3 Friends, 3 Days: Our Biggest Pressed Juicery Giveaway Yet

We’re big believers in the buddy system and at no time is a little help from your friends more valuable than during a juice cleanse. We often encourage first time and even seasoned cleansers to find a juicing buddy to keep them on track and make the cleanse that much more fun. It’s great to keep company with someone who can relate to and encourage you and maybe even skip the lunch room with.

We’ve provided cleanses for every shape and size of group: wedding parties, newlyweds, corporate boardrooms, movie sets – we’ve seen it all! And we’ve found one thing to be true. People experience greater success and have more fun accomplishing their cleanse when they’re doing it together.

It’s in that spirit that we’ve launched Detox Diaries. By down-loading our Diaries worksheet you can document your cleanse experience and share it with other Chalkboard readers and Pressed Juicery cleansers who can benefit from your knowledge, experience, tips and pointers. Just email it to [email protected] when you’re through. As you may have heard us say once or twice before – we believe that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.

Our 3 Friends 3 Day Pressed Juicery Giveaway!

Maybe you’ve been meaning to try a juice cleanse this New Year but have been putting it off. Using the buddy system might be just the push you need! We’re giving away THREE Pressed Juicery 3-Day Cleanses for 3 juice-ready readers that want to take their cleanse experience to the next level. Here’s what to do – there are 3 steps:

1. Enlist 2 friends! You probably have them in mind already. It could be your two juice-craving bff’s who you’ll have at hello. It could be two family members who need a healthy boost. It could be your boyfriend and his annoying roommate. Whatever! Whoever you want to cleanse with – get them on the line and ready for their juice cleanse!

2. All 3 of you must comment below! Now here is how you 3 musketeers can enter the giveaway! Leave your comment below about why you want to win. In your comments you must mention both of your cleansing friends by name. All three of you may comment to boost your chances of winning!

3. Register for our Newsletter! Finally each friend on your cleanse team must register for The Chalkboard newsletter. Make sure that the names you use in your comments match the names you register with. That’s how we’ll watch for our potential giveaway winners!

Good luck readers! We can’t wait to find out who wins this fabulous 3-Day giveaway valued at nearly $900.00. This giveaway will be open until Thursday, January 31th when we announce the winners here on The Chalkboard. Be sure not to skip a step and watch for our email alerting you of your win!

If you’re interested in cleaning with a group larger than 3 – say your office floor or your upcoming family reunion – contact Pressed Juicery for more information and special rates.

From our friends


  1. Why I (Glenda Holowatch )want to win the 3 FRIENDS 3 DAY PRESSED JUICERY GIVEAWAY! I just lost my husband and feel overwhelmingly stressed and haven’t had a good diet in the last 3 months. Need a fresh start for my health to feel better physically and emotionally. I would like to have my two adult children do it with me too! ( Blake Hust and Jenna Hust.
    Thank you 🙂

    Glenda Holowatch | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • Great job with your entry first giveaway-entering family – don’t forget to register for the Newsletter to complete your entries. Our whole team at The Chalkboard offers our deepest condolences for your family’s loss. Thanks for entering – good luck!

      The Chalkboard Team | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  2. I would like to win this 3 FRIENDS 3 DAY PRESSED JUICERY GIVEAWAY! Along with my Mom Glenda Holowatch and sister Jenna Hust. I just quit smoking and drinking. Need to boost with a juice cleanse to keep up my goal for excellent health.

    Blake Hust | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  3. I would love to do the 3 FRIENDS 3 DAY PRESSED JUICERY GIVEAWAY! with my brother Blake Hust and Mom Glenda Holowatch. I workout everyday and just started kickboxing. I have gained a few pounds over the holiday and need to regain my health and need a head start with a juice cleanse.

    Jenna Hust | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  4. I LOVE Pressed Juicery and go there several times a week. I would be thrilled to do my first consecutive 3 day cleanse with my best friend Beth Engerson and my sister Lauren Ferrante…we are all very health conscious and inspired by each other so I can’t imagine a better trio to motivate and keep each other on track!

    sheri clemente | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  5. My best friend Sheri Clemente got me completely hooked on pressed juicery!
    I love it so much in fact that I endure crazy LA traffic… But it’s so worth! The way a day of juicing makes me feel us priceless! Nothing would excite me more then to do a 3 day juice cleanse with my BFF Sheri Clemente and to share it with her sister Lauren Levine Ferrante!

    Beth Engerson | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  6. I have been talking to Emily Weisberg and Kelly Sue Milano about how wonderful a cleanse is for people with digestive issues. I really have wanted to share the experience with them, but we all haven’t had the opportunity or funds to do it at once! I’d love to have the support and be able to support them!

    Lauren | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • Oops! My last name wasn’t in the post! But now it is! Lauren Dragan! 🙂

      Lauren Dragan | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  7. This is so exciting! I’ve made a huge commitment to eating and living “clean” this year and I’ve heard amazing things about Pressed Juicery. I’m a teacher and have a very limited budget and winning this, along with my two amazing friends, Kelly Sue Milano and Lauren Dragan, would go a long way towards helping us get healthy together!

    Emily | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • not only will we, hopefully, juice together, we also leave out our lasts names together :/ My full name is Emily Weisberg…really hoping Lauren Dragan, Kelly Sue Milano and I get to motivate each other throughout this experience together!

      emily weisberg | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  8. I would be honored and excited to share a 3 day Pressed Juicery cleanse with my sister Sheri Clemente and our friend Beth Engerson. As a cancer survivor and lifelong student of all things healthy I am committed to live on the path of wellness. A three day juice cleanse would be an incredible addition to my wellness practice
    and to my life. I couldn’t think of a wellness warrior team better than Sheri and Beth to partner with! Thank you for this opportunity!

    Lauren Ferrante | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  9. All three of us, Brittany Letto, Corinne Crockett and Maddie Woods, are active, juice craving health junkies! We LOVE Pressed Juicery and would love to win this giveaway! What better way to start the new year off than with a cleanse. We would love that extra boost to keep us on the right track.

    Brittany Letto | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • This is such a great opportunity to keep up with our new years resolutions of staying fit and eating healthy. I have heard the best things about Pressed Juicery from Brittany Letto! I would love to cleanse with both Brittany Letto and Corinne Corckett.

      Maddie Woods | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  10. Are you kidding me? Of course I’d love to win a 3 Day Pressed Juicery Cleanse to partake in with my bf (Brian McKelvey) and bff (Adrea Reed) – it is after all Adrea’s “fault” that Brian and I are on a 30 day vegetarian/vegan diet/cleanse at the moment (Jan. 7th – Feb. 6th). Adrea and I met at a raw food event in 2011 and have been fast friends ever sense and I’ve been learning about the raw/vegan/vegetarian lifestyle along the way. Brian and I were looking for a way to get healthy, shed some pounds and come April – quit smoking! What better way than to go vegetarian/vegan (Brian just can’t hack a life without dairy at the moment – yeah, I just threw him under the bus there). Needless to say it has been an adventure since the 7th and the opportunity at a cleanse from such a well liked and respected provider would be icing on the cake and really help push us over the edge to getting healthy. So, not wanting to sound like a 5 year old, but, “Pick me, pick me!!!” or in this case, “Pick us, pick us!!!” Thanks for your consideration.

    Nick Pagliochini | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  11. I am going to cleanse with my sister, Shelby S, and my husband, Jon R. We can’t wait!!!

    Suzanna R | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  12. I want to win this cleanse with my sister and bro-in-law Suzanna R and Jon R so that we can all get healthy together! We need a taste bud-reset!!

    Shelby S | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  13. Want to cleanse with my two favorite girls, my wife and her sister (Suzanna and Shelby). We need to get healthy after too much junk food!!!

    Jon R | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  14. My awesome sister Becky Iunghuhn, a wonderful client Meredith Idhe and myself sarah moore. I am already registered for newsletter as Sarah Moore and I love getting chalkboard mag!

    Sarah moore | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  15. What an amazing contest – not only does it reward someone with a fantastic prize but it also gets you to experience it with your friends! Thank you so much Chalkboard and Pressed Juicery for creating this opportunity. My health has been my priority for the last 2 years and I juice every morning but I haven’t done a juice cleanse for longer than a day. This would be the perfect time to push myself further. My current health journey began as a way to help control my migraines and I discovered the alkalizing powers of juice on the body to combat them. Literally saved my sanity! Now I preach the wonders of what a healthy diet (including juicing of course!) to all my friends, family and co-workers. I started a raw vegan dining club, an online group forum, and an at-work wellness club and I am approached all the time by someone wanting me to share my tips with them. I am paying it forward everyday and it gives me so much happiness. This juice cleanse contest would be perfect for me, my BFF Nick Pagliochini and his boyfriend Brian McKelvey who we are dragging along with us on our quest for health and happiness! Viva la juice!

