Who knew that one little low-tech stone could do so much? Ever since we began using a gua sha stone for beauty (see the basic facial here), we’ve been surprised at how unendingly useful it can be for all kinds of physical issues as well. Nothing relieves our shoulder tension like a a gua sha and, here, the founders of Wilding are showing us how to alleviate jaw tension with this simple routine.

The stats from doctors, dentists and physical therapists around the country are that jaw tension and clenching related issues are on the rise. Many of us are fielding new and unusual forms of stress and anxiety that can lead to teeth grinding or aggravated TMJ. Watch the video, check out Wildling and try their routine for yourself…

Facial Massage to Alleviate Jaw Tension
While Lifting & Toning the Skin

Practicing the Facial Gua Sha ritual will clear, smooth, plump, tighten and rejuvenate skin while reducing under-eye circles and puffiness. The Empress Wand is perfect for relieving facial tension as well.

One  | Apply Empress Tonic & Oil. Empress Tonic – Prepares the skin to absorb the oil, sweet fern, damask rose, and douglas fir plant waters stimulate skin detoxification. Empress Oil –  Balm of Gilead & a resin nutrient complex nourishes skin & frees the flow by stimulating circulation.

Two | Begin by using the Empress Wand in the point on the jaw that you experience the most tension.  Massage the wand in small circles until you being to feel the muscle release. These moves release the masseter muscle in the jaw.

Three | Stabilize the skin and work across the jaw muscle, in a small repetitive motion. Repeat several times, you should begin to feel a release.

Four | This can be an intuitive practice, use the Empress Wand massage tool as long you feel you need It.

Five | Finish with a few long strokes down the neck from the earlobe to the collar bone to drain lymphatic fluid from the face.

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