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Charming, cozy and ridiculously satisfying, we’re all about a good brownie this time of year. Healthy homemade brownies have become a very workable reality thanks to these clean, but decadent recipes.

All you need to make the ultimate healthy homemade brownie or blondie is one bowl, a few basic ingredients, and maybe a few extra high-vibe add-ins if you dare. Regardless of the recipe, this baked good is basically impossible to mess up — worst case, you end up with a chocolatey pool of half-baked, whole-food batter and that’s not exactly a problem.

We’ve gathered a gorgeous collection of healthy homemade brownies and blondies over the years. From classic almond butter brownies (that might literally change your life) to a CBD-infused rendition to a raw aphrodisiac maca blondie, bookmark these babies for cozy baking all year long…

healthy brownieCBD Brownies | Pot brownies? More like haute brownies. If you’re on a CBD kick – like the rest of us – you’ll flip for this sweet collab from two of our fave wellness brands: vegan resto mini-empire By CHLOE and NYC’s clean green beauty haven, CAP Beauty. The duo joined forces to create the ultimate plant-based chocolate treat using CAP’s adaptogenic CBD oil, The Daily Hit — and we’re sharing the exclusive (non-intoxicating) recipe.  CHECK OUT

Superfood Brownies with Walnuts and Goji Berries | These goji berry walnut squares by Dr. Fuhrman’s daughter, the talented Talia Fuhrman, come straight from the Eat to Live Cookbook and are packed with almost as much nutrition as there is deliciousness. CHECK OUT

healthy homemade browniesGrain-free Almond Butter Brownies | This is the kind of “health food” that seems too good to be true. Yes, they’re brownies. Yes, they are calorie-dense, but they are nutrient-dense too – and if you’re gluten-free or dairy-free you know just how life-changing a good recipe like this can be! Even without flour or dairy, Claire Thomas and Laurel Gallucci’s paleo brownies are some of the best we’ve ever tried. CHECK OUT

Bird Bakery Gluten-Free Brownies | It’s easy to associate Southern hospitality with some of the sugariest, richest foods around. But we love that Bird Bakery is fitting all that charm into a sweet treat that’s gluten-free and packed with nutrition. Elizabeth Chambers Hammer’s gluten-free brownies are next level. CHECK OUT

raw maca blondiesRaw Maca Blondies |Maca has become a modern staple in many wellness routines. The adaptogenic root, usually ingested in powdered form, is amazing for evening out the endocrine system and is famous for its ability to boost libido. Explore the benefits with this ridiculously good raw blondie recipe. CHECK OUT

Black Bean Brownies | The secret to the amazing body of flavor in these brownies is the instant coffee. The flour is a combo of buckwheat and black bean making this completely grain-free. The added bonus that they are egg, dairy, gluten and nut-free is sure to make every healthy chocolate lover very happy. CHECK OUT

Gluten-Free Blondies | When it comes to gluten-free baking, food blogger and cookbook author, Kimberly Snyder. Her book, Recipes for Your Perfectly Imperfect Life is loaded with joy-inducing dishes and key insights like these gut-friendly brownies. Make her gluten-free flour mix ahead of time and whip up her clean blondies recipe tonight. CHECK OUT

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