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Welcome to The Chalkboard | A Guide To Living Well

Launched by Pressed Juicery in 2012, The Chalkboard brings our wellness-minded readers daily content to help you live your best life through wellness, nutrition, self-care + great design.

Learning from our community of top doctors, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, fitness pros, clean beauty brand founders and mental health experts, we bring you a constant flow of insights we know you’ll find useful and inspiring on your journey toward balanced and glowing health.

We curate a continual flow of useful, practical and elevating life advice as it pertains to natural living, glowing health and mind-body balance including:

Nutrition + clean eating | Clean beauty
Alternative health | Non-toxic living at home
Fitness + mind-body health | Non-toxic personal care
Healthy routines | Lifestyle tips from influencers we love

A note from our Editor-In-Chief…

Here in the early ’20’s, it is hard to believe that the kind of modern nutrition, clean beauty and mindful living content we share on The Chalkboard every day was ever ‘niche’ in the women’s lifestyle space. But when we started The Chalkboard in 2012, there was a clear distinction between the gloss of mainstream lifestyle content and the crunch of health and wellness.

From the beginning, it has been my mission to blur those lines and lure a more fashion, culture and beauty-oriented audience into the natural wellness space. I wanted women who bought luxury to consider the preservation of their health as part of that equation and I wanted women thinking about beauty to understand the necessity of good nutrition, emotional health and non-toxic products in that pursuit.

Being well in this age requires more effort and education than ever before. As a “guide to living well”, we approach our core topics of well-being with good design and cultural appeal in all that we do. In our daily stories, you’ll find insights from celebrities and influencers, as well as leading medical professionals and other cultural leaders. We also share stories from readers and members of our community who share their journeys toward health and balanced living with us. You’ll find that most of the food, books, home goods, sustainable fashion and clean beauty products we feature on TCM are as aesthetically appealing as they are high-functioning.

While it’s not our mission to bring you breaking news, you’ll often find emerging wellness trends and figures here first before they go mainstream. I don’t believe that wellness trends should move as quickly as fashion trends do, but I’m never mad when a wellness-inducing practice receives fresh buzz.

 I hope you find plenty of inspiration as you explore our site and leave feeling refreshed, inspired and better-equipped to live your best life.

Suzanne Hall, Co-Founder + Editor in Chief

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