    Adrea Reed | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  16. My mom lost her battle to ovarian cancer last May, and my boyfriend Roland Demombynes and I returned home to Colorado to live with my dad Steve Connolly while we all re-group and support each other through this time. My house dynamic (suddenly switched to living with all males), has been challenging to promote the fresh healthy lifestyle I desire at times. I recently was in L.A. for a weekend in October and made the effort to go out to the pressed juicery location in brentwood and absolutely loved the concept. Send the 3 friends, 3 days pressed juicery giveaway out to Colorado because it is not a local accessibility for us and help me jump-start my dad for healthly choices for years to come!

    Meghan Connolly | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  17. So, I’m kind of getting roped into this, but I am definitely a willing participant. Thanks to Adrea Reed, I hate to admit it, but I am kind of hooked on juicing. My bf (Nick Pagliochini) and I start every morning with a “Green Drink” that we usually make the night before which we find is easiest with our crazy work schedules. I have quite a bit of a sweet tooth so I usually make myself a carrot/apple/”something green” juice at mid-day since I usually work from home. I do have to say that my system seems to be/feels cleaner and I do have more energy since we started juicing. I’ve lost 14 pounds so far and Nick has lost 8 so that is great! Winning the 3 Day Pressed Juicery Cleanse would be great because it would take all the guess work out of the juicing thing for 3 days for the three of us and as Nick referenced in his post, help push us over the edge in our “getting healthy” plan. By the way, Adrea is already hardcore into the juicing thing. I will let her comment/share her story/experience, but she does a yearly juice cleanse and she’s in the middle of it now so I am sure for her this would be like a juicing “vacation,” but a welcome one I am sure.

    Brian McKelvey | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  18. I would LOVE to win Pressed Juicery cleanses with my two friends, Lauren Dragan and Emily Weisberg for a myriad of super reasons. We are committed to health and committed to friendship and most of all merging the two! The three of us have very specific nutritious needs ranging from a vegan lifestyle to living with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Cleansing isn’t always the easiest thing to do and staying on track takes support. Kicking off the new year with cleanses from Pressed would not only give our systems the boost they need, it would give us the opportunity to cleanse as a family, and of course, a reason to have juice dates. Which are the best dates of all 🙂

    Kelly Sue Milano | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  19. I am the founder of Social Spotlight Media and would love to win this cleanse for my team. The three of us – myself, Eleanor Drake and Rahiel Dawit – and would truly enjoy a chance to experience the cleanse together. As a social media marketing agency, we will be sure to share our experience via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, our blog and more! Our fingers are crossed! 🙂

    Laura | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  20. Laura Knapp, Rahiel Dawit and I would love to try a Pressed Juicery cleanse! We all work together at Social Spotlight Media and are committed to health and wellness. A Pressed Juicery cleanse would be a great way to kick off the new year with a new outlook on health. Plus, with the 3 of us in the office, we all want to be able to support each other while on a cleanse!

    Eleanor Drake | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  21. Would LOVE to win the Pressed Juicery cleanses with my 2 co-workers Kristie Callander and Ying Chen. We are all about cleansing out our systems for the New Year! It’s a great way to get on track to be healthy and happy!

    Melissa | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • After being pregnant with my first child, I have never fully lost my ‘baby’ weight and find that my eating habits have not been ideal due to lack of sleep and a new busy lifestyle with a baby and going back to work. I would love to do a Pressed Juicery cleanse with my co-workers Melissa Schmelick and Ying Chen to get me back on track with a healthier life, one that will fuel me with the energy needed to better take care of my little one and myself.

      Kristie Callander | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • Yes!! We would LOVE to win the 3-Day Pressed Juicery cleanses to cleanse our systems for the New Year! My daily diet consist of 99.9% processed food and .1% fresh food like the clementine I’m eating right now. 😛 So it’ll be nice to start off the New Year with the Pressed Juicery cleanses! 😀

      Ying Chen | 01.22.2013 | Reply
      • And of course…it will be great if I can do the cleanse with my co-workers, Melissa Schmelick and Kristie Callander! 🙂

        Ying Chen | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  22. I think it would be great for the ladies of Social Spotlight Media to try this together as a team building experience. Laura Knapp, Eleanore Drake and myself all have different eating habits and styles so this will bring us closer instead of going to happy hour!

    Rahiel Dawit | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  23. My roommates, Alyssa Trutter and Sarah Masters, and I would love the opportunity to experience a Pressed Juicery cleanse… We’re poor college girls who have put a these yummy (looking/sounding) drinks on our wishlist for some time now. I can’t think of better people to share such a rewarding health boost with.

    Madelyn Rodriguez | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  24. I would love to share a 3-Day Cleanse kit with my lovely roommates, Madelyn Rodriguez and Sarah Masters!

    Alyssa Trutter | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  25. Our household just started juicing and really experiencing fruits and veggies like never before thanks to our CSA. This would be so fun to do with my roommates, Alyssa Trutter and Madelyn Rodriguez!

    Sarah Masters | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  26. I would love to try the Pressed Juicery cleanse with my BF, Anne Leavell, and my mommy, Toni Tonelli.
    Tired, breakouts, and bloating have been filling my days. I really think the cleanse could help get me on the right track. If I had the money I would have already started. Thanks.
    PS. I love Hedi Gores and Hayden Slater

    Kim | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • I would love nothing more than do a 3 day cleanse with my BF, Kim Graf and her mom, Toni Tonelli. After a long holiday season, I need a detox! I’ve tried other cleanses, but I’ve heard amazing things about Pressed Juicery and have been wanting to try it for a while.

      Anne L | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  27. Bring it on! I’ve heard about this juicing thing, scared about trying it but am willing to challenge myself to show the kids that even Mamma can be healthy, after all I am supposed to be a role model. Pressed Juicery seems to be the IT place to provide no nonsense healthy balanced juices so it looks like my fellow mammas Jen Fox and Debbie Kyle will hop on the train with me.

    Dev Larks | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • I can’t wait to start the new year fresh and clean. I’m so excited that I have the support of my friends to help me commit to the cleanse. Dev larks and Jen Fox let’s do it

      Debbie Kyle | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  28. Love juicing and juice cleanses from Pressed Juicery are the ultimate. I cannot wait to introduce my girlies Dev Larks and Debbie Kyle to juice cleansing!

    Jen Fox | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  29. I love it when you do your givaways! I am so excited to do the cleanse – I have a lot of toxins in my system. I’d love to do this with my friend Jasmine Rafati and her twin Sister Veronica Rafati. I hope we win!!!

    Tila Hanthaley | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  30. My friends Sarah Pariser, Tim Simeone and I would LOVE to win this juice cleanse! What a fun adventure to take together! We’ve all been dying to try Pressed Juicery juices!

    simi | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • I would love the opportunity to share such an incredible experience with my two dear friends, Simi Botic and Tim Simeone!! Looking forward to a delicious cleanse with the support of wonderful people!

      sarah | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  31. Sarah Pariser, Simi Botic and I want to cleanse together! Hope we win!

    Tim | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  32. I would be overjoyed to win a 3 day cleanse from Pressed Juicery. I have been introduced to these fabulous juices by my health mentor and personal trainer Dina Juve she has taught me how to nourish my body with healthy foods and juices and is who introduced me to pressed juicery. I now feel that I am living life and enjoying and nourishing my body with Fruits and Vegetables that are God given. I would be honored to gift this cleanse to Dina who is teaching me to live fit and healthy with an autoimmine disease and I would share the third cleanse with my sister Shirley Valov so she could begin her journey of nourishing her body with a cleanse that will refuel her mind, body , and soul! This would be an amazing gift to give to two people that I cherish.

    Mary Kosareff | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • A 3 friend 3 Day cleanse is what I hope to win!!

      Mary Kosareff | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • I would be honored to win this cleanse with my two clients Mary Kosareff & Shirley Valov. Losing weight can be really tough and I love referring my clients to Pressed Juicery. I have lost 80lbs and work daily to help others shed weight. Having a autoimmune disease makes it a daily struggle to keep off the weight I lost but I know how much better I feel being 80lbs lighter. My joints thank me too. I have kept my weight off for 18years. Adding juicing in to my life as made my skin glow and seems to have slowed the aging process. I watch Mary and Shirley work so hard every day to change their relationship with food and I am so proud of both of them! They are amazing inside and out and this cleanse would help both of them continue on their amazing weight loss journey! I refer everyone I know to Pressed Juicery!! Mary & I live in Fresno but when anyone goes to LA they do Pressed Juicery runs for us!! Shirley I work with on-line! I even have my husband doing Pressed Juicery when he needs to re-set and send all my clients to your website! Thank you for providing an amazing product!!

      Dina Juve | 01.24.2013 | Reply
      • I’ve heard many great things about pressed juicery and would love to share it with my sister Mary Kosareff and Dina Juve. They encourage me to practice self care and to nourish my body with healthy food. I’m on a quest to lose the excess baggage and a cleanse from pressed juicery would be exciting to do with these two wonderful angels God has blessed me and with the “roots” that God has provided.

