Try This Routine: Go For A 20-Minute Run Followed By This HIIT At Home

You don’t need to spend an hour in a studio to get the perfect full-body burn. This at-home HIIT workout will tighten and tone all your areas in less than the time it would’ve taken to find parking for your class.

We recently picked up the perfect routine from Liz Smithers, the Kauai-based yogi behind Laka Living, incredible high-vibe foods that are hard to describe until you try them — explore our obsession here. As a business owner and mama-to-be, Liz’s schedule is a busy one, and sometimes getting to a class is just not in the cards. Instead of putting exercise to the wayside, she merely shifted her approach and created this incredibly dynamic full-body workout to do at home.

Next time you need a great sweat in as little time as possible, try this routine on for size: go for a 20 to 30-minute walk or jog (depending on what your body needs) and then do this HIIT workout at home

Get That Heart-Rate Up

HIIT Workout cardio

Follow with 4 rounds of:

1 min jumping jacks
30 sec high knees
10 jump squats
10 squats
10 lunge kicks
10 burpees 

Upper Body Strength Training

HIIT Workout upper body

Followed by 3 rounds of:

20 shoulder taps
20 plank knee-to-chest circles
10 knee-to-elbow cranks
8 chatarunga pushups (knees down optional)
8 medicine ball pushups
15 tricep dips

Lower Body Strength Training

HIIT Workout lower body

Followed by 2 rounds of: (ankle weights optional)

20 donkey kicks
20 donkey pulses
20 straight leg pulses
20 straight leg rainbows
20 fire hydrants
15 fire hydrant pulses
15 fire hydrant to straight leg

A Yoga Cool-Down

HIIT Workout cooldown

End with 1 round of:

10 breaths in down dog
10 breaths high lunge (R)
10 breaths warrior 1
10 breaths warrior 2
Three-legged dog to optional wild thing
Pigeon pose

Repeat on left to complete other side.*

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  1. I love this! Thanks! The gif images help a lot. I can’t wait to try these!

    Blythe | 07.25.2019 | Reply

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