2. I’m addicted to spin class! For years I was scared to try it and stuck to running / walking instead for my cardio. However, I hurt my knee a little while ago and finally decided to suck it up and take the plunge… and now I can’t imagine not going to classes. It’s a great workout and it really allows me to just clear my head. I also incorporate yoga and pilates into my weekly routine… but I always make sure and get in two or three spin sessions for my body and overall well being.

    Catherine | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  3. My favorite workout are performance or bootcamp style workouts! I love to Run and do Yoga, but sometimes I get too comfortable in my routine. I love to keep it interesting and shock my body and my mind – it’s so amazing to see how far you can push yourself!

    Lindsey | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  4. I’m hooked on a combination of spin and yoga! I try to work running into the mix too, but always choose spin or yoga when given the option! Not only has it helped me to shape up, physically, but it’s helped as a natural way to manage stress and anxiety in my life!

    Cassi | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  5. Dance, yoga, running, pilates…the best way to workout for me is to do something different and fresh, everyday. I am so grateful that there are so many great fitness classes online, such as Simone de La Rue’s studio, which offers a little bit of everything. There’s no more excuse for not working out during these cold months!

    Abigail | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  6. What class is the one featured in the article picture?

    Delia | 02.20.2013 | Reply
    • Hi Delia – that is GST – part of the FITiST family and really unqiue. Check them out on FITiSTs site!

      The Chalkboard | 02.22.2013 | Reply
  7. My favorite workout is a bootcamp style workout — Barry’s Bootcamp is great! I love barre workouts too but nothing beats the way I feel after a session at Barry’s.

    Karen | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  8. I am obsessed with Pop Physique. It is a mix of barre, pilates, and sculpting that gives me an amazing workout every time I go. I love that the instructors put on really fun music to workout to and change up the classes all the time. They even have little spray bottles to disinfect your mats after class!

    Aling | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  9. Love to alternate between dance and yoga. Both clear my mind while keeping me fit. 🙂

    Bonnie B | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  10. Without a doubt, I am a Soul Cycle believer. Not only is it the cheapest (and sweaty-est) form of therapy in the city of Angels, it’s also contributed to making me a better person – I am fitter, kinder, more confident and all around ready to take on the world. We may not be able to control much, but we can control how much fun we have when tapping back or how high we turn that resistance up. Viva la Soul!

    sheena | 02.20.2013 | Reply
    • We love Soul Cycle too! We even had a spin for Chalkboarders in W Hollywood – stay tuned for more!

      The Chalkboard | 02.22.2013 | Reply
  11. My favorite workout is one that I go to reluctantly and leave psyched!

    Kim | 02.20.2013 | Reply
  12. My favorite workout is running after my twins and dancing with them. I also do weight training so I do not injure myself with them or on the job as a photographer.

    Fiona | 02.22.2013 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 03.06.2013 | Reply
  14. I love working out. You feel great, about yourself. thanks everyone for the encourgement.

    Sheldon | 03.15.2013 | Reply
  15. This concept sounds great… in fact our club in Redwood City CA is already doing just this, but in one small professional location. We hire the best teachers to coach our small group training class. We teach about 340 classes a month. RAW (functional training is our most common class), Spin (with power metered bikes), lots of core/stretch and Yoga classes, Kickboxing taught by 4th degree martial artist, Barre Bootcamp, and Zumba… I forgot to mention MobiFit Conditioning classes in the dance studio. We love this concept and so do our members! If you are in Redwood City drop by and check us out!

    Gordon Bliss | 10.22.2013 | Reply
  16. Great post! I love to workout. I should try yoga for a calm mind.

    Nick De velde | 01.05.2014 | Reply
  17. Working out is good especially if you see great results afterwards. Yoga and jogging are some of my favorites and at times when you need to spice it up then Zumba does the trick! Staying fit keeps you feeling good on the inside and it will show outside too :).

    Kim Silverman | 03.22.2014 | Reply
  18. Greate article.

    workout | 04.07.2016 | Reply

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