        Shirley Valov | 01.25.2013 | Reply
  33. I’d love to win the 3 Friends, 3 Days Giveaway with my two best friends Corinne Shor and Deirdre Mangan. We’ve been through so much together (ie breakups, divorce, unemployment) and I am able to face all of it with the two of them by my side!

    Rebecca Forwood | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  34. Halsey Hixson, Andrea Berry, and Courtney Frager!! Dream team for juice cleansers!! Woop Woop!!! Ive done some 1-day cleanses and they’re my newbies! We’ve been waiting to do this together and Pressed Juicery is about to open up a store near our offices! Can’t wait and we hope we win! Skinny, fresh, and healthy 2013 – excited already!

    Halsey Hixson | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  35. Pressed Juicery is amazing!! I am head over heels for the citrus juice with cayenne – that sweet, sweet nectar of life makes me feel like Wonder Woman! I’ve been dying to try a juice cleanse, and would be thrilled to make my first the 3-day cleanse from Pressed Juicery. I’m still trying to kick-start my healthy resolutions this year, and Halsey Hixson and Andrea Berry are going to help me! I know that we will support each other and come out on the other side happier and healthier!

    Courtney Frager | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • Heck- Yes! And we can blog our way through it in the Juice Diaries. I’m going to be so stoked if we win this. Also don’t forget about the Almond Milk with vanilla. Holy Yum.

      Halsey Hixson | 01.22.2013 | Reply
      • I want to do this with Halsey Hixson and Courtney Frager! San Francisco power.

        Andrea Berry | 01.23.2013 | Reply
        • Come on Berry!! Gotta write your own post for us to win it!

          Halsey Hixson | 01.23.2013
  36. i love juice cleansing! my sister wants to try this (jill krafcisin) and my husband should (steve pastorino)

    hopefully they will both comment as well!


    teri pastorino | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  37. I love juicing! Would love to try Pressed J!!!

    Heather S | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  38. I would LOVE to try this juice cleanse. I just had a 9lb.1oz. baby and have lost weight, however, still have quite a bit to lose. I want to try this as a kick start to a new body and hopefully will be able to add this to a gym regime. Thanks.

    Annette | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  39. I would love to share the cleansing experience with two of my girls, Jessica Voelker and Ashkey Neglia. I will need all the support I can get!!

    Valeria Leininger | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  40. Thanks so much for this opportunity! I have done other cleanses before and love them. This is the 1st time I’m trying yours and so far so good! My partners in crime are Denise Marshall and Amy Blank. Here’s to green drinking!

    audrey chen | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • I know how great I feel on and after a cleanse. It’s never a bad time to do one! Just got back from Disney the other day – not sure why they don’t have better food choices available! Cleanse time!

      audrey chen | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  41. I did a cleanse with Audrey Chen before and really liked it a lot. She introduced me to raw food and healthier vegetarian food choices so this seems pretty fitting for me to try another great cleanse that she is introducing me too!

    Denise Marshall | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  42. This is awesome ! This is an amazing opportunity for me ,my bbf and sister Aisha Brown and Lara Akintade! I hope I win better yet I believe so therefore we are winners! Thank you Chalkboard Mag/ Pressed Juicery !!!! :))

    Tola Akintade | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  43. I would love to try your pressed juices and get back to my ROOTs:) I have juiced with a couple of different companies and Audrey Chen and she often tries to include/introduce everyone to it. We had a group of at least 10 people do a 5 day juice and after we all got together and shared our journey and had a “RAW” party! It was amazing to share the experience with others!

    Amy Blank | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  44. As a full time student and mother of two I really have to commit to focusing on taking good care of myself. I would love to have the chance to be accountable to my friends Jessica Voelker and Valeria Leinenger when I do this cleanse! What a great chance to start my busy year off right!

    Ashley Neglia | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  45. I can’t wait to win the Pressed Juicery’s 3-Day Cleanse with my great friends Valeria Leininger and Ashley Neglia!

    Jessica Voelker | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  46. I have been watching 2 of my friends Michelle Perez and Manya Kosareff juice for this past year. I think I have seen every shade of green goodness possible (thanks to Facebook). I have been wanting to join in for quite some time now and my recruiters have not been successful yet. So once again fb had managed to peak my juicing interest by posting this Juicery contest. There is nothing better than trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and making it fun with friends. I hope to win Pressed Juicery’s 3 day cleanse so that my friends can pressure me daily not that life’s pressures aren’t enough already. Just kidding ladies…love you! You are my great motivators!! Let’s do this!!

    Susan Silvestri | 01.22.2013 | Reply
    • Thanks to Manya Kosareff I have turned up the volume on my commitment to clean eating and started juicing several times a week. We have had fun bringing Susan Silvestri into the mix and are trying to get her on this juicing journey. We truly have a great friendship and support group dynamic going, and it does make clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle on a daily/consistent basis fun. I have never tried a juice cleanse before, and this would be a great opportunity to try these amazing Pressed juicery mixes with the girls.

      Michelle Perez | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  47. I have been watching 2 of my friends Michelle Perez and Manya Kosareff juice for this past year. I think I have seen every shade of green goodness possible (thanks to Facebook). I have been wanting to join in for quite some time now and my recruiters have not been successful yet. So once again fb had managed to peak my juicing interest by posting this Juicery contest. There is nothing better than trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and making it fun with friends. I hope to win Pressed Juicery’s 3 day cleanse so that my friends can pressure me daily not that life’s pressures aren’t enough already. Just kidding ladies…love you! You are my great motivators!! Let’s do this!!

    Susan Silvestri | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  48. I have been watching 2 of my friends Michelle Perez and Manya Kosareff juice for this past year. I think I have seen every shade of green goodness possible (thanks to Facebook). I have been wanting to join in for quite some time now and my recruiters have not been successful yet. So once again fb had managed to peak my juicing interest by posting this Juicery contest. There is nothing better than trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and making it fun with friends. I hope to win Pressed Juicery’s 3 day cleanse so that my friends can pressure me daily not that life’s pressures aren’t enough already. Just kidding ladies…love you! You are my great motivators!! Let’s do this!!

    Susan Silvestri | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  49. I would love the opportunity to have my husband Adam Eastridge and sister Jen Weiland join me in a 3 day cleanse!!!

    That would be amazing!! We’ve been needing a jump start to reseting our overall health.

    Katie Eastridge | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  50. Please enter me – along with my wife Katie Eastridge and sister-in-law Jen Weiland — for this 3 day juice cleanse. This is such an amazing giveaway. Thanks!

    Adam Eastridge | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  51. Thanks to Manya Kosareff I have turned up the volume on my commitment to clean eating and started juicing several times a week. We have had fun bringing Susan Silvestri into the mix and are trying to get her on this juicing journey. We truly have a great friendship and support group dynamic going, and it does make clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle on a daily/consistent basis fun. I have never tried a juice cleanse before, and this would be a great opportunity to try these amazing Pressed juicery mixes with the girls.

    Michelle Perez | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  52. Please enter me, my sister Katie Eastridge and brother in law Adam Eastridge in your 3 day juice cleanse giveaway.
    I’m not new to juice cleanses – but those two need a kick in the pants and I think this will help get them started.
    It’s amazing how your body craves better foods afterwards. Thanks! This will make it so easy to get started.

    Jen Weiland | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  53. I’m excited to share a cleansing journey with two great friends Susan Silvestri and Michelle Perez. We embarked on a journey of selfcare and living a clean and healthy lifestyle in the beginning of 2012. We are dedicated to being the best we can be in a healthy manner and encouraging each other along the way. I would love for my girlies to experience the wellness that a pressed juicery cleanse has to offer to their whole being, mind, body, and soul. Together we would unite as one and experience a total renewal of wellness.

    Manya Kosareff | 01.22.2013 | Reply
  54. I’m doing this with my wife Erin Mullaney (it was her idea) and her friend Erin Murphy. And yes, their names are very similar.

    Tom Mullaney | 01.23.2013 | Reply
    • I’m doing this with my friend and coworker Erin Mullaney and her husband Tom Mullaney and yes their names are similar as well. Erin and I have grown close through a mutual dedication to healthy eating and sharing our health tips with one another. Also, as someone who is in the process of earning a M.S. in Nutrition I would love to “walk the walk and talk the talk” with my clients. Experimenting with various cleanses and eating habits in my own life will better help me inform my clients someday! I also love sharing health information with friends and family so if this works I would be more than happy to send people to your site. Be well!!

      Erin Murphy | 01.23.2013 | Reply
      • I would be thrilled to do an actual juice cleanse. In the past year, I’ve made a lot of wonderful progress in my personal nutrition in order to address pain from my connective tissue disorder. Along the way, I’ve learned so much about paying attention to everything I put into and on my body. My husband, Tom Mullaney has really gotten interested in healthy eating. He is seeing the results by feeling good and looking gorgeous. The fact that Tom and I are working together has has had a wonderful effect on our already good relationship. My friend Erin Murphy is a wonderful encouraging spirit. She’s been there to help me get through some pretty tough days with sugar withdrawal symptoms. I’m excited to have both Erin and Tom on my juice-cleanse-detox team!

