When resident foodie and cocktail connoisseur Kat Odell tells us we need to try something, we do. Enter the Scary Spice Latte from modern apothecary Clean Market in NYC. It’s equal parts delicious, clean and healthy (see: chia, blue flower and oat milk). Lucky for us, she’s sharing how to make it at home.

What I drank:
Clean Market’s Scary Spice Latte

Why I drank it: Because the SSL is the new PSL. I love the flavors of fall and winter, especially in drink form, but most of what’s on the market isn’t entirely clean. But one of my favorite healthy markets in NYC, Clean Market, has a totally good-for-you version that’s made with chai spices, antioxidant-rich butterfly pea flower (hence that fun blue-green hue), honey, ginger juice and your milk of choice.

Why you need it: Because not only is this drink totally warming and delicious, but it’s packed with ingredients that support a strong immune system (and also, brain health!). Plus, it’s super easy to make on your own with the below recipe.

Scary Spice Latte
Makes 1


1 Tbsp fresh ginger juice
1/2 tsp blue butterfly flower
1/2 tsp honey
1/2 cup unsweetened chai
1/2 cup oat milk


Add ginger, blue butterfly flower and honey to cup. Add chai and milk to pot and gently heat. Pour half of the milk in cup and mix with an aerolatte.

When well mixed, add the remaining milk. (Alternately, you can add all ingredients to a blender and blend). Dust with cinnamon, and enjoy.

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