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Movement is for every body. But scrolling through Instagram or shopping online, it may be hard to find that philosophy reflected back in a genuine way. Most of the fitnesswear industry approaches size inclusivity in a way that is naïve at best, cruel at worst and sizeist all-around. Too many brands show models of only one size in press photos, hop on the body-positivity bandwagon when it feels on-trend and create a range of extended sizing without actually testing their gear on a range of extended sizes. All of this sends a message that movement is for everybody — as long as it’s mostly for bodies that fit within the typical extra-small to large size range. The five size-inclusive fitnesswear brands below are on a mission to change that.

Size inclusivity should not be an exception to the rule, it should be the rule in fitnesswear. Fitness doesn’t have one look, and activewear must reflect that. A few big mainstream brands (like Nike and Beyond Yoga) are starting to get the message, but the indie brands are really leading the charge toward a more inclusive-fit world that represents us all. Here are five size-inclusive fitnesswear brands doing it right…

5 Size-Inclusive Fitnesswear Brands You Need To Know

Girlfriend Collective | Can an activewear brand change the world? If any brand can, it’s Girlfriend Collective. Ethical and sustainable fashion has made its way to activewear: Their minimal, stunning pieces are made to last using recycled ocean plastic, and their size chart encompasses XXS to 3XL. In other words, everyone can get in on the action. CHECK OUT

DAY/WON | Bold colors, sleek cuts, inspirational phrases, DAY/WON is a size-inclusive fitnesswear brand that has everything we love most in activewear, plus way more. Literally, way more. With a robust size chart ranging from size 0 to 32, model and runner Candice Huffine’s brand is truly made for every body. Bonus? They partner with Ziel, a manufacturing company dedicated to completely sustainable production, waterless dye practices and locally-sourced fabrics. CHECK OUT

Superfit Hero | From size XS to 5XL, Superfit Hero is one of the most inclusive premium activewear brands in the wellness world. Their commitment to body positivity and size inclusivity extends beyond their gorgeous mosaic leggings and anything-but-basics. They’ve created a Body Positive Fitness Finder on their website where you can find trainers and studios near you that are committed to inclusivity  and acceptance of all body types regardless of size, gender identity or athletic ability. This means no before-and-after snaps, diet culture or body shame. CHECK OUT

Year Of Ours | Usually when a piece of clothing gains a cult following, it consists of people who look exactly the same. But not the case with Year Of Ours. The female-led brand preaches an inclusive team spirit ethos and are committed to practicing it. You can snag their cult favorite Football Leggings, as well as many of their most-loved pieces, in sizes XXS to 2XL. CHECK OUT

K-DEER | Chances are you’ve seen K-DEER leggings in your favorite yoga class or plastered all over Instagram influencers. You know the pieces: bright colors, bold black stripes, statement pieces. What you might not know is that they’re everywhere not just because of the high performance and super cute vibe, but because of inclusivity. Their entire line of size-inclusive fitnesswear ranges from size XS all the way up to 4XL. One of the first trendy activewear brands to embrace full size exclusivity, and we are here for it. CHECK OUT

Katie Horwitch is a fitness pro and founder of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk, who is all about motivating through her unique brand of positive, proactive coaching. Discover more Katie here.

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  1. Except…Beyond Yoga was actually the first to be size inclusive before it was mainstream…didn’t they have XXS – XXL a long time ago? Before anyone else did? Might want to fact check that instead of acting like they are just now starting that.

    Sara James | 05.15.2019 | Reply

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