        Erin Mullaney | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  55. I have been procrastinating with my cleanse this year and would love a little encouragement so I have asked my friend Helena Paraiso and my sister Natalie Osorio to do a cleanse along with me. This is an amazing giveaway and we would love to win.

    Melissa Osorio | 01.23.2013 | Reply
    • Fitness and health is a very important part of my life and juicing, smoothies and cleansing have taken my nutrition to the next level. I love juicing and trying new hot products. Winning this would be a dream!

      Helena | 02.02.2013 | Reply
  56. I would love to get a head start on my fitness plan with this. This would be so awesome to try. 🙂

    Natalie Osorio | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  57. I would be so thrilled to win this cleanse with my sister Abby Sommerfeld and sister-from-another-mister Jen Moss. After having a baby in October (and indulging in a crazy sweet tooth for most of my pregnancy), this January is all about jump starting my health and metabolism and getting back on track. A Pressed Juicery cleanse would be such an indulgent way to help do just that. I’d love to win with these two ladies who are my health inspiration and great support for all my adventures in life. Thank you!

    Jane D'Antonio | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  58. Over the past year my husband (Jacob Selby), my mom (Helen Olson), and I (Jenna Olson) have fallen off track on our diets. Due to busy work and school schedules we have started to neglect ourselves and our health. We decieded that this year we want to make a change. I truely believe that the Pressed Juicery 3 Day Cleanse would help all of us “jump start” our new healthy lifestlye and get us on track for an amazing 2013!

    Jenna Olson | 01.23.2013 | Reply
    • I have done research on the Pressed Juicery 3 Day Cleanse. It seems amazing! I hope to win with my daughter and son in law. I really think this would help us in our health and fitness goals!

      Helen Olson | 01.23.2013 | Reply
    • I would really like to win this 3 day cleanse with my wife Jenna Olson and my mother in law Helen Olson. We all are very motivated to make this be a very clean 2013. With all of our busy schedules, I think this would be a great way to help us start our healthy lifestyle change.

      Jacob Selby | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  59. Along with my wife, Teri Pastorino, and sister-in-law, Jill Krafcisin, I’d like to win!

    steve pastorino | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  60. I absolutely love Pressed Juicery. I have been having boxes of juice shipped to Santa Cruz CA long before there was a store front in SF. I have recently opened a new dance and digital media studio in the bay area (along with some AMAZING people) however due to the expenses of the business, my juice budget went out the window. I am really hoping to reboost before the busiest time of the year for our new company, it would be perfect. I am hoping to have my loving housemate (who is busy planning for her August wedding) to join in on this with me. I have been ranting about these juices and I think this would be the perfect opportunity for her to try a cleanse with me. I also want my father, who has been having digestion issues due a car accident years ago, to do this with me. He is so financially conscious and hasnt been convinced on investing in a cleanse..hoping to change his mind and get his body feeling great!

    Mireya Nunez | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  61. My best friends (Shannon N and Mari S) and I all happen to be pregnant at the same time right now. We are each following a completely whole-foods and nourishing diet throughout our pregnancies and would love to take it to the next level with all the nutritional benefits of Pressed Juices. We would love to do a food based cleanse with Pressed where we would supplement our healthy whole-food meals with all the chocked full goodness that I love about your juices. We would love to write about our experience in hopes of supporting other mommas to thrive from all the benefits that nutrient-packed juices can provide for both momma and baby.

    Amira Fouad | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  62. What a treat it would be to share the gift of health with my sisters from another mister Jane D’Antonio and Abby Sommerfeld. This has been a big year for all three of us filled with trials, tribulations, truamas, and joys. After seeing my husband through 11 surgeries and hospitalizations this year, the birth of Jane’s little boy, and a major career change for Abby, we could all use a fresh start to 2013. As an acupuncturist and alternative medicine practitioner, I am always being asked about juice fasts. What a great way to put my research into action, and help spread the word on the nutritional benefits of Pressed Juicery to my patients. Thanks and keep up the good work! – Jen Moss

    Jennifer Moss | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  63. I would love to do a cleanse with my two roommates, Michelle Case and Brittnie Grajeda! We’ve been talking about doing a cleanse together for over a YEAR but haven’t been able to get the funds together to do so. This would be a great way give our 2013 resolutions a boost!

    Lauren Moore | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  64. I want to do a cleanse with my roomies Lauren Moore and Brittnie Grajeda!!!! The 3 of us work out together all the time and try to encourage each other to live healthier and happier lives. A cleanse would help us detox (we also go out together 🙂 ) and lose those last few vanity pounds. It would be a wonderful way to start 2013 off right!

    Michelle Case | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  65. Jane D’Antonio (my sister) and Jen Moss (my honorary sister) are, in addition to big sisters, my role models, my best buds, and my closest confidants …especially when it comes to wellness, wisdom, and womanhood. It’s been quite a year for all of us – emotionally, physically, and spiritually – and I feel a new era of health and growth and empowerment dawning. Joining forces for a beautiful pressed juicery cleanse with these beautiful women would be an awesome way to usher in that era together. Thank you for the chance!

    Abby Sommerfeld | 01.23.2013 | Reply
  66. My friend, Beth Villar, is getting married in the coming months and our friend, Madeline Gent, is a bridesmaid. I am attending as a guest and all three of us want to look and feel amazing for this and the rest of 2013! We’ve all been motivating each other to eat right, exercise, and enjoy an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle. We have recently gotten very excited about making our own juice, but we would love to come together and enjoy a Pressed Juicery cleanse to continue on our healthful journey together.

    Claire McCandless | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  67. For gods sake, give it to the first woman who lost her husband! I was going to enter but after reading that, I think she’s the one who deserves the perk.

    Jenny | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  68. I have been wanting to get on a juice program for a while, you peaked my interest in last month’s issue with the detox diaries, and then my son introduced me to it over the holidays and for a few weeks I blended and pureed. I find that being able to “drink or slurp” my veggies is a way that I can get a lot of the necessary nutrients that my body needs, I find that I crave less of the bad stuff (sugar and carbs), and feel more energized, when I get those five servings of fruits and veggies daily. So yes I would be most interested in the 3 day juice pressery cleanse. I am 60 years old, going on 40!……I also want to introduce my friend Patty Stephens, we are starting to feel the aches and pains of age trying to creep up on us, and we are to determine push back the hands of time. And I would like to thank my son David Mcknight for caring enough about his mom to want her to lead a healthier life style……….With the support of one another we can win this fight against the clock by taking care of our bodies. The focus will be giving our bodies what it needs, rather than what it may want.

    Val | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  69. It’s simple: I want a detox from the weight of winter in Wisconsin! Jana Bowman, Breanne Ivens and I are going to rock this cleanse!

    Meagan Coates | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  70. I’d love to win this Pressed Juicery/Chalkboard Mag cleanse and juice it up with my mom, Debbie DeMint, and my good friend, Heather Boteva. What better way to start off a fresh year than with a good cleanse? There are so many reasons why it’s a good idea – and the main one, for me and for all of us : now is the time to be healthy! I want to be healthy and be the best I can be so that I have lots of time and energy to be with my friends and family (like my Mom and Heather!) thanks so much !

    Ginger Rushing | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  71. I look forward to a healthy new year – a year of big changes and a lot of fun. I’d love to win this cleanse and enjoy it along with my daughter, ginger rushing, and her friend, heather Boteva. We all want to be healthy in the new year and this would be a great start!

    Debbie DeMint | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  72. “Primed for Paris”… what’s that you might ask? Oh.. .it’s just a little contest between a few great friends to get in the best shape possible from now until April. Team PFP: Chris Kendall – mother extraordinaire to 4mo Alex… “priming” to run the Paris Marathon. Sager Kopchak – “priming” to turn the big 3-0!! And me..Jodi Haley – “priming” to lose some of my “holiday cheer” that seems to have crept up around my belly the last few months.

    While Chris is busy training for her big race, Sager and I have pledged to hit the gym 4 days a week, eat better and drink less (everything but water that is) from now until our plane leaves the runway. THIS juice cleanse would be the perfect kick start to our journey… and would also help us look and feel our best while rocking the skinny jeans at the Louvre!!

    Jodi Haley | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  73. Myself, Alison Dlugosz, my best friend, Maisy Shields Fuller and my college best friend, Kayla Wortley, want to win! Maisy and myself are both personal trainers and I actually train Kayla! We would all love to give our fitness a little kick and bring out bodies back to a clean and healthy point! Fitness is a huge part of our lives and we love to share it with all our friends, family, and fans. Winning the juice cleanse would be a perfect was to really keep our 2013 healthy habits moving forward and show the people that surround us how committed to health and fitness we truly are!!!

    Alison Dlugosz | 01.24.2013 | Reply
    • I love my best friend for finding this opportunity and I jumped on board with her as soon as she mentioned it! As a personal trainer, I am an advocate of juicing in order to rid your body of toxins! There’s no better time than now to juice and I hope the 3 of us win!!!

