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As every health nerd knows, wellness starts with a well-equipped kitchen. With our Big Little Lies season two obsession at its peak, we’ve found ourselves wondering about notoriously holistic Shailene Woodley and her kitchen habits  — and what we discovered certainly didn’t disappoint.

The Big Little Lies star has shocked more than a few fans and reporters with her hardcore wellness habits (from sunning nakie to eating clay) and we can relate. If we’re consuming clay or charcoal or getting a colonic, we know which friends to tell and which ones will change the subject.

Wellness can get weird, there’s no doubt about it! But we forget that most things seem weird without familiarity: would you drink bean water, for example? How about ground roasted coffee beans diffused in water? That’s exactly what a plain old cup of coffee is. If you’re not familiar with something, even the most common things can seem totally bizarre.

Get familiar with Shailene Woodley and a few of her kitchen staples and supplies and broaden your wellness horizons…

Shailene Woodley kerrygold butterkerrygold grass-fed butter | This butter has become a staple in wellnessy non-vegan kitchens – the Irish butter is made in small batches from grass-fed cows. Shailene is famously a fan of Bulletproof coffee which uses butter in it’s recipe, but also shares, in an interview with Bon Appetit, “we’re really big on fats, my friends and I. So we’ll use butter to cook with, not vegetable oil”.

homemade fermetsHomemade Ferments | Another healthy habit Shailene Woodley dished to Bon Appetit about is her love of fermented foods — specifically, her love of making her own homemade ferments. “Fermented foods are kraut and kimchi and kombucha, but the great thing about fermentation is that you can ferment just about anything. I sort of love that semi-rotten flavor, too.” CHECK OUT

Three Lily Farm Spirulina Gomasio | If you’ve never heard of this superfood loaded condiment, read up and get ready to put it on everything. In an interview, Shailene shared that “I sprinkle Three Lily Farm Spirulina Gomasio on my food–it’s made with hemp seeds, Incan spirulina, and organic onion granules.” Gomasio is normally a combination of toasted sesame seeds, pepper and salt. CHECK OUT

Shailene Woodley seaweed chipsseaweed snackers | Another seaweed product Shailene’s shared are these nori snack sheets. When a snack craving strikes, Shailene prefers something simple and homemade over anything packaged. They’re made of the same stuff that your sushi rolls come wrapped in.  CHECK OUT


Shailene Woodley farmers marketFarmers Market Finds galore | Shailene is very open about her love of local farmers markets to pick up fresh, seasonal, local foods. Even when traveling, Woodley shares that she’ll hunt down the best local market to stock up. CHECK OUT

ceramic roasting pan

Beets for roasting | Shailene has surprised more than one reporter by sharing that she uses red beets in place of lipstick. “It’s true and it’s totally awesome. Beets are amazing. If you roast them you’ll get a better lipstick. They’re not as potent and they don’t stain the same way if they’re raw. So I roast them first and then just dab a little of the juice on my lips with my finger.” | CHECK OUT

Shailene Woodley favorite herbs

herb keeper | When one interviewer asked Woodley about her recent home remedies, she responded: “I recently learned a lot about thyme. It’s really good for your respiratory system. In the morning, if you wake up and your respiratory system feels a bit off, thyme is a great cure for that. And, it’s an easy remedy, considering most of us have thyme in our kitchens. You make a tea out of it.” | CHECK OUT

nutiva coconut oilvirgin coconut oil | Shailene Woodley loves coconut oil and includes it in her morning coffee. “It’s coffee, coconut oil, and butter. I’ll put some cinnamon or cayenne in there sometimes. I put it all in a blender because I want it to be latte-y. You’ve got to try it.” She also loves coconut oil for its natural beauty perks. As she told InStyle, “I’ll put 1 tbsp coconut oil on my thick hair for a few minutes before bed and rinse out. It will leave your hair oily if you use too much, so start with small quantities to find out how much works best for your hair type.” CHECK OUT 

raw chocolateRaw chocolate | When WebMD asked Shailene Woodley what’s always in her fridge, she responded, “sauerkraut or kimchee, chili garlic spice, and raw chocolate: the cacao bean in its purest form, not heated or melted.” CHECK OUT

staub casserole panComforting Casseroles | Shailene’s go-to dish if she has time is a homemade roast or a homemade casserole or meat stew with homemade bone broth. “It’s my ultimate comfort, cozy kind of food.” Bone broth is full of natural gelatin and collagen for stronger skin, bones and joints. CHECK OUT

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  1. raw chocolate is not “cacao beans in their pure form – not heated or melted” – but rather they simply haven’t been roasted. a common point of confusion. and to further clarify, light roasting not only brings out flavor of the cacao/chocolate, but also further releases the beneficial oils/fat. truly raw cacao doesn’t taste remotely like chocolate, and is also potentially dangerous as the beans have been fermented, often times in conditions that are not regulated or controlled – by lightly roasting the beans you also kill off any harmful bacteria that might still be on the beans.

    Jyl | 06.26.2019 | Reply

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