A box for L.A. Woman natural perfume with the bottle sitting on top of the box

We’ve received so many non-toxic perfume samples this summer, it’s almost a shock. Having such a wide varity of clean, safe perfumes to choose from was a pipe dream a few years back.

The trick with finding a trust-worthy perfume is that scent ingredients are top secret (to keep us all from concocting our own versions Chanel No. 5 at home). Brands can hide some seriously questionable toxic ingredients inside those secret formulas.

We’re thrilled to see all of the natural options pop up on the market that live up to the luxury feel of their commercial counterparts. Each pick on our short list here is bottled beautifully with a sophisticated scent profile we think is worthy of signature scent status.

Alitura Presence | Editor’s choice: Sweet and musky sandalwood grabs you by the nostrils and won’t let you forget the first time you got a whiff of this sexy and perfectly balanced spritz. If you’re familiar with Le Labo’s Santal 33, this natural perfume has a few very similar notes. CHECK OUT

Small orange bottle of Elixir Oud perfume by MileoMileo Elixir Oud | Sweet and floral frangipani show up in a surprisingly earthy way, make this botanical face oil light you up in more ways than one. The naturally nutrient-rich formula will grow your glow while a delicate scent energizes, focuses and uplifts.CHECK OUT

A box for L.A. Woman natural perfume with the bottle sitting on top of the boxA Piece Apart LA Woman | This is the second scent from NYC-based clothing brand, A Piece Apart. This new gragrance was made to celebrate their West Coast opening a few months back. It celebrates the spirit of LA with a blend of pure botanicals in a jojoba oil base that is “reminiscent of a sunset in Los Angeles — trees heavy with oranges, jasmine in bloom, and a hint of spiritual smoke” — sounds about right. CHECK OUT

Close up of an open bottle of Goop's natural perfume Edition O2Goop 3 | GP’s perfume game has been on-point. Their second signature scent is basically spring in a bottle: “a perfume of cool air, pale sun, new life unfurling on the forest floor” made with shiso leaf, exotic greens and spicy wood. CHECK OUT

Medium shot of Sarah Maxwell Beauty Liv roller ball perfume Sarah Maxwell Beauty Liv | This skinny roller ball perfume is perfect to toss into a purse or a pouch in your car for a fragrance refresh at any time of the day. They’re vegan, paraben-free and cruelty free, and made by a mother and her daughter who bless them at their home alter and attach a wish string by hand.

Small roller ball Ginger Lily perfume by FloracopeiaFloracopEia Ginger lily | We love throwing this little roller ball into our beach bags, or whatever we’re toting around for the day. Its lush, tropical fragrance is best described as a floral spice with a hint of warm amber sandalwood. CHECK OUT

A bottle of Rosie by Rosie Jane and its box next to itRosie By Rosie Jane | Simplicity is everything for this California-made perfume brand. Each scent calls upon a focused smell that’s dressed up with other notes but not made too complex by them. Light but long-lasting, these perfumes are perfect for mixing and matching in layers. CHECK OUT

White bottle of Sandara natural perfume by PhlurPhlur Sandara | Phlur has been our go-to for natural perfume since they launched. We love the recycled packaging and the hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably sourced formulas. The descriptions on their site are creative and spot-on, making it easy to pick out the perfect signature scent. This one “evokes a mindful walk amongst the serene majesty of a Redwood forest. It’s about drawing power and energy from the healing elements of nature, and reconnecting with self as a respite from the constant chatter of our digital lives. With notes of forest air, violet leaves, timur pepper, sandalwood and oak moss, Sandara most of all is a reflection of you.” CHECK OUT

Grey bottle of Commodity’s Leather perfume Commodity Leather | Warm, spicy and woody, this cozy perfume is as memorable as it is clean. Commodity’s non-toxic perfumes are inspired by everyday ‘commodities’ that mix and match well to achieve the perfect personal fragrance.   CHECK OUT

Discover more of our favorite non toxic perfume here.


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  1. Is there a place to go sample these? I’ve tried three brands so far and I love they are non toxic but have all been way too strong and still smell synthetic to me. Do any of these smell more like natural essential oils but last longer? Thanks!

    Kristen | 06.21.2018 | Reply
    • If you are in Los Angeles, Alitura is sold at Fred Segals. I also love Detox Market for sampling perfumes. They have Lurk which isn’t one of the above but a beautiful line. if not check the main brand sites not the links for samples. Most will accomodate you.

      therese | 06.21.2018 | Reply
      • Do you know which store or stores in NYC sell these products?

        Jess | 06.23.2018 | Reply
        • Hi! CAP Beauty in NYC sells our products 🙂 -Andy

          Andy Hnilo | 07.03.2018
    • I wear Empower by a company called Pour le Monde. It is all natural and smells delish! It’s not too strong at all, I love it!

      Micayla | 06.25.2018 | Reply
    • I’d also love to sample a few. Perfume is so personal. What it smells like in a bottle often doesn’t translate on my skin. I’ll be on the lookout, though. As I get older, I realize I need to be more careful about toxins and what I put onto my skin, not just in my body.

  2. Thank you for mentioning us! What an honor 🙂 -Andy Hnilo, Alitura Naturals

    Andy Hnilo | 07.03.2018 | Reply
  3. Why do you include Phlur? Quick check of their website says they use synthetics. Have to ask then, are any of these all natural? Or just non-toxic? How do you define non-toxic?
    A few years ago no one thought nitro musks were toxic. The science just hadn’t caught up. It’s more than likely–100% probable–that items these perfumers now consider “non toxic” will be discovered to be exactly that, toxic.

    It’s either all natural, and thus safe so long as allergens are considered, or not.

    David Edwards | 06.26.2019 | Reply

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