      Maisy Shield Fuller | 01.24.2013 | Reply
    • What a fabulous giveaway! I hope the 3 of us girls win. I could use a fresh start to my diet! The 3 of us are such a great support system already, we would be a perfect team to complete the 3 day juice cleanse!

      Kayla Wortley | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  74. Time and time again I have heard nothing but great things and I have had friends who say nothing but great things about your juices, cleanses, detoxes, company, etc. In the last two years I have turned my life around since moving back from New York to home after my father passed. When it comes to health I’m really proud of myself but I still have battles especially with cravings and emotional eating. I know the cleanses can help with that. I use pinterest all the time to support healthy businesses I love, products and even healthy recipes. This holiday season I hit it pretty hard with the holiday events, work parties, and emotional eating that I felt horrible come Jan 1st. All I wanted to do was detox with a great juice cleanse. I haven’t been able to yet and now more than ever I really want to and spread the word. My best friends Michael Levy and Nima Kashizadeh have been going through such ups and downs health wise that I want them to take this journey with me and start them on right path for the new year. If not for me, for me them really. I want them to have this experience =)

    Elana | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  75. I would love to win the 3 FRIENDS 3 DAY PRESSED JUICERY GIVEAWAY with my friends Kristina Hughes and Brian Vermeire! Friends that cleanse together stay healthy together! We are all really excited about the possibility of winning and we will help spread the word about how awesome we feel after the cleansing with your juices 🙂

    Tamara Trione | 01.24.2013 | Reply
    • A healthy nutritious juice cleanse for this woman-on-the-go would be awesome! I’ve always wanted to try this but haven’t had the time, counter space or knowledge to make it happen. I would love to win the 3 FRIENDS 3 DAY PRESSED JUICERY GIVEAWAY with my friends Tamara Trione and Brian Vermeire! When it’s a success I will tell my Twitter following and LinkedIn Group members that it worked! That’s several thousand new eyeballs!

      Kristina Hughes | 01.25.2013 | Reply
  76. I would love to win the Pressed Juicery cleanse giveaway with my friends Nicolle Westlund and Alennah Westlund! Nicolle and I have been trying to find an affordable, effective cleanse that matches our lifestyles for months. As someone who struggles with adult acne, heart problems, hormonal imbalances, and unexplained weight gain, I’m in major need of a healthy overhaul. My problem? I’m an extremely picky eater, so removing things from my diet is very difficult and limits my available food intake even more than it already is. I would love the opportunity to use a cleanse that will help refresh my system from toxins and get to the root of unexplained health issues.

    Kelly Cole | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  77. I’m totally in for a three-day cleanse with my sister Alennah Westlund and my friend Kelly Cole! An affordable, effective cleanse has been on my list for a while and this one sounds just about perfect. I’m going on seven years of an unexplained illness that disrupts my digestion and slows down my liver. Western doctors, homeopathic doctors and therapists haven’t been able to pinpoint what’s messing with my system. Doing a cleanse is on my doctor-recommended to-do list! It would be great to have the opportunity to kick-start my detox and come out of it with some clarity! Bonus: having an amazing support system like my sister and friend do it with me!

    Nicolle Westlund | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  78. I’ll be honest with you: I’m a poor college student. And, unfortunately, finding ways to kick my health into high gear can get expensive. On top of that, I’ve been diagnosed with chronic headache (basically meaning I battle headache pain every single day) and have also struggled with excessive migraines for my entire life. My doctors tell me I’m almost incurable, but I’m still always looking for ways to refresh my body and possibly jumpstart some pain management. And, because I just came back from studying in London for four months, this seems like an awesome opportunity to try a new and unique approach to my health! I think an amazing cleanse like this one could be the answer I’ve been looking for – and cleansing with my sister Nicolle Westlund and friend Kelly Cole, well, it just doesn’t get better than that.

    Alennah Westlund | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  79. My name is Danielle Johnson and I was a vegetarian recently turned vegan. It is very hard to live this kind of lifestyle in the meat-and-potatoes small farming community that I live in, in Lakeview, Michigan (population around 1,000). The only access I have to quality foods is 30 minutes one way, and a quality pressed juicery an unfortunate hour drive one way. To this day I’ve only had one pressed juice experience and, although it didn’t last long, I really truly felt that my body had more energy, stamina and vigor. I try my best to always place the healthiest foods into my body but this can sometimes be a challenge with my isolated location and small college-student budget. Winning this giveaway would be such a blessing and greatly appreciated by not only myself, but also my mother Jackie Johnson and best friend Megan Carpenter whom also strive for optimal health. By easily being able to access these juices I know our bodies would thank us profusely, and we all would also get to experience the true “health and wealth” these juices have to offer.

    Danielle | 01.24.2013 | Reply
    • My name is Jackie Johnson and I am joining in with my daughter Danielle and her best friend Megan Carpenter in hopes of winning this pressed juice giveaway. As stated before we live in a very small town that doesn’t allow much access to quality products so we take advantage of healthy products when we are in the specific area. My daughter is a health nut and has really helped to turn me around as far as eating healthier and exercising more regularly. At the start of the new year I vowed to work out more, lose some weight and eat healthier and have so far stuck to that commitment. Winning this giveaway would be a huge gift for myself, my daughter Danielle and her friend Megan in order to help us stay on the healthy track and give our bodies the goodness and boost that they need and deserve.

      Jackie | 01.24.2013 | Reply
      • My name is Megan Carpenter and I am also joining in on this pressed juice giveaway with my best friend Danielle Johnson and her mom Jackie. It would be great to win this giveaway because neither I nor Danielle’s mom has ever had pressed juice before but have heard great things from Danielle about it’s benefits for your body. Danielle has also helped me to create better eating habits and make better food choices, and I have really noticed a difference in my body and the way it processes my food since I’ve changed. It’s not always easy being able to get ahold of the best foods when you live in a small community, and the added stress of winter doesn’t make fresh produce easy on your wallet either. Winning this giveaway would be so helpful and beneficial for all of our bodies, and it would also allow us to enjoy the rare experience of delicious pressed juices.

        Megan | 01.24.2013 | Reply
  80. Hello!! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful prize! My name is Annie underwood and I am seventeen years old. For the last couple of the years I have been noticing that my eating has not been as healthy as I would like. I have always known how important it is to wat enough fruits and veggies but I live in Massachusetts and we don’t have fresh local produce throughout the year. I would love to win this prize to instill healthier habits for myself and also inspire my friends and family. Thanks again!

    Annie underwood | 01.25.2013 | Reply
  81. My name is Geoffrey Underwood and I would love to support my daughter as she sets out to lead a healthier lifestyle . She would love to win this prize and will be moving to CA next year for college so it would be great if she had healthy options coming to her.

    Annie underwood | 01.25.2013 | Reply
  82. I work, I play, I laugh but I haven’t juiced! Can you believe it? I can’t. Tamara keeps saying I’ll feel better, have more energy and not to worry that these are tasty! I’m in! Let’s make the dream a reality. Hook up “the wrecking crew” Tamara Trione, Kristina Hughes and myself, Brian Vermeire with the 3 FRIENDS 3 DAY PRESSED JUICERY GIVEAWAY.

    Brian Vermeire | 01.25.2013 | Reply
  83. I would love to do a cleanse with my family and boyfriend. My brother, Rob, is on board, and my boyfriend, Brian is on board! We are so excited, hopefully we win and can share this with all of our friends and family so we can have another group cleanse later.

    fabiola@notjustbaked | 01.26.2013 | Reply
  84. My sister, Fabiola@notjustbaked, told me about this cleanse. It would be cool to do a cleanse with her and Brian to start the year off healthy. I am happy she writes a food blog, she is always telling about cool stuff like this that she hears about through her blog.

    Rob Donnelly | 01.26.2013 | Reply
  85. My girlfriend, Fabiola@notjustbaked, and her brother, Rob, and I would love to do a cleanse together. It would be helpful for all of us to do it together.

    Brian Ferdinand | 01.26.2013 | Reply
  86. What an awesome giveaway, thank you! I have been struggling to get the baby weight off since having my son 9 months ago. I would LOVE To do this cleanse with my BFF and the hubs. My BBF, Courtney Howay, just quit smoking and is trying to live a cleaner lifestyle. My husband just got the test results of his phyiscal back and he needs a cleanse bad!!! His name is Keith Adkins. Thank you again, we would LOVE to win!

    Courtney Adkins | 01.27.2013 | Reply
  87. As my wife stated above, I recently got some test results back and I need to get my cholosterol under control. They want to put me on meds to lower it and I really don’t want to do that. We need this cleanse. Would be cleansing with my wife, Courtney Adkins and our friend Courtney Howay. Thanks

    Keith Adkins | 01.27.2013 | Reply
  88. My Bestie, Courtney Adkins, submitted us (Courtney Adkins, Keith Adkins and myself) for the cleanse. YES PLEASE, we would love to win this!!! I just quit smoking and I need a healthy kick in the butt! This cleanse would realy help me get healthy and on the right path. I need Courtney’s support, she has been awesome with my quiting smoking and I know she will be a huge support as we cleanse together. She is always looking out for us and trying to help us live healthier lives. Thank you!!!

