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Over time, we’ve watched as cleanses and other detox protocols have come in and out of style. First, they entered the fashion chat as style mavens and celebs from NY to LA embraced juice cleansing for glowing skin and a svelte frame. Then, they went through a backlash (as most trends tend to do) once some health influencers felt that they were being over-used.

The truth is that the best cleanse programs and detox protocols are far from a flash in the pan fad. Forms of fasting, juicing and herbal remedies with a purifying effect have been around for eons — far before an Olsen twin was ever spotted with a bottle of green juice.

Over-use is a legitimate issue for any of us who become over-fixated on our bodies — whether that be a spin bike, sauna, juice cleanse or daily supplement. However, all of these things can hold a healthful, balanced place in our lives when managed mindfully. While wellness trends bob and weave, find space to determine what works well for you — and stick to it.

As we enter that time of year when most of us focused on creating a clean slate, we decided to profile a few of the cleanses we love best — starting with an O.G. juice cleanse that’s flexible AF for those of you who are still on the fence…

5 of the Best Cleanse Programs We’ve Ever Tried

Pressed’s 3-Day + Half-Day Cleanse | One of the first brand’s to take green juice mainstream, this year Pressed offers more Cleanse options than ever before. The 3-Day Cleanse 1 is the classic protocol that devoted fans love, but for those looking for something new, Cleanse 4 now includes Pressed’s amazing new smoothies like Avocado Greens and Chocolate Banana Protein.

Not ready for a full-on juice cleanse? Try Pressed’s take on intermittent fasting with a half day cleanse that’ll have you juicing til dinner. This is one of our favorite protocols for the new year and something that’s easy and accessible to return to throughout the year!

Kroma wellness 5-Day Reset | Kroma Wellness is the newest brand on the block and introducing a protocol that’s designed to re-establish healthy habits. Everyday includes 10 functional foods and beverages that are designed to be relied on in total instead of regular meals. The Reset includes Kroma Wellness basics like their super porridge, beauty matcha latte and cranberry hydration elixir for $475.

Sakara 10-Day Reset | We’ve been big fans of Sakara right from the start. Their meal programs can be pricey, but so nutrient-dense and delicious that they’re worth every penny. For $195, this 10-Day Reset does not include full meals, although incredible recipes come with the set. For 10 days, you’ll introduce Sakara’s detox tea, beauty water, complete probiotic, Detox and Energy bars, plus their protein and greens superpowder into your daily routine. If you’re looking for a flexible program that’ll let you eat, but introduce high-impact rituals and supplemental nutrition, this is it.

goop cleanse review

 goop Wellness G.Tox 7-Day Reset Kit | Try goop’s new cleanse kit, a one-week experience that includes 7 servings of their reset cereal blend, protein powder, G.Tox Detoxifying Superpowder, and goop Wellness Gut Microbiome Superpowder.

The Reset Kit doesn’t come with meals, but the accompanying guide will share everything you need to know, as well as 20 whole-food recipes to try as you move through the week.

The kit also includes G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush for a lymph supportive ritual you can stick with after the week is over.

Elissa Goodman SOUP Cleanse | You’ll never eat as much fresh, nourishing food on a cleanse than with cancer survivor Elissa Goodman’s 5 day soup cleanse. Think giant jars of salad, soups, broths and her famous seed bars. We also think this nourishing cleanse is a great thing to add to the end of a more intense 1-3 day juice cleanse. 5 days will set you back $415. Sadly, this program is available only in Los Angeles.

Where do you stand on cleansing? Share your perspective in the comments.

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