february 2020 full moon in leo

a full moon in leo will burn bright on February 7th. Psychological and intuitive astrologer, Danielle Beinstein, is back moonsplaining how February 2020’s full moon invites us to shine the spotlight on ourselves and practice showing off a little.

Spiritual Significance: Full Moons offer us a culmination, an ending, a release or an illumination. They’re moments of awareness, when our emotions and experiences are heightened.

Overall Themes to Explore: How we can shine our light more, live more in our heart and in courage? This full moon asks that we step into our personal spotlight and express our creative selves with joy, enthusiasm and verve. Creative expression, by the way, does not need to be loud or rambunctious—this is a misunderstanding. Clients often say, How can I have Leo in my chart? I’m an introvert. Leo energy radiates warmth. It’s lit from within. We know we are in Leo energy when our will is in alignment with our heart. Leo is committed. In its highest form, it’s inspired and inspiring. We live in an era hell-bent on mocking sentiment, but sentiment is what makes us human.

How you may feel: Creative. Passionate. Leo loves pageantry. It loves entertainment, loves a great show. But it also loves to cheer others on. (Think JLo on American Idol; Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor on “Friday Night Lights”; Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side”.) Generosity of spirit. Warm. And strong. We think caring makes us weak, but it’s the opposite. The capacity and willingness to feel gives us strength, the fortitude and resilience to move forward, to expand.

Excellent time to: Take a creative class of some kind, write out all and any blocks on loose leaf paper and burn or shred them in ritual, blessing the space for greater expansion. Try heart and solar plexus meditation.

Journaling Prompt:
+ What is my most heartfelt desire?
+ What blocks, patterns or limiting beliefs are preventing me from experiencing this desire?
+ How can I continue to anchor in my heart?

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  1. A beautifully written and informative article .
    Thank you so much for this teaching on February’s full moon!

    Moniqie | 02.07.2020 | Reply
  2. The full moon in Feb 9!

    Alexandra | 02.08.2020 | Reply
  3. Exactly what I needed today.

    kelliann | 02.09.2020 | Reply

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