    Courtney Howay | 01.27.2013 | Reply
  89. I’m usually a good girl and juice and use my Vitamix to make green smoothies, but I’ve been very stressed and down lately and could use a fresh start to get me back on track. It seems the more bad things I eat, the worse I look and feel, resulting in eating more bad things. My daughter (Julia Rupp) is interested in changing her eating style and my husband could a positive new start health wise.

    Suzanne Rupp | 01.27.2013 | Reply
    • husband is lynn rupp. please pick us!

      Suzanne Rupp | 01.27.2013 | Reply
    • I want to start juicing!

      Julia Rupp | 01.27.2013 | Reply
    • I guess if we won I would actually have to do this which might be a good thing for me.

      Lynn Rupp | 01.27.2013 | Reply
  90. During the past year I decided to make a change to improve my overall health by being committed to changing my diet and making a commitment to an overall workout routine. Over the past 10 months I have lost a total of 75 lbs and as a result have drastically improved the way I feel on a daily basis. I have more energy and feel better than I can ever remember. I regret that it took me so long to make a change to my lifestyle to be healthy and fit for myself, as well as my loved ones. My husband, Joe H, has been very supportive during the past year and also has made a change to his lifestyle. My sister, Amy T, has also been very supportive of my changing lifestyle. I would love for all three of us to be able to go through the journey of cleansing together to improve our overall well-being together.

    Anne H | 01.27.2013 | Reply
    • Last March my wife, Anne H, and I went to the gym we belonged to for a year (and used less than 5 times) to cancel our membership. That day we decided that we would use the facilities because we still had access to the gym for a month. We both went home and felt great. Neither of us had realized exactly how unhealthy we had become. From that day on, we both committed to being healthier by visiting the gym regularly and changing our eating habits. We both have changed our lifestyle drastically and are continually looking for ways to improve the way we feel. We would love to have the opportunity to try a juice cleanse with my sister-in-law, Amy H. Best of luck to everyone!!!

      Joe H | 01.27.2013 | Reply
      • I would love to support my little sister and her husband in their continued quest to improve their overall health! I regularly run so health and fitness has been a very important part of my life too! I am excited to see the changes that they both have been able to make over the past year!

        Amy T | 01.27.2013 | Reply
        • My brother-in-law had a typo… Amy T not H 🙂

          Amy T | 01.27.2013
  91. I would love to win this with my friends Marisa and Joanie. We try to inspire eachother to eat healthier by texting eachother photos of healthy things we are making plus recipes. During pregnancy and post pregnancy I picked up some unhealthy habits that I’m trying to break, a little motivation like a juice cleanse just might be the thing to get my healthiness back on track.

    Simone | 01.27.2013 | Reply
  92. Nobody ever warned me that quitting the terrible eating habits I picked up while pregnant would be (probably) just as hard a quitting any other terrible vice. And the worse part is that my husband, Tony P, and my sister Sarah D, were both sucked in to the terrible, yet tasty world of pure junk during my pregnancy. And now, here we are 10 months after baby and we are still stuck in our food rut. I think winning this 3 day juice cleanse would be just what we need to rid ourselves of the sugar monsters that have invaded our bodies and start living the life that we want our child to see and to grow up living.

    Julie P | 01.28.2013 | Reply
  93. Yes! Myself, Julie D, and Tony P could definitely benefit from winning the 3 day cleanse! Not only did I partake in my sister’s pregnancy food cravings, but after being stuck in a world of corporate mazes and with a crazy hectic schedule I have ended up only having time or energy to eat complete junk and processed foods. This has led to a zombiefied, belly-rolled version of my former self. Help me get my moxie back Pressed Juicery!!!

    Sarah D | 01.28.2013 | Reply
  94. When you become a parent you immediately start thinking about how you want to raise your children. You want what is best for them, and of course they learn everything from you. So when we end up eating junk a lot, you know they will end up eating junk when they get older. That’s not the type of dad I want to be. My wife Julie P, her sister Sarah D, and myself would love to win the 3 day cleanse. This would be exactly what we need to start being the food role-models for the next generation.

    Tony P | 01.28.2013 | Reply
  95. I would LOVE to win this giveaway and try Pressed Juicery! I’m obsessed with all things health and wellness in NYC but have never tried a cleanse- I’ve been dying to! I want to try this cleanse with my mom (Laura Rocker) and my aunt (Sally Rocker). We’ve always wanted to do one and would be each other’s support system. We hope to inspire others by doing it together!

    Rosa | 01.28.2013 | Reply
  96. My partner, Nima Kashizadeh and I, Michael Levy have been working to get healthy for quite some time. We have joined so many workout classes and tried so many diets but nothing seems to work. I really think that your 3 day cleanse would help get my body and digestive system back on track. We have looked up to one of our friends, Elana Lavine who has adopted really healthy eating habits lately but I really think that we could all gain a major benefit from this cleanse!

    Michael Levy | 01.28.2013 | Reply
  97. My partner, Michael Levy and I, Nima Kashizadeh have been working to get healthy for quite some time. We have joined so many workout classes and tried so many diets but nothing seems to work. I really think that your 3 day cleanse would help get my body and digestive system back on track. We have looked up to one of our friends, Elana Lavine who has adopted really healthy eating habits lately but I really think that we could all gain a major benefit from this cleanse!

    Nima Kashizadeh | 01.28.2013 | Reply
  98. This is the best cleanse I ever did. I can’t even tell you how wonderful I felt after it was completed because there are no words. I had this unbelievable sense of clarity, energy that was hidden, and felt as though I was like 5 years younger (and I’m only 30). I would absolutely live to do this again. I would do it every month!

    Elora | 01.28.2013 | Reply
  99. I (Patricia Hoa) would love to win this amazing cleanse with my two sisters (Phung Hoa and Phine Hoa) aka the ‘P’ musketeers. In the past year, I have been in a healthy craze and my new year’s resolution for 2012 was to be more health conscious and start living a healthier lifestyle. So a year later, I’m 80% vegetarian and practice yoga still a beginner. I would be honored if I can take my health to the next step and be able to complete the 3 day juice with the 3 ‘P’ musketeers. I’m the youngest of the 3 sisters and we are all one year apart, my mother had a hand full. When we were younger we use to do everything together but as we grew older and we taken different paths, interest and priority. My oldest sister (Phung) just had a baby in Nov 2012 and this would benefit her tremendously with the baby weight. My second sister (Phine) just got married in Oct 2012 but did not take a honeymoon and this juice cleanse will make her feel energetic and give her skin the glow she needs to go and take a short honeymoon and be newlyweds. So this would means so much to me and my sisters can be considered to win this amazing giveaway. This will allow us to be each other buddy system and have a common interest to talk about. Like what juice did you drink? how did you like it? what you didn’t like about it? how do you feel? and such. Thank you very much.

    Paricia | 01.28.2013 | Reply
  100. Please pick the 3 ‘P’ musketeers to win this juice cleanse. This would mean so much to my sister Patricia. She’s been working so hard to stick to a healthier lifestyle. I adore her when I see her eating a huge bowl of kale for dinner it would take her forever to chew through that and the juice method will help her with that greatly. I would also jump start my diet to lose the 40 pounds baby weight I gain. I would like to be able to drink my vegs and see what everybody is raving about. my other sister Phine will be able to benefit from this greatly also as she is a junk food junky. Please pick us!

    Phung Hoa | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  101. I would LOVE to win this 3 day cleanse! Due to a chronic illness, I have gained a LOT of weight on medications and recently have been able to get off of them. I am very determined to lose the weight as well as to get my family members to value health as much as I do! My husband Dustin and brother-in-law Kyle are taking steps to be a bit healthier and this would definitely give the needed boost! Thank you!

    LINDSAY SCHUMACHER | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  102. Although I may regret this if we do win, kidding aside, my wife is right that I need a lifestyle change. She is working extremely hard to get back to her goal weight and has always lead a very healthy lifestyle. My brother Kyle and I have not. We grew up in a home eating processed and frozen junk. My wife, Lindsay, has done a great deal to introduce healthier foods and we certainly could use a jump start. I am interested in seeing what all of this juicing is about.

    DUSTIN SCHUMACHER | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  103. As my brother and sister-in-law, Dustin and Lindsay Schumacher, have stated, Lindsay is the health nut of the family. All of us guys enjoy too much junk food and meals out of boxes and mixes. I am beginning to take steps to incorporate healthier options into my life and I would like to try fresh juices. I have never juiced before and am very interested in the idea. Winning this giveaway would allow all 3 of us to be introduced to juicing to continue our healthy efforts.

    KYLE SCHUMACHER | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  104. I love your juices. And though I have done the cleanse before I would love to do it with my boyfriend, J Hausmann and my best friend Sara La Croix. We could all use the extra push towards meeting our New Year goals!! Thanks!

