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Our home is an extension of our state of mind. And when we feel like we don’t have our life together, making a few thoughtful adjustments can transform the place we live in into a portal for peace of mind.

The mindful styling tips below come from Dr. Zelana Montminy, positive psychologist and author of the bestseller, 21 Days to Resilience. Dr. Montminy is an advocate for making your home a “vision board” for your life. By partnering with California design co, Pure Salt Interiors, Dr. Montminy transformed her own home from basic abode to a reflection of her wellness wants and needs. Ahead, we’re sharing a few key lessons she learned in the process.

The key to having resilience and sustaining mental fitness lies in how well we reboot more than in how hard we hustle. We often think about self-care as going out somewhere, maybe for a hike or massage, but think about ways you can reboot in your own home too!

Certain rooms in your home should feel like a haven where you can unwind, whether a peaceful living room, cozy family room to relax with your family, or a master suite to retreat to after a long day. Each room should be clean and uncluttered, filled with beauty and meaning to inspire you on a daily basis, raising your energy and bettering your life.

Mindful Styling Tips dr zelana montminy

Make it Meaningful.When styling a home, always take a client’s personal taste and lifestyle into account. One of the most important things we find is to mix meaningful items, with beautiful items as well as useful items. This coffee table checks off all of the boxes. In this photo we added rose quartz and air plants. The airy nature of the air plants evokes a lightness that clears the mind, while the wood table and bowl is grounding.  The rose quartz opens the heart to positive energy, making it one of the most important stones for healing and love. Pairing this with simple coffee table books creates an earthy, clean vibe that relaxes and energizes emotions at the entrance of the home. Mindful Styling Tips dr zelana montminy and daughter

Beautiful or Bust. When styling a kitchen, use Pure Salt’s steadfast rule: it must be useful or beautiful, if not, it must go! Always store large appliances out of sight and highlight items with natural beauty that will also inspire a healthy lifestyle. Fresh cut greenery, produce and natural pantry items are a staple in our kitchen styling.

Contain Yourself. It’s so important to make healthy choices to support our mental health and resilience. We can’t have a clear mind to be able to weather the daily grind unless we’re supporting our bodies in the best way.  Putting healthful foods, like walnuts and quinoa, in glass containers help reinforce these choices. What we see we tend to grab!  Adding in greens and keeping counters clear and clean helps calm emotions as well.

Mindful Styling Tips dr zelana montminy home interior

Decorate to Empower. Your home should be your vision board full of empowering, aspiring objects and books, but it also needs to ground you and display things that add to who you are and your history. Having a sense of roots is stabilizing for our mental health and reminds us we have a community that supports us. Here we display Eskimo art representative of my husband’s Canadian heritage and my children’s dual citizenship. We also have Russian matryoshka dolls and other items scattered throughout to represent my roots. The beach beads signify where we are today – near the beach – and my children’s roots!

Use Your Space Well. I rarely sit in my living room but made a plan to do so every once in a while and it feels so rejuvenating. No devices allowed, I just read a magazine or have some tea! Mental well-being thrives on connectivity. Whether it’s with your tribe of besties who always have your back or your family, it’s critical to carve out time away from devices and just spend time together. If it’s with your kids, a trick that works well for me is to make sure they know it’s “special time” with me and that all devices are being put away so I can focus on them.

Use Natural Elements. Green plants add to a relaxing feel. Filling open space with over sized large trees and foliage also adds to the ambiance of a home, making it feel alive and fresh. Fresh flowers in a bedroom are always appreciated and add to a relaxed vibe that prepares the mind for sleep. Adding flowers to your home have been shown to improve mood, promote relaxation and spark creativity.  If you’re not the flower guru, simply take a cutting from a large tree and place in an oversized vase for a simple yet stunning statement! Take a stab at doing arrangements yourself to add a sense of ownership to the vibe you’re creating and add some life to your space.  Incorporating crystals and whatever else is precious to you also helps set the tone of a room.


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