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We’ll have what she’s having. Elle Macpherson has been modeling for longer than most millennials have been alive, yet her glow and her bod are both stronger than ever. While golden genetics have certainly helped, age-defying Australian model and founder of WelleCo, Elle Macpherson has worked hard to look this gorgeous.

Famously dedicated to fitness and natural health, we’ve loved learning from this former TCM Guest Editor over the years and have slurped down our fair share of WelleCo’s Super Elixir tonics and smoothies.

From building daily rituals that last to breaking away from the gym, here are a few of our favorite learnings from Elle…

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff | We love Elle’s grounded daily mantra, which she shared when asked this former TCM Guest Editor and fashion legend to participate in our TCMxVogue series. Read up on the simple, sustainable habits that keep Elle happy and fit here.

Fall In Love With Rituals | Elle Macpherson’s glow may be otherworldly, but her daily wellness habits are amazingly down-to-earth. Discover her morning routine, daily beauty rituals, fitness habits and even a protein and greens-packed smoothie recipe here.

Get Out of The Gym | Elle’s views exercise not in terms of fitness but as just one component of living well all-around, which is why Elle prefers to get out of the gym for her sweat sesh. From hydration and workout bag essentials to what is maybe the best post-workout fuel idea we’ve ever heard, here’s how Elle’s living fit daily.

Beauty Starts on A Cellular Level | Elle believes if she nourishes “my cells from the inside it will show on the outside. That’s why my food and beauty philosophy is beauty from the inside out.” From the importance of good sleep to a weekly detox day — and a miso-glazed salmon recipe you’ll love — explore Elle’s beauty and wellness tip-packed ‘Living Well With’ interview here.

All Hail “The Super Elixir” | Elle Macpherson’s first-ever wellness product, launched by her very own Welleco, is something to behold. The Super Elixir is every stylish wellness maven’s dream. It is filled with forty pretty intense superfood ingredients — discover the ones we’re most impressed by here. The Super Elixir quickly became an “it” beauty product; tucked into a vanity-worthy black bottle, even Kate Moss lists it as one of her summer vacation beauty essentials.

Quality Over Quantity | Wellness isn’t about deprivation, it’s about making better decisions and buying better goods. Have fun scrolling through this list of product picks and wellness tips from Elle. From shoes to scents, books to green beauty, we’re sharing some great picks.

How A Healthy Model Vacays | When the lovely Elle Macpherson signed on to take over our Instagram account while vacationing with her family in Capri, we knew our followers were in for a real treat. Elle lives that “living well” lifestyle even when she travels. Check out the gorgeous photos and on-the-go health tips here.

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