    Adriana Ahumada | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  105. I would love to do a 3 day juice cleanse with my best friends since high school Heather Repinski and Vanessa Van de Bovenkamp! We are all three on the quest for a much needed detox to restart out systems and embark on a healthy lifestyle. We all three work so hard and find it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A cleanse would be the perfect way to start the new year and reset or systems! It would be so amazing to do this together and help support and motivate each other!

    Nicole Kouri | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  106. I am a pressedjuicery vetern, and this would be a great way to introduce your great juices to my besties: Helena Zheng and Michelle Ohlmeyer! We work together and play together – why not juice together and support each other in a healthy start to the new year. pressedjuiciery – help us get our sexy back!!

    natalie lumpkin | 01.30.2013 | Reply
    • I am a wannabe juicing pro. My friend Natalie Lumpkin is a true pressedjuicery veteran and sings your praises. Helena Zheng and I are eager to sing them too. The three of us work together, play together, and want to get our sexy back together! Help us, pressedjuicery, help us!

      michelle ohlmeyer | 01.30.2013 | Reply
    • I am a juice newbie, and my friend Natalie Lumpkin told me and our other friend Michelle Ohlmeyer about your company. I’m really excited to trying juicing and would love to start my journey with pressedjuicery!

      Helena Zheng | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  107. I am a juice newbie, and my friend Natalie Lumpkin told me and our other friend Michelle Ohlmeyer about your company. We work together and play together – why not juice together and support each other in a healthy start to the new year. pressedjuiciery – help us get our sexy back!!

    Helena Zheng | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  108. I NEED to win the 3 Friends, 3 Days Pressed Juicery Giveaway to restore my faith in juice cleanses. After researching juice cleanses for months, I purchased the 3-day pack from Peeled in Chicago last spring. Their awful juices lead to a weak moment at 12am on Day 2 involving one multigrain pita chip and their ‘red juice’—which was just watermelon juice—has caused me to never be able to stomach a bite of watermelon again.

    My sister, Valerie Lambert, and her bff, Rachel Ruginis, heeded my warnings and were smart to try the 5-day Pressed Juicery cleanse a few months ago–$125 in shipping from LA was a small price to pay to not have to subsist on 24 oz. of watermelon juice a day. Val and Rach are geared up for a spring time cleanse and the three of us would love to do a Pressed Juicery cleanse together, courtesy of The Chalkboard Pressed Juicery Giveaway!

    Jenna Lambert | 01.30.2013 | Reply
    • After having tried the same juice cleanse as Jenna Lambert and being totally turned off by the onion-y taste in several of the juices, I knew the only juice for me was Pressed! Valerie Lambert, Jenna Lambert and I would LOVE love LOVE to win the 3 Friends, 3 Days Giveaway because we LOVE Pressed!!

      Rachel Ruginis (Strasser) | 01.30.2013 | Reply
      • I was skeptical I had the willpower needed to successfully complete a juice cleanse without breaking, but my 5 days of Pressed Juicery juices last year were great! It seems cliche to say, but I feel stronger as a person knowing I conquered what most wouldn’t try. My body definitely appreciated the detox, and I can’t wait to make cleansing a habit and try another with my sister Jenna Lambert and my gal-pal Rachel Ruginis… but this time with a Detox Diary entries!

        Valerie Lambert | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  109. Thank you so much for offering this great giveaway, what a great idea! I have been wanting to try a Pressed Juice 3-day cleanse ever since my first bottle of pressed juice. I would love to win the cleanse with my boyfriend Jordan P. and our friend Wendy H. We are all avid supporters of Pressed Juicery, and we just can’t get enough. In can be somewhat of a challenge and expensive to stay healthy when we all work as much as we do. I know I would make cold-pressed juice a part of my daily life if I could always afford it, that is definitely a goal of mine. I just underwent surgery and now I have the flu, and I know cold-pressed juice is vital to my healing in a timely and healthy fashion. I can feel the juice healing my body from the inside out, making me stronger, vibrant, and alert! I have said this before, but I will say it again: putting my money into fresh juice as opposed to unhealthy foods and alcoholic drinks makes me feel great about the money I am spending and the choices I make. I really appreciate all that the Pressed Juicery team has done to share the wealth of cold pressed juices, and I certainly hope that my group and I win this wonderful giveaway!

    Melissa B | 01.30.2013 | Reply
  110. I would love to win the 3-day Pressed Juicery giveaway with my girlfriend Melissa B. and friend Wendy H. We have tried a handful of other pressed juice companies over the last year or so, but none have measured up to the quality of Pressed Juicery. I have a very demanding work schedule, and when I add cold-pressed juices to my daily routine it helps me stay alert and focused. All of the juices are delicious, and my only complaint is that I do not have more of them. I care a lot about my health as well as my girlfriend’s, and I know we would all benefit from the 3-day cleanse. We’ve been wanting to do a cleanse for quite sometime, but it has not happened yet due to money restrictions. We hope to make pressed Juicery an integral part of our healthy lifestyle!

    Jordan P. | 01.30.2013 | Reply
    • i’m a huge fan of pressed juicery. i LOVE your almond milk, i’ve never tasted any that comes close. I discovered pressed juicery a year ago and i’ve been drinking your juices regularly (greens 1 and roots 3 are my favorites). my energy has definitely increased since incorporating pressed juicery into my diet. i’ve tried the 1 day cleanse a few times, and am ready to try the 3 day cleanse- knowing how much easier it will be to do with jordan p and melissa b. i watched melissa open christmas presents for an hour and nothing other than her gift certificate to pressed juice made her as excited! have to admit, it was one of my favorite christmas gifts as well ☺

      wendy h | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  111. I would absolutely love to win to 3 day juice cleanse! I found about about Pressed Juicery last year an I am obsessed! I buy the juices as often as I can but haven’t been able to afford doing the full cleanse although I am absolutely desperate to! I work out each day and would love to feel in top shape inside and out! I tell everyone about this place and am constantly sending people here (good job you opened in the Valley for those over there too) Winning the 3 day cleanse would be the best start to 2013!! And my mum Carol Irwin ad very good friend Laura Waddell would love to do it with me too!! Thank you!!

    Lauren Irwin | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  112. What a great idea, a chance to do a full 3 day cleanse. I am so busy working on 2 sides of the Atlantic on 2 different time zones, that my meal times and eating pattern get all messed up. The benefits from the pressed juicery drinks, is that they are handy, all prepared for you, and full of the nutrients that keep you going in tip top shape. I would love to win the 3 day cleanse, as it would boost my energy levels and revitalize me. My daughter Lauren Irwin and friend Laura Waddell would love to do it too.

    Carol Irwin | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  113. Just purchased a vita-mix thanks to my boyfriend, Doug Mashke who juices (but he mixes yucky stuff) and found you for recipes on face book, your juices look great and would love for my son Alex Patterson to join in and get healthy with me. He has tourettes and just figuring out his diet can do more for him than any pill. He is away at college; juicing himself and shopping for fresh items is too difficult with his schedule. The contest is great, an opportunity for him to try and see what he likes and what makes him feel better. For Doug and I, it appears a job also to always be on top of juicing, would be nice to try your products and be able to have on hand for often a busy schedule. Thank for the opportunity, great contest.

    Susan Patterson | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  114. AHH I’m so excited by this contest! I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse since the moment I heard about cleansing! It is hard for me to find time to juice/have the proper equipment to make fresh and delicious juices with my busy schedule. But I am a freak for all things health and wellness, I love fresh produce, greens, and especially love nutritious elixirs. Me and my health comrades/besties, Brian Jackson and Lauren Telliard, would love to win this juice cleanse so we can have the opportunity to share this experience, be wowed at how our bodies respond, be delighted by the delicious flavors, and continue to be healthy and prosperous together! Although we have a “vegan” diet and are “healthy”, there are many factors that can bear on your body and inhibit your system from working optimally. Many foods are processed and have chemicals and pesticides that are hard to avoid in this day and age. The three of us could really benefit from a reboot/restart/refresh. We’d love to win.

    Roxanne Ahmadpour | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  115. Health and wellbeing are consistent pursuits and interests to myself, and my 2 wonderful friends Roxanne Ahmadpour and Lauren Telliard. We have all discussed the possibility of doing a cleanse together, but are afraid of taking the leap and being fatigued or fogged from inadequate nutrition while keeping up with our busy pace as university students and researchers. This would be the perfect opportunity for us to try out juicing and cleansing in one go, without depriving our systems of nourishment! The juices look amazing and delicious!!!!!

    Brian Jackson | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  116. Oh my! Your juices look so fresh and delicious. My besties, Roxanne Ahmadpour, Brian Jackson, and I would love to win this cleanse contest! I have been very curious about juicing and cleansing, and would love the chance to try it out with the convenience of your juices already made and bottled! Thanks for all you do, and thanks for this opportunity to win such an awesome healthy package!

    Lauren Telliard | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  117. I have heard such amazing things about Pressed Juicery and my two friends Lauren Irwin and Carol Irwin have raved about it! We are all really wanting to do a cleanse at the moment but with work and money, it’s tricky! We all want to be happy and healthy and so this would be the most amazing thing to win this! To be given an abundance of health and yumminess would be a fantastic start to 2013!! We are 3 Brits living in LA and we all feel blessed to get the chance to embrace a healthy, clean living culture! Thanks so much!

    Laura Waddell | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  118. My mom (Susan Grace), dad (Augustine Grace), and I (Jordan Grace) all have read much on juicing and its benefits. It is really a no brainer to try it out. All three of us are very active but recently have gotten into a rut with our nutrition. This would be a great way to give us a boost especially since we are all a bit nervous to do a juice cleanse.

    JORDAN GRACE | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  119. My husband (Augustine Grace), daughter (Jordan Grace), and I all really have been wanting to do a juice cleanse!!!! This would be a great way to try it out and give us a push to get in tip-top shape again!!

    Susan Grace | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  120. My daughter (Jordan Grace) and my wife (Susan Grace) have me completely on board for a three day cleanse. I’ve always been a proponent for ways to cleanse the body in order to keep it in optimum shape. Such a great way to give us a boost!

    Augustine Grace | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  121. I (LaKesha Prince) would love to win the Pressed Juicery 3 day cleanse for myself my sister Lillie Bynum and close friend Lisa Hughes. We are all single mothers living in the midwest with hectic lifestyles and no resource like the Pressed Juicery. I was actually researching juice companies that would deliver to my area. My search took me to a listing of companies. I had decided on Pressed Juicery, went to the site to research and place an order. I was shocked by the cost. Although I expected it, I was still shocked and a little saddened because I really want to do this but would have to save for awhile to afford it. I happened to look on Pressed Juicery’s facebook page and saw this. What are the odds and on the last day as well. I would like this for myself, but more so for my sis Lillie Bynum. I will not give details because they are very personal, but she really needs this and I would love for all three of us to do it together.

    LaKesha Prince | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  122. Oh, how cool I think it would be to win the pressed juicery 3 day cleanse for myself and my good friend Vernorris Delesline and good friend Matthew Brannon, for years my friend Matt has tried to coax me into doing a juice fast and I just recently brought a juicer and started to juice but I really do need a initial cleanse to make it official Because juicing is time consuming and to have it available and ready is pretty cool! and my friend Vernorris and I always make a pact every several months to do a meatless monday and take it away tuesday! I think this would be great to try and get the experience of doing so. And besides its always easier with supportive friends on your team.

    corey | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  123. Hi, Please pick the 3 p’s musketeers to win this prize. I would like to try this with my sisters, Patricia and Phung. I haven’t try any of the juices but from the reviews I am a firm believer and would like to try it myself.

    Phine Hoa | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  124. I want to do this cleanse with friends AlysonGranaderos and Amy Audette. I just move and in the process have not been eatting as well or exercising, or getting to the store to but veggies. I love to have green juice daily and I love to reset with a short juice cleanse. Doing it with friends will be even more motivation to do it and stick with it.

    Tricia | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  125. I would love this cleanse because summertime is coming up and I’m trying to turn heads. I was going to do another detox program but my health nut pal Alyson Granaderos is very supportive and big about doing things the healthy way. So her, Tricia Huffman, are all in. Let’s get it ladies!!!

    Amy Audette | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  126. We ARE your 3 musketeers! We work at the same company remotely from one another but talk daily and interact virtually. Unfortunately we are tied to our computers all day every day as recruiters seeking to find niche fabulous candidates! Gail, Jenn and I would love to boost our energy, promote health and juice together! We have never juiced but are anxious to share this experience together & virtually!

    stacy | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  127. I would like to win this for my mother (Margaret Madison) myself and my adult daughter (Mercedes Martin) three generations. We have all attempted to get healthy after years of eating junk food, and not eating right. We have suffered physically from eating this way. We are not aware of the consequences of not eating healthy and being active. This would be a great benefit for all three of us in our journey to get healthy.

    Christina Madison | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  128. Friends and family are a huge support system when trying to learn, follow and remain on a path of health…I am fortunate to have all of the above when it comes to support. Not only have I been fortunate to have wonderful friends to learn from and bounce ideas off of, but most recently I’ve had the privilege and joy of being able to learn and spend more time with my mother since she’s moved to Los Angeles. I am fortunate to continue a healthy lifestyle with both friends and family and hope that we get a chance to expound on our health through this amazing and healthy pressed juicery package (Ben Loescher and Arika Jacobs).

    Gina Salemi | 01.31.2013 | Reply
    • I recently tried a juice cleanse with my girlfriend, Gina Salemi for the first time and really enjoyed the outcome, of which, helped jump start a healthy beginning to 2013. I hope to continue upon this path of health and learn additional ways for my progression. I hope to be able to share, continue to learn and support those around me by trying this pressed juice product along with my girlfriend, Gina Salemi and friend Arika Jacobs.

      Ben Loescher | 01.31.2013 | Reply
      • I recently moved back to LA from New York, where I have been greeted by the healthy lifestyle, fresh produce and vegetables, amazing friends and inspiring workouts. With the New Year and the new move I have challenged myself to a new healthier me. I juice every day, I feel healthier, my skins glows, it makes me overall mood amazing and it has helped me to lose weight. I would love an opportunity to try pressed juice cleanse. I try to cleanse every couple months and every couple weeks I treat myself to one of pressed juice amazing juice, whenever my budget will allow. We, Gina Salemi, Ben Loescher and myself (Arika Jacobs), would love an opportunity to inspire each other with this cleanse. It would help us start the year right, healthy and support each other. It can be hard to stay green but friends inspiration is the best support you can count on. Thank you!

        Arika Jacobs | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  129. If my buddies Stacy and Jenn are going to juice, then i’m not going to be the one to flake out! One for all and all for one. We are always looking for ways to improve our health. I have never juiced before so this would be a great opportunity to start.

    gail | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  130. As I approach my 40th birthday, I was looking for something to accompany my plan of embracing my birthday with new lifestyle changes. While I have at least gotten into the routine of working out, I know that my performance and weight loss is maximized when I eat right. Sounds easy but with a busy life and kid, I find myself lost for time by the end of the day trying to make several juices a day. As a matter of fact, my BFFs LaKesha Prince and Lillie Bynum and I are all huge fans of detoxing and juicing, which is how we came about this product. We are already serious about our workout but easily discouraged sometimes with the diet portion because of the cost. Therefore, I think myself and my girls Lillie and LaKesha would seriously benefit from this experience by giving us a chance to improve our focus and renew our energy!

    Lisa Hughes | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  131. Hi Pressed Juicery!
    I would love the opportunity to be gifted with this juice package, well, because simply put – I love juicing!!!! Wholeheartedly, I have committed myself to a lifestyle of pure food and physical activity, and when juicing was introduced to me last year, I decided it was the next best element to add to the mix – and it CHANGED MY LIFE! In addition to this, I have my wedding celebration to look forward to this coming April in Costa Rica, and what could be more perfect to jump-stat the wedding glow, than with a juice cleanse. Love Love that my girlfriends, (AMY AUDETTE & TRICIA HUFFMAN) are just as excited to participate in this contest with me! 🙂 Yay. Thank You!!

    Alyson | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  132. We are your cleansing crew! We are friends and co-workers and we are looking for a healthy way to stay in shape. We are excited about your product and know that we are the trio to help spread the word about this great product! Social Media is a part of our day to day lives and we are excited to tweet, Facebook etc about our great experiences with your product! Gail, Jenn and Stacy are the girls for the job!

    Jennifer Curran | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  133. Never juiced before so doing it with a team would be amazing. It’s a must I get my health in order. Please pick us….Lillie Bynum, Lisa Hughes, and LaKesha Prince.

    Lillie Bynum | 01.31.2013 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 01.31.2013 | Reply
  135. Ashley Eustis, Abigail Mulvihill and I are all dying to win this juice cleanse! We’ve all made healthy commitments to each other and are helping one another stay on track. A buddy juice cleanse would give us the extra boost we need! I’ve adopted the Ultimate Yogi Program, Ashley has been busting her hump in the gym and Abby has committed to becoming a spin champion. Help us fuel ourselves and feel better than ever before!

    Brianna Espino | 01.27.2014 | Reply
  136. A month in and I already need some encouragement. I know I’m not alone and hope The Chalkboard and Pressed Juicery will help Bri Espino, Abby Mulvihill and myself in the challenge to make 2014 our best year yet. A 3-day juice cleanse is just what the doctor ordered to make 2014 a year of clean eating, healthy choices, optimism and fitness! Between graduate school apps and work at a nonprofit for Bri, a second rigorous semester of law school for Abby and determining my direction in life I think the delicious juices at Pressed Juicery will make the challenges of 2014 a bit less daunting.

    Ashley Eustis | 01.27.2014 | Reply

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